White Sox 8, Cardinals 7: Meeting their match

White Sox win

The only development of this game I caught live was the fireworks after Jake Burger’s solo shot in the fifth inning, for I was at Josh’s wedding reception in Bridgeport.

Bullet-point recap:

*The Cardinals are the National League White Sox, as evidenced by losing to the American League White Sox despite leading 5-0 through four and outhitting the Sox 16-9.

*The White Sox made it 5-1 on the Burger homer, but they didn’t string together a rally until the sixth, when they suddenly exploded for five runs.

*Jordan Montgomery’s departure was a big reason why. He left with a hamstring issue after a strong 4⅓ innings, and the White Sox pounced on the first three Cardinals relievers out of the chute.

*Two mistakes by Nolan Gorman helped. First he misfired on a crossbody throw to allow Tim Anderson to reach on an infield single, and then he advanced to second when Gorman dropped what should’ve been a 5-3 fielder’s choice because he thought about turning two before cleanly catching the ball.

*Gorman handled another ball to put runners on the corners with one out, but Andrew Vaughn finally elevated a ball by slicing a changeup over the head of Paul Goldschmidt and into right field, making it a 5-2 game.

*Andre Pallante took over for JoJo Romero and hit Yasmani Grandal on the elbow to load the bases, after which Burger made it a 5-4 game with a double past a diving Arenado. Zach Remillard then put the Sox ahead with a first-pitch single through the right side of a drawn-in infield.

*Keynan Middleton gave back the lead over the course of two batters, allowing a Lars Nootbar single, followed by Arenado’s second homer of the night on a hanging slider.

*Luis Robert Jr. tied it up by flinging a backup slider by Kyle Leahy inside the left-field foul pole for a game-tying solo shot, and when Eloy Jiménez hit a chopper up the middle, Gorman once again botched the play — this time struggling to get the ball out of his glove — to put the go-ahead run on board.

*That run came around to score on three two-out walks by two different pitchers. Leahy issued free passes to Grandal and Burger, then Chris Stratton entered and walked Remillard on four pitches to make it an 8-7 game.

*That’s where the score stood despite late scares. Gregory Santos had to pitch around a pair of two-out singles in the eighth. Kendall Graveman lost a seven-pitch battle with Walker for a two-out single, then walked Alec Burleson to move the tying run into scoring position. Fortunately for the Sox, he retired Ivan Herrera on a 1-3 to end it.

*Middleton picked up the win despite blowing the lead. Cease came and went with his eighth consecutive no-decision.

*Cease’s fastball topped out at 96.1 mph, and it was beaten for both of the Cardinals’ run-scoring hits in the second inning, as well as Arenado’s two-run homer in the third.

*The White Sox exacerbated issues with sloppy play, with Cease heavily involved. Zach Remillard gave Nootbar an extra base by fumbling the ball in right field, although that didn’t factor into the run.

*Gorman, who singled after the Arenado homer, took second on a pitch in the dirt, then moved to third on a slider that rocketed off the dirt and over Grandal’s shoulder. Those efforts allowed him to score on Ivan Herrera’s infield single.

*Cease finished with a blemished line: 6 IP, 11 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 0 BB, 8 K, 1 HR, 2 WP, and an error on a pickoff attempt.

*Remillard committed the error in his first start in right field, but he tried to make up for it at the plate, going 2-for-3 with three RBIs and a stolen base.

*Burger topped him, going 2-for-2 with the homer, double and two out-of-nowhere walks.

Record: 38-52 | Box score | Statcast

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I look forward to Nolan Gorman (how is this dude not doing taxes with a name like that?) getting waiver claimed by Hahn.


I hope a merry time was had by all. Congrats again Josh!

And so it begins .. I’m disconnecting completely during my two week vacation. If they go on a 10 game win streak, you’re welcome.


I’ve heard of a walking taco…

but a walking burger!?


Off topic, but…

I am the only one that finds the Jesus/Christian advertising inappropriate?

Is this happening at other ballparks?



I’m sure.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Why is it inappropriate?


Because you asked.

Anti science
Anti women’s choice
Pro religious indoctrination
Supporters of dozens of hate groups.

And it doesn’t belong in a publicly financed stadium owned by the State of Illinois.

Last edited 10 months ago by ForsterFTOG
Right Size Wrong Shape

Which hate groups?

Well, the catholic Church for one lol.

Wow. That’s an ugly comment.

Last edited 10 months ago by Right Size Wrong Shape

Its objectively correct that the catholic religous institution is a hate group. Doesn’t mean I think all Catholics are biggots. The Institution, though. I mean, obviously.


It would be so nice if you just went away.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Oh? Why is that?


We all need to relax because Jesus doesn’t like the Sox anyway. And I’m fine with that as long as he doesn’t like the cubs either.
And that ends my sermon for the day.


Because this country is overwhelmingly Christian already, and this now apparently inescapable proselytizing is doing precisely nothing but annoying those of us who are religious minorities in this country, as well those of us presently the target of outright cruel evangelical Christian culture warriors.

The people funding the He Gets Us campaign are not nice love-thy-neighbor Christians. It’s funded by people such as the Hobby Lobby family, while the He Gets Us parent group has donated tens of millions to the ADF (Americans Defending Freedom), which is the rightwing legal group responsible for authoring the vicious anti-trans legislation various states have passed. This is rightwing cultural war materiel presented in a sleek, friendly package.


I was annoyed by the ads too, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. Awful stuff.


I visited the website out of curiosity. Ironically, the agenda of He Gets Us is exactly the opposite: “The more ideologically defensive we become, the more we are willing to sacrifice things like kindness, patience, and the respect and dignity of others for the sake of victory — the righteous ends justifying the dehumanizing means. And it’s tearing us apart.” Notably, it goes on to recognize “hypocrisy and discrimination in the church.”

Maybe you think their “agenda” is a front for something else. Maybe you’d be right. But I don’t think we want to judge organizations or causes based solely on their funders – otherwise, every political candidate is screwed! If I ran a non-profit, I’d take money from anyone lol.

I do think you have a point, though, about proselytizing. A policy against proselytizing advertisements seems like a reasonable enough policy. But I think that’s on the team, not the government. Even though the team receives public money, it’s pretty clearly not a government organization – though it sure is run like one!


I don’t believe you get the agenda of an organization by visiting their website or consuming their spin. The founders and financiers of an organization are part of the mosaic of determining it’s agenda and can offer illumination into their intent. After all, philanthropes usually don’t give to organizations that differ greatly from their own beliefs.

This is all an aside though. Even if the organization was completely altruistic and well meaning, religion or politics shouldn’t have a place in MLB, IMHO.


Fair enough. You’re right – a website isn’t always the best indicator of a mission. But, to be fair, surely their stated mission and purpose is at least as good an indicator of what they’re doing than most commenters quick takes.

The philanthropes point still seems weak to me. The Hobby Lobby family also donated to the Red Cross and a children’s orphanage – do we have to say those orgs are bad, too? Givers at that level give money to a lot of causes.

Either way, yeah, that’s reasonable enough. I suspect it is (or should be) a White Sox decision rather than an MLB or government decision. But then does NBC Sports Chicago rule out political ads? The lines aren’t easy to draw – but someone has to draw them!


It’s happening at basically every ballpark, MLB itself even; it’s on MLB.TV broadcasts as well as the actual parks


Can we not talk politics or religion on the board? Just about everything in the country is politicized these days, do we have to make Sox Machine the same?

This should be a place to escape, complain about our crumby team and go about the day.

My 2 cents for better or worse.


Sure. I’m just pointing out that these ads are stuffing a particular brand of politics down our throats when we’re trying to watch our crummy team either on mlb.tv or in person


You have an excellent point. This is why religious advertising at baseball games is inappropriate. However, since MLB has chosen to allow endorsement of religious beliefs at games, it is now part of the baseball fabric.

Freedom of Religion also means, Freedom from Religion. I shouldn’t have to answer religious questions to my kids because they want to watch a baseball game with Dad. So, my intention with starting this thread, was not to endorse an ideology, but to be free from theocratic ideological viewpoints while watching my team. So, essentially, you and I are asking for the same thing, it’s just that it occurs in different platforms of the same topic.

I can only imagine MLB’s eyes lighting up at the political dollars parties and candidates are willing to dole out.

Last edited 10 months ago by FishSox

As a follow up thought.

I live in a state now, Kansas (also where the “He Gets Us” hq is situated) , where a conservative super majority exists in both houses. Because of this, they begin every session with a prayer from The Bible. It’s unconstitutional, and principally wrong, but since they have such extreme power, they do it anyway. So, please forgive me if I’m a little sensitive to the wolf in sheep’s clothing ad campaign that is inappropriate at my teams game. And I mean that sincerely, not snidely.

As Cirensica

Except Toronto, in all American’s stadiums we have been doing Gob Bless America for years, and now you decide these ads bother you? Pft.


I never once stood during God Bless America. In my mind, by doing so, it’s deemphasizing the importance of our National Anthem by giving it the same respect. It’s just another song, like Toby Keith’s American Soldier, which I wouldn’t stand for either.

And, God Bless America isn’t a religious song, it’s a patriotic song. But, I get your point.

As Cirensica

It is not a religious song? It has the word God in the title. And there is a part with the words “with the light from above”. I always thought of it as religious.


Watching that game was kind of fun because both teams had self implosion moments that made it equal. This series really can go either way. White Sox best chance is against other dysfunctional teams at the moment, although I believe the Cards can pivot and get it together sooner than later compared to the ole Jer, Kenny and Rick show.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure the organization with a winning record in something like 24 of the last 27 seasons will get its act together before Jerry’s crew.


Hell, I’m more confident in the A’s figuring it out before the White Sox FO does