AJ Pollock’s return buys Luis Robert time to avoid IL

AJ Pollock is off the injured list, and at least for the time being, he’s only replacing Luis Robert in the lineup, and not on the roster.

That may only be a matter of time, of course. Pollock is back from his hamstring strain, and the White Sox made room by moving Matt Foster to the Family Medical Leave List. That designation requires Foster to be off the roster for at least three days.

Pollock returns to the lineup without a rehab game, playing center field and batting fifth.

(Please ignore who’s batting second.)

Pollock hasn’t played since the second game of the season on April 9, when he pulled up lame rounding first with a hint of intent. He opened the year 4-for-7 with a double, but expectations should probably be limited to crossing fingers that he can execute mildly aggressive baseball actions without incident.

As for Robert, he’s going to be out of the lineup all weekend after tweaking his groin on his own mildly aggressive baseball action, which was running out a ground ball to the left side during the finale of the disastrous trip to Cleveland. The Sox are holding out hope that he can avoid a trip to the IL.

With rosters expanded to 28 for another eight days, the Sox may as well indulge the luxury of using one of those two extra spots as a temporary injured list for a player who might not need a full 10 days off. With the bullpen’s best relievers rested and Adam Haseley on board for outfield depth, the Sox shouldn’t be especially taxed in either department. The Sox will play three in Minnesota if weather permits, followed by an off day on Monday, which will probably be the time to reassess.

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Well at least Leury isn’t hitting 3rd tonight. He’s hitting 2nd.

Pollock and Vaughn 6th/7th. Because you want Leury to get more at bats than those two.


Well with a guy like Vaughn, you have to be extra careful and make sure you never put him in a position he’s not used to. Batting him 2nd might throw him off.


What the hell is going on with the lineup


TLR is out of his bleeping mind. I think I will watch the Bulls and pass on the Sox tonight.


let’s go bulls!

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

No kidding!
Or basically any combination aside from Leury anywhere near the top of the lineup.


The Codify guy has this and two subtly anti-La Russa tweets. I wonder if this reflects the opinions of any of his White Sox customers. https://twitter.com/CodifyBaseball/status/1517604984761724928

Augusto Barojas

TLR gave his reason:
“I just hate people. And I wanted to show Sox fans that they are no exception to that.”


It’s a shame that two of the most talented players in baseball, Robert and Buxton, are already hurt. I’m guessing neither will play 100 games this year.


I thought Robert might not even wind up on the DL, no? He’d better play a lot more than 100 games for them to avoid a miserable season. Even if La Russa may make it pretty miserable anyway.