Month in a Box: The White Sox in June 2023

White Sox celebrate ruling at the plate
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire)
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As Cirensica

Largest margin of defeat: 4, June 10 and June 13

That, right there, is where I still have a flimsy speck of hope. When the margin of error is so small, the lack of experience of Grifol is magnified. Another manager, and maybe we could be closer.

Augusto Barojas

It’s hard to argue that a team 25th in OPS and ERA, with defense that is probably closer to MLB worst should have a better record than 25th. Grifol doesn’t help, but this is JR/Hahn’s mess, that no manager can fix.

At least we get to see Colas, and hopefully Sosa soon after. I want them both to play every day, no matter what they do. Neither can learn to hit MLB pitching at AAA.


I know batting order isn’t all that important but, sheesh, it sure seems important after the months Anderson and Robert just had. Given how many close games the Sox played, it’s hard not to wonder what games the Sox would’ve won with someone else—almost anyone else—up top with Beni.

Augusto Barojas

It doesn’t make sense to keep Tim hitting 2nd, but Robert is the only hitter they have on pace for a WAR over 2. Their roster stinks. It’s not the batting order, or Grifol. They are 25th in team OPS, ERA, and record. Defense terrible also. Their record is exactly what it should be with the ridiculous roster they have.

Last edited 11 months ago by Augusto Barojas
As Cirensica

According to the Pythagorean (1.8 version), the White Sox should have 37.2 wins (they have 37)

According to the Pythagorean (2 version), the White Sox should have 36.6 wins (they have 37)

So the Grifol impact might not be negative after all, but it isn’t positive either. Just mired. You know of what kind.


There have been so many let downs on this team but I feel it started with TA. I’ve always liked him even though he’s never been a good shortstop. If he’s not physically up to playing then sit his butt down. If his mental being is off kilter because he couldn’t keep his Willy out of someone’s Wonka, well, that’s on him and he better deal with it.
Every time they win I think they’re going to turn the corner. You’d think I’d know better by now but I keep getting sucked in. We all know that no matter who wins this putrid division is not going anywhere after that so if Hahn thinks winning the division is a feather in his cap then shame on him. And JR. And KW.


Most White Sox fans did not expect the 2023 team to play worse than the squad of the prior year but to date such is the case. Might as well play Colas in right and Sosa at second as they need the experience and the current players are struggling to get the job done at a replacement level.


I think Remillard has earned a bit of a leash. I’d like to see them ride him until it’s apparent his good start was an aberration.

He brings an injury that has been lacking. He understands his job is to get on base. He adjusts his approach for the situation. He handles the bat well, going to right when that’s what’s available. He can bunt if necessary. He’s running well. The glove has looked solid.

They can put Timmy on the IL and play both him and Sosa, but I’d give him more run as long as he’s justifying it.


The projection systems expected the Sox to be worse. Fans should not be too surprised, if at all.


Great information and breakdown of the White Sox last month. Always appreciate the analysis. At this point, I have no faith in the franchise to do anything productive or sustainable for more than a game or two here and there. The draft I hope looks good but I expect desperation to take effect and somehow waste another class like years past. Trade deadline? lol whos confident a win/win trade is even in the cards with the White Sox. Improvement internally? By whom no one knows, but I’m sure Hahn will use that line soon. And the cherry on top…no one will even be fired outside a coach..maybe?…As a die hard fan, I think the best we can hope for is loser cigars to naturally handle things up top, and hopefully new voices leading this thing by 2030. In the meantime, get ready for another waste of time decade. I hope they change it around, but hope isnt always reality.


Here’s hoping that July brings enough mediocrity that Hahn is an enthusiastic seller.