New merch: Introducing the Sox Machine scarf

Nearly seven years ago, I took a quick trip to Stockholm in November because I planned on starting the house-buying process in December, and I didn’t know what kind of expenses awaited me on the other side. That also meant I had to go somewhere relatively affordable, and while Sweden itself is expensive, it doesn’t get much cheaper than mid-November, when it’s cold and damp and there aren’t any holidays to make up for it.

Sox Machine member/Yolmer Sánchez superfan jokkeholmberg told me I should go see a bandy game, and he made an excellent recommendation. Hammarby had a home game the night I arrived, so I waited out the rest of my jet lag by standing in the bleachers on the home side and trying to understand the rules of a sport I wouldn’t have been able to identify by name.

At halftime, I asked some friendly fans nearby about a couple aspects of the sport I couldn’t quite grasp on my own, and then I bought a Hammarby scarf to better blend in. It became my go-to neckwear for every subsequent upstate New York winter.

Smash-cut to a couple of months ago, when I went to a new brewery with my family, which turned out to be near Nashville’s new soccer stadium, which turned out to be before a Nashville SC game. A bunch of fans coming and going wore various kinds of SC scarves, which brought back fond memories of the Hammarby game.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a good sports scarf, I thought.

Why aren’t team scarves a baseball thing, at least in April, I thought.

So, just in time for winter, here’s the first-ever Sox Machine scarf.

A couple notes:

*If you’re a 5 WAR or 10 WAR supporter on Patreon, make sure to check your email or the Sox Machine Patreon page for fresh coupon codes.

*If you’re part of Sox Machine’s international contingent and are interested in a scarf, shoot me an email ( I haven’t set up international shipping on the Sox Machine store because it’s complicated, but these are reasonable to mail abroad, so I’d be happy to figure out the shipping and arrange a person-to-person payment if it’s not too steep.

Let me know if you have any other questions. As an apparent appreciator of the item, it’s a good scarf, but I’ve mailed out the initial purchases this morning, so hopefully it’ll get additional testimonials over the next week if you don’t want to take my word for it.

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Message to @jokkeholmberg – I will be in Stockholm in November. Are you near Stockholm for an international meetup?


I sure am! Just send me an email (move the @ to in between e and h, then add .net to the end).
Btw, luckily there is no polar bear season yet in November.
Btw2, unfortunately Hammarby has been bad since Jim went to that game.
Btw3, an international scarf order is on the way.