Month in a Box: The White Sox in April 2023

Apr 27, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago White Sox fans gesture during the eighth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Guaranteed Rate Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
(Photo by Matt Marton/USA TODAY Sports)
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I subscribed to your Patreon but still can’t read the article

As Cirensica

Log off, and login back with Patreon login option.


It got fixed. Idk what the issue was. Thank you and great work as always.


This article should come with a disclaimer message. It is not for the faint of heart.

As Cirensica

Being a White Sox fan, that’s implicit.


You succeeded in making April sound interesting. Your recap was more fun than actually watching it unfold.


Yeah when I clicked on the article I half expected just a picture of dog poo.


Month in a Box is one of the best reasons to become a patreon. It’s gold. The painstaking documentation of this trainwreck of a month is fascinating to go back on.

If you can’t cry, you may as well laugh. Joe Kelly running out of the bullpen and immediately injuring himself may be the highlight of the year for me in “so bad, it’s good” terms.


It is truly a great recap, and I will be revisiting it throughout the season.

Just to pile on to the files of April futility,

April 26: Sox batters strike out on 17 of 31 PAs against a very average Toronto pitching staff
April 28: Miscommunication on a pop fly allows Yandy Diaz to sneak home, Sox lose by 1
April 9-29: 3 week stretch (19 games) with league worst 56 wRC+, scores in just 31 of 173 innings

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Month in a pine box


We owe Jim a bottle of whatever gives him comfort for writing about April 2023.

As Cirensica

Family size bottle.


1) Cut a hole in that box
2) Put your month in a box
3) Set fire to that box

And that’s the way we do it