FutureSox Podcast: Chicago White Sox 2022 MLB Draft recap

Mike Rankin and James Fox reacted to the Chicago White Sox’s first 10 draft picks of the 2022 class. For the first time in over 20 years, the organization decided on a prep pitcher. How significant of a change is amateur scouting director Mike Shirley’s philosophy and what does it mean for the franchise moving forward?

Later, Mike and James ponder where to rank the newly acquired talent among the organization’s top 30 prospects.

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So, as 1 was “top 5”, what would the updated Top 5 look like. Is it still Colson, Vera, Colas, and Cespedes with the new guy? Has Ramos or Lenyn cracked the top 5? Romy, Jose Rodriguez, Yolbert not up there.


I’m curious about Cannon and his injury. How comfortable are you guys at Future Sox that this guy – who by my count gave up 26 earned runs over 26 innings over his last 5 starts – is healthy and/or represents a reasonable health risk?