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After listening to this, it reminded me to update my card information to be a Patreon supporter. Thank you Jim and Josh for being one of the few bright spots this season. You have both created a great community here!

To Err is Herrmann

I had to come to the conclusion that Jerry Reinsdorf may be very good at tax law, real estate or investing (or whatever it is that he does) but doesn’t really understand sports. Either that or he has a fear of success, or maybe he can’t psychologically handle a team of his being more successful than he is or stealing attention away from him. Psychologically, what is the reward for owning an underperforming franchise? There is none. I don’t think he understands how excellence is sustained in baseball — the knowledge, understanding and wisdom is not there. If this medioicrity really did affect his investnment in the Sox, he might wake up, but it doesn’t. But I don’t see how anyone could listen to Hahn’s gobbledygook for 20 years and not wake up one day either A) realizing this guy isn’t saying anything, or B) he and KW who couldn’t believe Manny Machado took the offer $50 million higher haven’t won anything for 17 years. What’s the payoff? None. So he doesn’t understand or need excellence.


It does affect his investment in the team. Winning increases your brand value which in turn increases the total value of the team.

The Patriots who were once an NFL also ran are now valued in the top five of all American sports franchises because of the success they have had recently.

He will leave money on the table when he sells that he could have had if he had succeeded in building us into a power franchise over the last 40 years.

The difference between owning a sport franchise and an ordinary business is there is a floor. If you stink as an operator, you won’t go out of business you will just leave upside on the table.

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2006 was the most disappointing season I can remember, even though that was a good team. But this was definitely the most frustrating. I love Abreu, but to me yesterday was another example of no one being the adult in the room and making the right decision. Someone once told me that when you receive a gift it isn’t about you, it’s about allowing others to feel good about doing something for you. Abreu should have had the grace to let the fans show their appreciation yesterday, even if it made him a bit uncomfortable. Good riddance to this season is right.

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I agree totally. David Haugh and Mully ripped on the Sox this morning for not “making” Abreu have an appearance by pinch hitting him. They knew Abreu didn’t want to go in but ripped the Sox for not making him. And I thought exactly what you did. This falls 100% on Abreu. Yes, Cairo could have told him he was playing but it shouldn’t have come to that.


Abreu’s reluctance to appear may be a clue as to his current mind-set.


Do you mean that he thinks he’s gone?


Josh – you talked about being a meatball fan on the walk home, and I think that’s where I am. From an emotional Fan standpoint, seeing Jose Abreu potentially in another uniform hurts real bad… Will I follow that team (depending on who that team is) and root for them (see: him) to finally win a Postseason series and maybe World Series? Yeah, probable. Will I not be a White Sox fan in the coming years? No… I’ll still be a fan. Might take a while to go to a game or buy another jersey, though.

Removing the Fan emotion from this… The fact that the front office HAS to let their highest WAR position player in 2022 (and most consistent player in the past decade) walk in Free Agency is infuriating… This team is structured so poorly with multiple immoveable contracts (Grandal, Moncada, etc.) and lack of depth everywhere (except 1B) leads to Abreu needing to be not re-signed. Abreu cannot exist on this team with Eloy, Vaughn, Pollock, and Grandal all on the same roster. Maybe Abreu plus 2 of those (Eloy + Vaughn splitting time in LF and DH if you needed to make it work)? But I suspect that Pollock doesn’t get that same money and will exercise that option. Grandal isn’t going anywhere, and doubtful the FO cut him.

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Yep, too many 1B/DH’s on this team. The Sox can’t go into next season with Jimenez, Vaughn or Sheets in the OF. They’d be beating a dead horse.
For the life of all of us, I don’t see how Hahn thought this roster was any good going in. Yes, injuries played a huge role but to consistently put Vaughn or Sheets in the OF was a horrible look. I didn’t mind the trade of Kimbrel for Pollock but not as a full time OF. I guess Harrison was the best he could do for 2nd but………………………….So now we again go into the off season needing a catcher, a 2nd baseman and possibly 1-2 OF’s depending on if Colas is ready. And pitching. And more pitching. I don’t know how Hahn will do that.
And yes, Grandal needs to go but JR won’t pay for that.


I think they can “get away” with 2 of those splitting time in LF if (big IF) they have a well above average defender in RF. But that leaves one of the 3 without a job and more than likely on another team.

Pollock potentially exercising his option hamstrings this team and what they can spend. I agree with Josh and Jim that we are a payroll cut, and Pollock accepting his option kills any quality additions that may happen.

Grandal cannot play a full season at C, and will likely have to DH a bunch. I mean, dude had like 3 knee surgeries in 1.5 years? Or something crazy like that? He’s also been exceptionally bad as a Catcher recently.


Grandal doesn’t have to play any DH, he’s your backup C until proven otherwise. He may be a very expensive backup C but you have to pay that anyhow so that’s irrelevant.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Even if he comes back strong and is the starting catcher, he still shouldn’t be DH’ing. Catchers need to get a real break every few days.


Yes, this. I haven’t ruled him coming back strong just setting my expectations lower.


Granted it is a completely different situation in terms of makeup and quality of the overall team, but Atlanta let Freeman go after 12 seasons. That was tough on Braves fans. But people move on.


And Atlanta did fine.


Jose Abreu has had a very good White Sox career and I hope he’s able to remain with the team. However, I wouldn’t label him a great leader but more of a solid professional. It doesn’t appear he challenged the younger players on the team. They came into this year thinking they could just throw their gloves on the field and walk away with the AL Central. Hopefully they can get rid of the lazy culture and start holding players accountable by injecting more player leadership into the clubhouse next year.


Yep and I don’t know how much English Abreu speaks but sure doesn’t sound like much. Hell, I can barely understand Ozzie when he talks! Not being a racist here.
.Abreu has only been a leader by example not verbally I don’t believe. Much like Paul Konerko was. Frank Thomas was a leader only because the other guys thought he’d eat them if they pissed him off.


Props to such a cathartic listen. This is why we love you guys. Despite tears being a more appropriate reaction to this season, I found myself laughing multiple times to some well-timed quips from Jim/Josh.