Red Sox 3, White Sox 1: New middle infield joins old problems

It’s still the offense, but, in a change of pace that few will find refreshing, it was also the defense.

Both White Sox middle infielders committed errors that led to runs on Lucas Giolito’s tab, and two runs happened to be the margin of the game.

Giolito did make one mistake, hanging a slider to Rafael Devers on the eighth pitch of a battle in the fourth inning. Devers launched it out to right while Giolito looked like he wanted to find a reset button before the console saved his progress.

The problem was that prior to Devers’ bomb, Elvis Andrus mishandled a Masataka Yoshida grounder that put a runner on first to start the inning. Instead of a solo shot, it was a two-run bomb, and the Red Sox took a 3-1 lead that proved insurmountable.

Making matters worse, it was the second of two errors by White Sox shortstops in as many innings.

Tim Anderson, who was a late addition to the lineup while making his MLB debut at second base, put his fielding percentage there in the hole when he failed to catch Giolito’s attempted pickoff of David Hamilton. It was neither a good nor bad throw — it didn’t have a chance of catching Hamilton, but it was eminently catchable itself. Still, it glanced off Anderson’s glove and trickled into the outfield as Hamilton raced all the way home for the game’s first run.

At least Anderson was able to get the run back. He came to the plate with runners on second and third after Seby Zavala earned a single on 11 pitches, and Andrew Benintendi dropped an automatic double into the left-field corner. It sounds overly generous to praise Anderson for hitting a 371-foot fly ball to center, but considering he came into the game with the highest ground-ball rate in the majors, any elevation should be encouraged.

That was the only run the White Sox tallied, and it didn’t even count as a clutch hit (they went 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position).

Other potential threats were snuffed out by Boston’s defense. Christian Arroyo and Hamilton teamed up for a lightning-quick 4-6-3 double play on a Gavin Sheets grounder that seemed too slow to turn two in the second. In, and then Andrew Vaughn was too slow to outrun a 5-4-3 double play that Rafael Devers started with a great diving stop to wipe the slate.

They had chances throughout the game, but they only drew one walk, so they wasted all their eight hits building opportunities, rather than capitalizing on them. Benintendi doubled twice, Eloy Jiménez had three hits including a double, and they accounted for zero runs between them.

Meanwhile, Giolito endured some lengthy at-bats by the Red Sox lineup to strike out 10 over six innings, and Gregory Santos, Reynaldo López and Keynan Middleton made it 17 K’s for White Sox pitching against just one six baserunnners. The Red Sox had the one big hit that capitalized on a White Sox mistake, whereas the inverse proved elusive.

Bullet points:

*The White Sox are now 0-7 when they strike out more than 14 batters in a game somehow.

*The Red Sox also went hitless with runners in scoring position, albeit they were just 0-for-2.

*The Twins won, so the White Sox are now seven back.

*Andrus also dropped what should’ve been a strike-him-out-throw-him-out at second base on a catchable short-hop, but Giolito managed to keep that mistake off the board.

*Pedro Grifol said Anderson played second in order to get back in the lineup while giving him shorter throws for his troublesome right shoulder. This headline made me laugh:

Record: 32-45 | Box score | Statcast

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I’ll be going on vacation in a couple of weeks. I’ll be turning off screens and social media (which is just WhatsApp at this point.). I’ve stockpiled books to read. All that to say I don’t think I’ll miss that elusive 10 game winning streak. Rather I’ll miss the inevitable sell-off. I think this temporary disconnection from this version of White Sox baseball will be healthy for me.

Last edited 2 months ago by ParisSox

Enjoy your vacation.

One of my kids noticed the other day that I look well-rested. I told them: this Sox team is not worth losing any sleep over. This year I only watch the Sox when my back/hip pain keeps me awake. Basically, I’m limiting my Sox consumption to times when I’m already miserable.


On the off chance they do win 10 games in a row, do you want a message sent by carrier pigeon or something?


(SS White Sox takes on more water, groans ominously.)


Giolito would do well in Arizona. Bring back Alek Thomas or Jake McCarthy.


Aug 1 is coming quick. Not much time to turn it around and look tradeworthy

Augusto Barojas

Gio has been solid, he is plenty tradeworthy. He will be their most desirable chip, and might be one of the first to go.

Lynn is the guy whose value remains to be seen. Hopefully he can follow up a 16K performance with some decent outings, he most certainly would have value in that case.


I want Jerry to spend money and keep Giolito. Hahn will undoubtedly botch any return we get for him. Start spending some money if you want to keep any fans in the seats. Anything that hints at another rebuild will drive even more people away. Top of the rotation starters are hard to find. Going forward with a Giolito, Cease, Kopech top 3 is a pretty good start. I would trade TA, Lynn, Grandal, Kelly and one or two of Burger, Sheets, Eloy and Vaughn. TA seems broken- I think he needs a fresh start somewhere.
If Jerry resigns Giolito, he at least sends a message to the fan base that they are trying to keep their best players. And giving Gio 5/$100M which is what I saw is about his value, would give the fans some hope. Why trade a valuable asset for young guys that the Sox will just ruin anyway?


No one would give you anything for those guys. On top of that, they’re in no position to compete next season without spending loads of money. Doesn’t seem likely. Have to be practical. No good solutions when led by a ship of fools.


Why would Giolito resign with the Sox? My guess is he has his sights set on returning to SoCal.

Augusto Barojas

They’ve said they’re not keeping Gio. I think that’s one instance where you can take them at their word. You talk about wanting Jerry to send a message to the fans that they are trying to keep their best players. He has sent a message to the fans the past 3 offseasons. It is “I am cheap, and don’t give a fuck about any of you, or this team.”

Next year they will have Cease, Kopech, and 3 minor league prospects probably not in the top 2 or 300 as their rotation. I mean, this team is done. The only thing that remains to be seen is what they get for guys they trade. Gio will most certainly be one. They got him, and Cease in trades, and did not ruin both of them. Getting nothing in return for your most valuable trade chip is nonsensical. Trading him would not prohibit them from signing him in the offseason, if they indeed wanted to. But he’s not coming for cheaper than Benintendi and Grandal, and coming off a bad year for attendance and a team in ruins, they aren’t going to start spending money and giving bigger contracts now. Suffice it to say I think his starts in this uniform are numbered.


In Jerry We Trust has never been a motto that has borne fruit. Especially when it comes to spending money. Lucas is a goner.


I’d like Gio to stay but there’s 2 things in play here. I don’t think he wants to stay and we all know JR doesn’t like to spend on pitchers. He was almost forced in to re-signing Buerhle. I think the fans would have revolted had he not signed him.

Augusto Barojas

Even if Gio legitimately likes it here, he’s not going to stay for an enormous discount. Per Nightengale they said they do not plan on re-signing Gio. Call me crazy, but I think this season would need to have gone a tad bit better for their minds to be changed.

I mean the team disappoints worse than even the most cynical projections, attendance and fan interest plummet, tons of wasted payroll the past two years. I don’t think Jerry’s response to that is going to be to give out a generous contract bigger than any he approved the past 3 years, when their chances were not completely lost. They blew it. And now are going to blow it – up.


My mistake. I didn’t read that as Giolito. I saw the image of TA and was thinking him.

Augusto Barojas

It’s crazy to think that TA may have almost no value in a trade. I could see a team like LA wanting to take a chance on him, hoping a change of scenery could revitalize him, since he did well in the WBC just a few months ago. But how much would any team be willing to give up to take that chance?

Attendance is pretty poor and won’t get better. They will be dumping salary for that reason alone. I’m hopeful that they might be 10 games out in a week or two just to punctuate what they should do. Hahn should start making calls and having trade discussions next week.


Is the picture on the headline the flubbed pickoff? That’s got to be an intentional troll right?


I haven’t watched a full game since April. I haven’t watched an inning since May. This community and website is the only tether I still have to this pathetic organization.

Hopefully we will enjoy buying “I survived the Reinsdorf years” tshirts in the not too distant future.

Last edited 2 months ago by DuckSnorting-CanofCorn

I was just thinking the other day about what a follow-up pennant to the I-survived-the-rebuild pennant might look like. Listing of DL trips for core players? Quotes from TLR and Grifol? Comprehensive list of 2B and RF stats from 2021-23? So much to pick from.


I survived the reinsdorf era and all I got was this lousy labor strife.


I was planning to take a trip to Chicago in 2019 before COVID and Visa issues hit and delayed me till this year. I was imagining that by the time I do get to see a game live it would be during a contention year but oh well. At least tickets will be easier to get.


Want mine?


It’s funny to compare the Reds rebuild with that of the White Sox.

It’s entirely possible (maybe even probably) that their ownership will inevitably stifle their contention window via cheapness. Until then, it seems like they’ve done a good job with scouting and player development in the amateur and pro level.

The Mahle trade looks good. They obviously hit it out of the park in the international market with Elly (and didn’t trade him for James Shields), they didn’t miss on a top pick (India), and they’ve had some decent under the radar moves (Jake Fraley). Good core.


The sad thing is The Reds have a better history of talent development then the sox by a mile. Go look at some of those bad teams from the teens and you will still see some good players pop in there that are better then what the Sox devlop. On top of that they’ve build better contention windows just from that one team in the early 2010’s that where a playoff contender for FOUR whole years! Thats a lifetime for Sox contention windows!

That being said i decided to watch the Reds/Braves game last night over the Sox and after that fun game ended to flip over and see the Sox had another game with the same familiar mistakes, wasted pitching effort and dead offense and it makes you think “Holy hell these teams play the same sport”. Thats of course including Atlanta in all this who are on another level of the Sox.

Augusto Barojas

There aren’t many teams with worst histories of talent development/drafting than the Sox. I mean even stepping outside any biases anybody has as a fan of this crappy org, they truly do suck compared to the majority of major league franchises. Undeniable. Pure suck.


In the imaginary world where the Sox are looking for a new front office, I’ve found Brad Meador to be an interesting, under the radar candidate.

Augusto Barojas

Why go under the radar? James Click is available, and has worked for the Rays and Astros. He’s got to be the best guy they could get. By far.

Jerry has such a bad reputation that Click might say no, but he’s the guy they should hire, if they indeed want to change things in a positive way.


That’s my point. I’d expect Click to have options (Boston, San Diego, St. Louis). Why would anyone with options want to work for Jerry Reinsdorf (and maybe Kenny Williams)?

Under the radar might be the best we can get.

Augusto Barojas

Sad but true, you are probably right. I’m about to the point of being like “fuck this team”. I mean they’ve won a playoff series in ONE season the past 50 years. No point to all of this, really.


100 years.


Top candidates might also prefer a younger ownership situation.


Especially when they’re offered minimum wage.


Are the “Sell the team” billboards up and if so, has there been any reaction from the Sox?


I would assume indifference.
Doesn’t cost Jerry anything. He has no shame.


“Bring dynamite and a crane / Blow it up and start all over again”

— John David Loudermilk, “Tobacco Road”