Mariners 3, White Sox 2: Zero walks, 16 strikeouts

The thing about the White Sox is that they can pack a lot of unpleasantness into a 3-2 game.

For instance, you’d probably think from the score that they pitched pretty well, but that wasn’t the case. Michael Kopech battled through the first two innings, and then he battled through the first four innings, and then he wore down from all that battling in the fifth. He walked six batters on top of six hits over 4⅓ innings, but somehow allowed just one run, which actually scored before the biggest mess.

Tanner Banks then appeared for long relief, and while he stranded Kopech’s loaded bases in the fifth, the two innings that followed punished Pedro Grifol for the trade-off of sparing the overworked relievers. When Andrew Benintendi(!) — Andrew Benintendi(!!!) — homered in the top of the sixth to put the Sox ahead, Banks couldn’t hold it, giving up a one-out double and a two-out single that knotted the game at 2.

When the Sox did nothing in the top of the seventh, Tesocar Hernández hit a no-doubter for the game-winning run to start the bottom of that inning.

Banks pitched 2⅔ innings, and he effectively covered 3⅔ innings with his loss because the Sox didn’t have to take the mound in the ninth … but he also took the loss because the White Sox offense was mystified by Seattle’s right-handed sliders.

Bryan Woo shaved three and a half runs off his 10.80 career ERA by striking out nine over 5entered this game with a 10.80 ERA, and he departed with nine strikeouts over 5⅔ innings. Matt Brash, Andres Muñoz and Paul Sewald recorded seven of their 10 outs with a K. Combined, the White Sox struck out 16 times without a walk. Combined, the White Sox whiffed 35 times.

Solo homers accounted for all their runs, and Woo surrended both of them. Gavin Sheets pulled out his TaylorMade Stealth and smashed an 18-degree drive over the right-center wall for the game’s first run in the top of the fifth. An inning later, Benintendi got on top of a high fastball for a homer that felt as improbable as Scott Podsednik’s Game 2 walk-off.

And that was it. The Sox tallied three other hits, but did nothing behind them, which is why I don’t besmirch the solo homer. It’s preferable to anything else with nobody on board.

Bullet points:

*Luis Robert Jr. struck out all four times at the plate, and Andrew Vaughn wore the silver sombrero. Jake Burger also struck out three times, but mixed in another kind of out.

*Burger and Tim Anderson combined for two errors on one play with one out in the eighth. First, Jake Burger failed to catch Jose Caballero’s line drive. After it trickled into shallow left field, Tim Anderson retrieved it and fired a no-hope throw into the camera well to give Caballero a second base. Jesse Scholtens stranded him.

*Seby Zavala made a helluva play to end the sixth inning earlier than it could’ve. Ty France singled to left to score J.P. Crawford to tie the game at 2, and Benintendi seemed to compound matters by airmailing the cutoff man. But Zavala recognized the hopelessness of getting the out at the plate and cut off the throw himself, surprising France, who read the angle and started advancing to second. Even better, Zavala ran right at France, and kept running until he tagged France himself for the third out.

*Benintendi was credited with an outfield assist on that play, which is only going to encourage him. You rarely see a 9-2 putout completed between first and second base.

*For those wondering:

Record: 30-41 | Box score | Statcast

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This works out well for me, because I was going to watch the game but couldn’t be bothered with apple +/-&.


Exit velo: 100.8 mph
Launch angle: 25 deg
Proj. distance: 394 ft

13/30 parks ✅

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This team’s offensive approach has absolutely cratered. No discipline, so awareness, no concept of the zone. These dudes are going up there trying hit 5 run home runs and (usually) striking out instead.

Augusto Barojas

As inept an offense as I have ever witnessed. Progressively worse since 2020, not a single truly dangerous left handed hitter on the entire roster in 4 years.

Bryan Woo coming into the game had made two mlb starts and given up 8 earned in 6+ innings. Against us, he’s Cy Young, as are more than half the RHP’s they face. I don’t know how many teams have ever scored 3 or less in more than half their games, but it can’t be too many. Just pathetic.


If I were a young, struggling RHP in the majors, I’d be bribing my coach to line up the rotation so I could start against the White Sox.

Augusto Barojas

Diekman for the Sox in 2023: 11 innings, 23 hits/walks, 10 earned runs. 7.9 ERA, WHIP over 2.
For Tampa in 2023: 11 innings, 11 hits/walks, 4 earned runs. 3.27 ERA, WHIP 1.0.

He has somehow miraculously turned into a useful pitcher, AND the Sox are paying him to pitch for the Rays. Hahn sure is shrewd.


I don’t care what Diekman is doing. He is and will be awful.

Augusto Barojas

He isn’t good, don’t get me wrong, but his career ERA is under 4. The only place he has pitched since 2018 with an ERA over 5 is for Hahn and company. Is it a coincidence that he is much worse here than everywhere else? Bad coaching, plus bad juju!


Yeah. Good teams don’t just have good players, they find bad players and make them playable. It seems to be a pattern: good teams skim players off the top of the Sox trash heap who are unplayable in Chicago but are useful elsewhere.

As Cirensica

Not trying to find an excuse but this is rough:

Augusto Barojas

They’ve played like they’re tired since July of 2021.


And yet, they only want to move guys on expiring contracts. It’s like Reinsdorf is David Spade in Tommy Boy. “You hold on to a car this cherry, kinda like your suitcase.” And then over the course of the next 90 minutes the car is decimated by one crazy occurrence after the other.


I would love to know what the Sox record is over the last 2 years against righties with a 7+era heading into the game.


I’m beginning to think the Sox might not win the division. Thank god for Apple+. I probably would have stuck with a close game otherwise.

As Cirensica

I recently came to the same realization. I was hoping the bats will awake. I believed feverishly in the “this team has a lot of talent” mantra, and that sooner or later that talent will show.

However, after they lost against the Marlins, and witnessing how they can’t hit. How they can’t get on base. So many solo homers here and there giving us false and empty hopes. We are far retired from the “small sample size” territory.

Remember when we were saying “thank you A’s, we aren’t the worst”? Right now, the White Sox’s OBP is .293 which is dead last in the majors! This team gets on base at a worst clip than the Royals and the Athletics!! They are also dead last walks.

The A’s total fWAR is greater than the White Sox (3.7 vs 3.2). Just take a look at the A’s roster for a minute, and then think that, offensively, we are worst, or in a rosy view, we are about the same. The A’s roster is the equivalent of that the White Sox had in the unforgettable tank years when we trotted Brett Lawrie, Saladino, Austin Jackson, Jason Coats, the corpses of jimmy Rollins and Justin Morneau, and some others. Well, 2023 White Sox is worst than that. Think about it for a minute. We haven’t sank any further because of our pitching staff.

That’s when I thought, and posted about it a few days back, this team is bad, it is real, and this is not a product of health or bad luck. This is just a bad team, and for 2024, Hahn cannot build a contender around this cast. It’s futile. We can have Bryce Harper, and that won’t move the needle one bit. Next year, only one or maybe two of the following players can be in the roster: Eloy, Vaughn, Sheets, Moncada, Burger, Grandal, Elvis, and Tim Anderson. Why? Because of one (or both) of the following two reasons:

1) They are redundant between each other
2) They are one-dimensional. They have one good skill, and many bad ones netting to zero value or lower than zero

The White Sox will be doomed if more than two of them are back next year. Period.

Last edited 3 months ago by As Cirensica

I’m starting to move into the “trade every single player on the 40-man and give me 40 new players I don’t yet hate” territory. But they should hire a stats student from the University of Chicago as GM first. He doesn’t even have to know or like baseball. He’d be better than Hahn and his merry band of incompetents.


The number of uncompetitive at-bats this team has had in what is supposed to be their window of contention is remarkable.


Coaching, or lack thereof.


I think the “contention window” will be recognized as a mass delusion someday soon.

It was never real.

Al Kohallik

I’m not sure if this is right venue to cast my vote, but I’m pretty cool with more games on Apple TV