Spare Parts: Carlos Rodón had to shave

Carlos Rodón was officially introduced as a Yankee on Thursday, and everything that entails. He already has adopted a far-more polished look, as though he’s signing on to serve as a consultant for some corporate right-sizing …

… and his wife Ashley got the tabloid treatment simply from “beaming at his side” during the media conference.

During the session, I like how he summed up the tail end of his final season with the White Sox:

Cashman acknowledged that there is risk involved in the deal, as Rodón carries a lengthy injury history. He appeared in only 11 games from 2019-20 as he returned from Tommy John surgery and missed significant time from 2017-18 as he recovered from left shoulder surgery. Still, Rodón assuaged those durability concerns this past season.

“At the end of 2021, I got a little tired, but I knew I felt good,” Rodón said. “This past year is when I knew I was 100 percent, like, ‘I can do this.’ I knew I could take on a full season.”

If by “felt good,” he meant “structurally sound,” then there’s little room for disagreement based on how his 2022 went. If he’s talking about his capacity for strong performances, not so much, but that was two teams ago, which makes any imprecision in memory a little more excusable.

Spare Parts

While José Abreu appears to be declining against fastballs, the contact remains strong when he makes it, which helps explain why the Astros weren’t scared by the drop in power.

Trevor Bauer will officially be reinstated today after his suspension was reduced from 324 to 194 games. The Dodgers had no initial reaction, and whatever move they make will speak volumes about Bauer’s future in the game.

The Giants acted like the dog who caught the car, and when they balked on seeing his 13-year, $350 million contract all the way through, Scott Boras went back to the Twins, who patted themselves on the back for their runner-up offer when they figured their bluff wouldn’t be called.

Prior to Correa delivering them a “kick in the gut” when he chose the Giants on Dec. 13, the Twins had offered him a 10-year, $285 million deal.

When he called again on Tuesday, Boras informed the Twins they’d need to improve upon their original offer. Team sources said the Twins wouldn’t increase their bid, nor would they hold further discussions until they had a better understanding of the medical concerns that reportedly caused Correa’s deal with the Giants to fall apart.

If Manny Machado accepted the White Sox’s offer — or turned to the White Sox if the Padres got cold feet — I can imagine them acting in a similar fashion.

I like how this anonymous source denies that there’s collusion among teams in keeping spending unofficially capped, then went on to describe something that sounds kinda like collusion.

As baseball’s wealthiest owner, Cohen is better positioned to assemble a super-team than any other. But the fraternity of owners does not usually look kindly to those who break from the pack, particularly when it raises costs for them.

“I think it’s going to have consequences for him down the road,” said an official with another major league team who was not authorized to speak publicly. “There’s no collusion. But … there was a reason nobody for years ever went past $300 million. You still have partners, and there’s a system.”

The Royals were the last team to make an addition to their major-league roster, and Jordan Lyles represents their first significant move at two years and $17 million. He’s a rare pedestrian righty who looks pedestrian against the White Sox, going 1-3 with a 4.55 ERA and just 14 strikeouts over 29⅔ innings.

Speaking of the Royals, the cornerstones of their 2015 World Series championship were both unceremoniously dumped with plenty of money left on their deals. Moustakas will be owed $22 million over the last year of his four-year contract when including the buyout, and Hosmer will be owed $39 million over the next three years by the Padres, minus the league minimum that will be paid by whatever team signs him next.

Given that Moustakas is a left-handed bat with experience at third and second, I gave his B-Ref page a scan just to see if it makes any sense for the White Sox. He hit .212/.289/.356 with 13 homers over 140 games in his last two seasons in Cincinnati, good for a -2.0 WAR, so unless it’s a minor league deal or something equally low-stakes, I don’t see it.

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Bonus Baby

From time to time I like to break into houses and steal things … but there was no burglary.


I’d still like to understand what happened to Rodon’s arm during his last weeks with the White Sox — and how he avoided a relapse….


I dont think its uncommon for guys to tail off like that when they reach a inning/pitch level they haven’t reached before or had for years. On top of coming off TJ as well. The previous two seasons combined he had 9 starts along with the odd stop start nature of covid. I still think they should’ve offered him the QO but it was understandable to not give him anything longterm.


Considering the risk, Giants giving Conforto quite a bit of $.
Wish it was the Sox.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The moment that I read he’s only throwing 150 feet I didn’t want him any more. The Sox don’t really have any openings at LF or DH; they need a right fielder. In my mind it was Benintendi or Conforto, and the Sox got the better of the two.

Someone brought up the idea of a 3-team deal with the Mets for Hendriks yesterday. Would the Marlins trade Chissolm in a deal headlined by Baty? There’s some risk there as he’s coming off of 2 surgeries, but he’s supposed to be ready by Spring Training. I know that some don’t like him for his, let’s call it “outspoken athleticism”, but if he’s healthy I think he could be a monster in GRF.


I don’t think the Marlins will trade away promising players with 4 years of team control.

Last edited 2 months ago by PauliePaulie
Right Size Wrong Shape

Even one coming off of a knee surgery and back surgery? IIRC they were unhappy with him even before the injury because he was too flashy or something.


There are just so many good 2nd base options that could be available- would be nice to get one of them for less than Hendriks. But I doubt Graveman would be able to get it done.


Hadn’t seen that they were unhappy with him.
I have a tough time gaging Baty’s value. I know the power is compelling, but there are a few concerns about bat to ball skills and a lot of concerns he’ll end up in LF or 1B.

Right Size Wrong Shape

He lasted what 2 weeks after that and he was done for the season? There’s a lot egos in a clubhouse but jealousy over a 2nd year coming off a 95 OPS+ season? Next I’ll be hearing how sainted Sammy was loved by all but a few “jealous” players in the clubhouse. Come to think of it, I believe already had heard that one.

Trooper Galactus

Well, the Diamondbacks just did exactly that, so…


Deal is pending a physical, so we still have shot!

Augusto Barojas

I’m quite glad the Sox did not get Conforto. I mean, his last good season was 3 years ago. They would have no idea what they’re getting, production or health wise. Would not have been enough justification to sit Colas, who I have hopes will wind up being better than what Conforto would have given them in the first place. If they’re going to get a real RF who is reliable and who was healthy and good in 2022, that’s one thing. To pay 18M for somebody who hasn’t played in almost 2 years and might not even be better than Colas? I mean I don’t view Colas as a sure thing, but he isn’t a long shot, either. I don’t think it is unlikely that Conforto won’t play 100 games, or won’t be all that good.

I’d rather get a Duvall type as backup to Colas than stunt the playing time of a Colas, who will be 25 and sure seems like he might be ready, right now. Colas has power, is left handed, has real upside. I expect him to be decent, and a lot better than Sheets. At least he can field. Glad the Giants got Conforto.


“I don’t view Colas as a sure thing, but he isn’t a long shot, either.” Exactly how I see it. Without a significant roster loss or spending a sizeable sum on a free agent (of course, none really left), I’m with giving Colas the season start.


We’ll see, he still has to pass a physical and we already know that the Giants have no qualms in nixing a deal. My feeling is that the second year would take the Sox out of it, if they were even in it at all.


Please don’t make me click on New York Post links ever again.


The word credible and New York Post should never be used in the same sentence….and then I did it!

El Arvo

So did the Twins finish 2nd place for Correa twice or 3rd place? Are they still happy about it?

Greg Nix

The important thing is they were at the table.

Well, near the table.

Ok, they could see the table from another room. But it was a NICE table.


Hendriks-for-2B trades have been talked about to death, but has anyone brought up the idea of Chris Taylor? Coming off a down year, but good enough to be a starting 2B and versatile enough to cove some OF. Now that they’re on the hook for Bauer’s salary, the Dodgers might be looking to Taylor (instead of Busch) in any deals.


I thought about him, but I’d rather have Michael Busch. Taylor had an 86 OPS+ last year- he offers relatively high floor, low ceiling. I think the Sox can do better than him.


Well, yeah, I’d agree Busch is preferable. But Taylor might end up being more available. Maybe not Hendriks, but he might be worth one of the other relievers.

Augusto Barojas

Totally agree, Busch seems like their best possibility, to me. Unless Chisholm is healthy and they could somehow pry him away from the Marlins. I want a left handed hitting 2b with some power, if possible. Even Torres wouldn’t help all that much vs RHP, he didn’t hit them well in 2021/22, about .700 OPS. But that’s still better than Leury or whoever would start for them now. 2b is certainly their biggest hole at the moment. Signing Segura would make sense, although he doesn’t hit RHP very well either. Would be better to sign Segura than trade Liam for Torres, my opinion.

Bonus Baby

Not sure why I didn’t think of the Chapman trade to the Cubs as a comp for a Hendriks trade. I remember the package the Cubs sent over was derided as being a significant overpay, but it was headlined by the then #24 top prospect in baseball, plus several other prospects.

Busch is currently #42, according to Maybe straight-up Hendriks for Busch is a reasonable trade, but I’m thinking maybe the Sox would have to add another piece or two, I dunno. A player like Chisholm is probably out of range, unfortunately.

Totally agree about the LH2B, but less concerned about power. For me, just someone who has overall good OPS+/wRC+ numbers, however they get it, against RHP.

Augusto Barojas

I would hope that Busch for Liam is close to reasonable. I can’t see the Sox having to throw in much else, but as long as it was nothing big I’d probably be in favor.

Bonus Baby

If we’re considering Chris Taylor for 2B, I’m going to have to bang the Luis Guillorme drums some more.

2023 fWAR projections (Steamer) scaled to 120 games each
Taylor: 1.3 fWAR
Guillorme: 2.2 fWAR

wRC+ against RHP
Taylor Career: 107
Guillorme Career: 111
Taylor 2022: 101
Guillorme 2022: 118
Taylor 2021: 102
Guillorme 2021: 107
Taylor 2020: 143
Guillorme 2020: 162

2B/Infield Defense
Guillorme is a better defender all around.

Taylor: 32
Guillorme: 28

Taylor: $15M guaranteed in 2023, with $13M guaranteed in each of 2024 and 2025
Guillorme: Estimated $1.5M in arbitration in 2023, two more years of arbitration in 2024 and 2025.

Taylor is definitely a better hitter against LHP, but I refuse to believe the Sox can’t get one of Sosa, Gonzalez or Rodriguez to play the 40-odd games against LHP and hit well.

Last edited 2 months ago by Bonus Baby

Guillorme would be ok, but the Sox can do much better. But they wouldn’t have to give up Hendriks to get him, unless Hahn is an idiot. On second thought, they’ll probably trade Hendriks straight up for Guillorme.


I thought it was kinda crazy when Josh said that Conforto would get a Bellinger-type deal, given that he doesn’t have the MVP ceiling or defensive floor of Bellinger, but he got twice as much!


Moustakas has negative WAR? He sounds like a perfect fit on the White Sox


WAR WAR, what is it good for?

Augusto Barojas

That was the original title to Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.


Now, Johnny Unitas, there’s a haircut you could set your watch to.


Every day a RF is signed by someone not name the White Sox is a day closer to your starting RF Gavin Sheets. Enjoy!


I’m pretty sure it will be Colas. Which is why a guy like Duvall would be a nice 4th OF. I can’t imagine Sheets would start over Colas.


I mean, would anything this FO does surprise you? Colas in RF makes too much sense.

As Cirensica

I am pretty sure it will be Leury Garcia / Gavin Sheet combo while Colas “gets ready” in the Minors


Failing to sign a 2B or a RF means we are going to see lots more Leury Garcia. I honestly think that Hahn and the rest of the FO are banking on Leury next year. Like they really do view him as the ideal backup solution if either Sosa or Colas can’t cut it.

Trooper Galactus

Tony is still pulling the strings behind the scenes.




Well Leury was the starting LF 2 years ago and the starting 2B last year so being the starting RF this year makes perfect sense, at least from Hahn’s perspective.


The FO seems to be fed up with previous badly failed cutesy ideas. Not resigning Abreu + cementing Vaughn at 1B & Eloy at DH by filling it solidly with Benintendi is an indication of that. That’s not to say they won’t go for more cutesy stupid ideas in the future, but this offseason feels considerably more businesslike and common-sense-y, if not exactly terribly exciting. Remains to be seen what the 2B answer is, of course.


There is no way Leury is in the starting lineup opening day. He doesn’t have his biggest fan as manager anymore.

Trooper Galactus

Ownership and the front office both signed off on giving the guy about four times his actual worth as a free agent. I think it’s safe to say he has plenty of fans remaining in the organization.


I think the one thing that gets lost here is that Leury’s guardian angel was The Russa, not necessarily Hahn. If we are to believe that The Russa had carte blanche over the organization, roster moves, IL stints, etc, as at least I have been led to believe, then the chance of Leury getting DFA’d is much higher if Grifol likes Hamilton for 4th OF and Romy a utility better.

As stupid as the FO is, they are spending to achieve something so keeping an inferior player just because of salary, when he can be replaced pretty inexpensively, shouldn’t be much of a stumbling block.

I think we need to look at the roster and subsequent moves without The Russa lens.


Speaking of Steve Cohen’s Mets, this Michael Baumann piece on the Danny Mendick signing is pretty good.

Torpedo Jones

Thanks for sharing. That was a great read and good point about the fact that Cohen couldn’t care less about the dollars. My favorite part:

Do you know how many people would have to be traded or incapacitated in order for Mendick to see meaningful playing time? Because I do. At least four: Eduardo Escobar, Luis Guillorme, Brett Baty, and at least one of New York’s All-Star infield starters (Correa, Lindor, and Jeff McNeil).


Well Escobar will be gone, the Cubs rumors make way too much sense. I don’t see Baty on the bench and he doesn’t need to be. Guillorme or Mendick then for the bench, I actually like Mendicks chances.

Augusto Barojas

With the luxury tax being at a rate of like 90 percent, it will basically be free money for the Mets if they traded Escobar and even paid his full salary, no? My understanding is that Escobar’s 10M salary will incur tax of 9M, costing the Mets 19M to have him on the roster. If they traded him away for nothing and sent cash considerations to the other team for $10M, it would still save them 9M. Pls correct me if my understanding is incorrect. What a crazy, weird situation. Cohen has certainly changed baseball.

Maybe Cohen is so rich he literally doesn’t care at all, like somebody having a night out at a bar. But if he pays any attention at all to his payroll, you’d think he would look to get Escobar out of town since he is unlikely to play much. Crazy that 9M probably means nothing to Cohen, and the Sox didn’t sign anybody last winter to a dollar amount that high for a single season. Wonder if Cohen might ask so little for Escobar in return that he would effectively pay the Sox to take him. I don’t like him as a solution, but if he’s free he would be better than nothing.


If the Mets send $ to pay a Major League contract, it goes against their lux tax.
Like with yesterday’s McCann trade

Last edited 2 months ago by PauliePaulie

I know it’s common to say/think we could do a better job than a professional GM, but I have a hard time believing anyone on this board would have been foolish enough to sign either Hosmer or Moustakas to those terrible contracts.

Trooper Galactus

Varsho to the Blue Jays, and I don’t think the White Sox could have met that asking price.


That was a nice haul for the Dbacks. A win-win trade.


Probably right but it’s another potential trade partner down and the Sox have still done nothing about RF.

Augusto Barojas

I think people are overly concerned about the Sox RF. Hahn said this winter that they think highly of Colas, so I think they are going to take their chances with him and hope for the best. Which might not be a bad thing. The Sox whole way of running things requires that they get lucky with several players, Colas is certainly one of them. I have higher hopes for him than in everybody having bounce back years, or in their 2b situation miraculously working out.


Don’t you think that could just be negotiating posture also?

Augusto Barojas

Wow. Great offseason for Jays, added Bassitt, Kiermaier as well. Jays have murderous lineup. Unusual mix of right handed hitters that totally rake vs RHP… Vlad, Springer, Bichette. Add Varsho, that’s one badass lineup vs RHP. A team built to crush the Sox in a playoff series. Jays have all RHP starters, too.

Jays might have the best shot at beating the Astros in a playoff series, although the Yankees might be interesting with Cole/Rodon. Those 3 teams are way the bleep ahead of everybody else.

Trooper Galactus

Jays have done some excellent business through trades over the years, but I’d say getting Teoscar Hernandez from Houston for the withered husk of Francisco Liriano takes the cake.

Augusto Barojas

I almost forgot about the Jays trading Teoscar. That does detract from their offseason a bit, but they got a really good reliever for him. Varsho’s defense and left handedness more than make up for him. Plus Bassitt. Would be enjoyable to be a Jays fan.

Trooper Galactus

When I saw what the Jays took for Hernandez I couldn’t believe the White Sox weren’t in on him.

Joliet Orange Sox

According to MLBTR, the Mets have raised concerns about Correa’s physical.

I would find it hard to sign someone to a $315M contract if every doctor they see is concerned. We’ll find out if Steve Cohen is really rich enough to take the risk without worrying about the possible losses.

Augusto Barojas

That’s interesting. It sounds like the issue is his leg that he hurt in 2014. He played for the Twins last year, so surely he had a physical before they signed him. And their doctors/staff all familiar with him, and they offered him a 10 year deal knowing presumably everything that the Mets/Giants know.

At any rate will be interesting to see if anything develops. Cohen is really rich enough that none of this matters for him, or to him. It isn’t like the $315M is a lump sum, it’s spread out over 12 years. For Cohen, Correa’s salary is nothing. Which is why he’s spending as if money is meaningless to him. If his net worth is somewhere north of 10B (I thought I saw 17B mentioned), he could give away 99 percent of his money and still have between 100 and 200 million dollars! MLB dollars are chump change to the guy. He’s spending like he doesn’t care even a little bit. Will eventually destroy the competitive balance of the sport, unfortunately. If the gap between the spending of top and mid/lower tier teams widens to the point of being absurd, and the luxury tax is basically useless as a deterrent, it will be all but impossible for low to mid tier spending teams to ever win, basically. We’re a few years away from that, but if Cohen represents a paradigm shift, the instances where teams that don’t spend a ton actually win the World Series anyway will become less and less, if not close to zero.

Joliet Orange Sox

I understand Cohen’s fortune is almost unimaginably huge. (I like to say he and others at his level have gigabucks while the level below has only megabucks (and my level has kilobucks!).) I think willingness to spend depends on more than how much money one has. (My 80-year-old mother-in-law who has plenty of money is very proud that she has never once paid a toll in her life even though it has costs her untold hours of time.) I think it remains to be seen how Cohen will respond if the Correa leg issue is severe.

Last edited 2 months ago by Joliet Orange Sox
Augusto Barojas

You are correct, willingness to spend depends on more than how much money one has. Jerry obviously had a ton of money himself, with a team in the 3rd largest city and that will draw fans if the team is good, and yet he refuses to spend meaningfully – even at the end of his life.

Unless the leg injury with Correa is something new, it all seems very strange to me. The fact that the Twins gave a huge offer must mean that their doctors don’t have the concerns that the Giants did and that that Mets now seem to have. I hope he stays on the Mets, personally. He’s been healthy enough to play to a WAR over 12 for 2021/22, I don’t want to see him wind up back on the Twins somehow. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.


I saw a tidbit suggesting that at some point during this past season, Correa slid hard into second base and he himself was concerned he reaggravated it. So that might be it. And/or the Mets and Giants doctors are concerned that there’s an issue that will pop up in a few years as a debilitating thing, which wasn’t a concern for the twins’ short term contract.

Augusto Barojas

Thanks. I just read the same, sounded like that happened in late September (22nd) actually. So maybe there is a lot more going on here. I don’t ever recall a team backing out of a big FA contract due to failing a medical exam. This sure seems like a very unique situation. I hope the guy is ok truthfully, he’s a heck of a player, that’s for sure. I’m a bit of a Mets fan actually and was looking forward to seeing them have a really interesting team. Last update said that the “deal was still likely”, so they may be reworking some guarantee aspects of the deal.