Podcast: White Sox managerial search gossip and SoxFest nixed

Recorded Date: 10/23/2022


  • Joe Espada will be the next White Sox manager. Or he won’t be the next White Sox manager. It’s a hazy outlook of where the White Sox stand in pursuing their next manager. Could we see them make a hire this week? Or are the White Sox waiting until after the World Series?
  • One rumored candidate is Ozzie Guillen. Josh and Jim provide a reminder of how his tenure with the White Sox ended.
  • SoxFest has been canceled. So how will the White Sox drum up excitement for next year?
  • Philadelphia Phillies are going to the World Series, thanks to Bryce Harper. Can the Phillies continue their bashing ways past Houston?
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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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As Cirensica

I think fans didn’t forget what Ozzie did in 2011. Many of us choose to pass the page. Ozzie is not perfect, and he does not pretend to be, but he is still more beloved than hated among White Sox fans (perhaps no Sox Machiners).

Ozzie is not the same person that he was in 2011. His behavior on TV indicates so. His tweets are different. Back then, his head was so huge, he thought he could get away with anything until the Marlins showed him the door.

I do not think Ozzie is the right person to manage the White Sox, but my reasons had nothing to do with events that happened more than 10 years ago, but more with the events that have not happened in recent years (aka he has been out of baseball for way too long).

Great podcast.


Yep, I agree. The ’85 Bears got SOOOOOO full of themselves that they self destructed. I love Ditka but I compare him and how Guillen got. It was time for both to be fired. I don’t think Ozzie is a fit at this time either but as I’ve said, they need an experienced manager with this team. The window hasn’t closed yet but it will take a pretty good off season be it trades or signings to keep the window up. Yes, I’m aware who’s in charge of the off season.
I would still like to see Ron Washington named but wouldn’t mind if it was Ozzie but I just can’t see JR signing off on that.
This isn’t a rebuild and the Sox have to treat it as such.


Its an absolute disgrace for this organization to not have soxfest. They can make any amount of excuses they want but its an organization that hates their fan base and has absolutely 0 accountability from the top on down. Disgusting .


Disgraceful is the perfect word for it. I want to choose my words carefully here, because SoxFest is by no means a charitable event (I have the receipts to prove it!), but it is a way to give back to the fans. It’s a nice gesture for Sox followers get some unique memorabilia and create nice moments with players (this is especially nice for younger fans). But now they’re cancelling it on us like we’re the ones who’ve done something wrong. Like we’re the ones who owe the Sox, and Reisndorf, an apology for hiring an out of touch drunk to manage the team, or that we’re sorry that the GM has the backbone, and personality, of a wet sack of flour.

But this is hallmark Reinsdorf–he’s a man who feels like everyone owes him a debt of gratitude and not the other way around. It’s why he so cherishes his loyalists and so despises his fans–we keep him accountable, and accountability isn’t in the playbook for someone who wants to always take and never give. It’s this mentality that ruined the Bulls–the greatest basketball player of all time just wasn’t grateful enough and failed to acknowledge that, really, all that success was owed to management, not the men on the court.

It’s despicable behavior, and I’ll be dancing in the streets when JR’s no longer the owner of this team, or any other Chicago team.

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I’m sure glad the Sox passed on Bryce Harper and $23M per year. It’s not like he’s done anything in the last 4 years!

Seriously, that contract would have paid for itself, in increased attendance, merchandise sales, etc. Plus have that LH power bat at #3 in the order. It just shows the incompetence of this FO that they couldn’t look past the numbers to see what a huge benefit he would have been to the team. The same thing will happen this winter.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The thing that still kills me about Harper and Machado is how there was absolutely no reason to sign one of them. They were both ridiculously young and ridiculously good for first time free agents. The Sox had just come off of several years of not spending and could have actually afforded both of them. Just horrible.


And it was such a unique offseason that the Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox were all trying to cut their payroll. That off-season fell into their laps and they botched it horrendously.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Good point, I forgot about that. I was so convinced that they were going to sign one of them.

As Cirensica

The White Sox didn’t engage in conversations with Harper. They sort of tried with Manny, but Harper was never in their minds even though he was the PERFECT fit for the team hungry of a corner outfielder that was also a LH masher. And the White Sox, at that time, had enormous resources ($) at their disposal. Unforgiveable.


I, for one, love the financial flexibility.


LOL… I was waiting for you to post something like that. Too funny


Such cowardice.
All weasels in the front office.
Can’t wait until after the parade when Rick talks.

As Cirensica

The Macy’s Day Parade?

Last edited 1 month ago by As Cirensica

If any of the Sox front office reads comments in this site, your comment right here is exactly why they’re afraid to have a Soxfest!

To Err is Herrmann

I think the parade he promised will end up being like one in North Korea — kind of for show, empty and done only to please himself. I really dislike Rick Hahn, in case that is not clear. Tossed Word Salad.


I have no idea what this front office’s philosophy or motivation is. It’s certainly not “win at all costs” like the Phillies, Mets and Padres. You could say “make as much money as possible”, but I can’t think of an org that makes worse investments and wastes so much money than this one.
It’s said that JR likes winning his way, but what in the heck does that look like? Do Kenny, Jerry or Rick even know?


The White Sox front office is like the Eastern Bloc pre-internet. Everything about this organization is 10-15 years behind the rest of the world. And the insular nature of the whole outfit just makes it worse every year.

Jim Margalus

I think his way looks like 2005, with good luck on small bets and his favorite people in charge.

To Err is Herrmann

Philosophy implies some sort of systematic or coherent set of related principles. There is no philosophy.