Podcast: Honeymoon period is over for Pedro Grifol

Record Date: 6/18/2023


  • Lance Lynn’s career day
  • The Zach Remillard game
  • The honeymoon period is over for Pedro Grifol
  • Series Preview: Texas Rangers
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Hearing the sox have the worst production of any middle infield in baseball

Remembering Hahn saying you cant spend your way out of problems

Knowing the 1st place Rangers have gotten about 14 WAR from their middle infield dual in the last season and a half.



Why spend out of problems when you can spend into them?

Al Kohallik

Good morning do I think Grifol is a bad manager no ….new yes and unfortunately him finding things that work in his style and with this team are slow to show fruit. I really appreciate that he wanted to come here. The list of established managers was rather short. I believed all pragmatic people used the 10 foot pole rule when they looked at the FO’s track record


I wonder if some of more established candidates were interested but would have insisted on hiring their own guys rather than being forced to hold on to Katz and Boston. Even when the Sox clean house, they don’t really clean house.

Al Kohallik

Definitely but if FO gave him take …..that’d be all the “help/ concessions” he’d get


Established, good managers also want to manage good teams. They aren’t the type so interested in taking on a team that looks like its headed to a rebuild.


I don’t even know what to say anymore. Grifol has certainly made mistakes and doesn’t seem to learn from them but is it possible that one of the Stooges is telling him who to play and where to bat them? I’d like to think not but who the hell knows with this outfit?
Grifol’s statement about the lineup was pretty dang weird. Apparently he can’t handle outside heat but he better get used to it. TA is messed up and I hope he’s traded but Grifol can’t handle things with kid gloves anymore. It has gotten to the point where I’m glad when they win but in the whole scheme of things, I really don’t care much about how they do. If they can go on a 10 game win streak then I’ll pay attention.
And there’s no way JR is going to get rid of Grifol with over 2 seasons left on his contract. I think Hahn probably has a couple left too? I know I’m babbling but welcome to being a Sox fan.
I’m ready for the Bears and Blackhawks!


Jim’s description of his old thermostat at the beginning of this episode put me in mind of attempting to understand Jerry Reinsdorf. Some vital features may be missing.

As Cirensica

Great podcast. Thank you for the entertainment in this morning commute.

I am intrigued about Grifol comment “to ask Jerry”. That’s a very weird thing to say. It can have a lot of interpretations. It is certainly not something you will hear from many managers out there to defer to the invisible team’s owner. My take? Grifol didn’t like Nightingale’s comment. Grifol probably thinks/knows Nightingale’s comments are a germinated with seeds coming from Jerry’s mind. Grifol is trying to deflect or redirect a little bit of the shame towards Jerry.


I’ve been trying to give Grifol the benefit of doubt, all things considered. Unfortunately he has not done enough or earned any positive talk with how the team has performed. The players are the blame, the coaches are to blame, the training staff is the blame, the front office is to blame, ownership is to blame. All this can be true, and all of it is why the team has been mired in mediocrity for a long time. Hopefully serious baseball evaluators eventually lead this franchise in our lifetimes.


I’m reading The Cubs Way, about the build of the 2016 team. The contrast here is amazing.

Talking about their young prospects – it’s not just are they talented, it’s will they listen, will they be professionals, how will they go about their day.

To the identification process – they said the secrets out, everybody’s looking for the same stats, let’s be the team that’s better personally. Identify the right type of person and nurture it.

Or how they eventually hit Kluber – they realized they were swinging at his breaking stuff over and over and made the team wide mandate to lay off for straighter pitches.

I feel like if a book was made Of these sox they would just have to write the opposite of everything in this book


Baseball ownership driven by Grievance:

The Jerry Reinsdorf Story

With a Forward by Hawk Harrelson on bullpens


After The Parade: The Mediocre History of Rick Hahn’s Chicago White Sox

Introduction by Scott Merkin on the State of Michigan Football

As Cirensica

With the sequel: “A Seat On The Table” – Rick Hahn’s philosophy with biographical background as to how to sound smart without being smart.


This book will never get published after Jerry Reinsdorf refuses to pay the freelance copyeditor to work on the galleys.


I had not reached the Joe Maddon portion when I posted. Oh boy does it continue the contrast. Maddon is a firm believer in large sample data driving decisions but also believes in trends. Don’t tell me a player should be at the top of the lineup because he’s a career .350 obp if he’s been struggling for 5 weeks.

We know better in Grifol land. You leave that guy right there for 6 months and it will work eventually

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