Drew Thorpe is still in Double-A, but has a mindset built for the next step

White Sox prospect Drew Thorpe
Drew Thorpe (Jim Margalus / Sox Machine)

Longtime Cal Poly head baseball coach Larry Lee has known White Sox prospect Drew Thorpe long enough to know the 23-year-old does not have a great interest in his own hype.

He would not be interested in updates on his prospect ranking, nor his strong minor league performances, and probably isn’t too interested in current speculation that he’s not much longer for Double-A Birmingham. But Lee saw a piece that caught his eye just for how well the typically soft-spoken right-hander represented himself and sent his notice of it to Thorpe.

He got the response he expected.

“He basically just texted me back and said ‘Press clippings,'” Lee said, stifling a laugh. “He doesn’t get caught up in that. He understands what his goals are.”

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If James were still at the Athletic, I would be mashing that green Awesome button.

As Cirensica

OMG, thank you James. Thank you for providing all these Santos’ quotes (and Lee’s too). Thank you for reminding us how a baseball manager speaks. I am so tired of the complete rhetorician Grifol has become. So tedious.


I think of Pedro more as a rhetori-chicken.


I think of him as a clueless ass-kisser.


Good stuff, thank you. Hopefully he’s part of the next solid rotation.
James, do you have any predictions for the starting rotation heading into 2025?

As Cirensica

Is Nastrini taking Wilson’s spot or are we a pitcher short?



Nastrini is taking Wilsom’s spot

As Cirensica


Leone is taking Keller’s
DeLoach is taking Eloy’s

Got it.


I’m still voting for Sergio Santos to be the next manager for the White Sox


Since Lee first laid eyes on Thorpe’s changeup in a bullpen in 2019, and swiftly decided to scratch out “two-way player” and replace it with “right-handed pitcher” on his depth chart

So, like, it’s probably too late to undo that, right? Because, it would really help if Thorpe could also add some offense along with his pitching.