The shape in which Sox Machine left the world

A lot about the White Sox changed while this site slept

The first iteration of Sox Machine officially retired on Jan. 19, 2011. Good thing I used a Sox-cap-wearing Han Solo encased in carbonite to signify the shift.

To give a sense of the time passed since Sox Machine last existed:

*The White Sox were coming off an 88-74 season, only undermined by the White Sox’ self-defeating decision to go with a two-headed designated hitter of Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones instead of signing Jim Thome for a pittance. Thome landed with the Twins and helped them win the AL Central.

*Due to the dearth DH production, White Sox fans were excited about Adam Dunn.

*The White Sox were on the verge of picking up Ozzie Guillen’s option for 2012 after Oney Guillen had aired dirty laundry about Bobby Jenks, much to the displeasure of White Sox players like Matt Thornton.

*The Sox had just signed Will Ohman for two years and $4 million, good for the 32nd-most lucrative free agent contract ever offered by the club.

*Gordon Beckham battled a sophomore slump, but a strong second half (that was cut short by an HBP) offered reasons to believe he was back on track.

*Nate Jones, Eduardo Escobar and the immortal Anthony Carter were just added to the 40-man roster.

*Dayan Viciedo was still listed as a third baseman, and a promising one at that.

*Brent Morel was on the verge of kicking him to the outfield, though.

*U.S. Cellular had just released nationwide 3G data roaming for its customers and reupped its lease on its Chicago headquarters.

*Mobile browsers made up a single-digit percentage of a website’s traffic.

*Jason Benetti’s schedule consisted of Syracuse Chiefs games, High Point University men’s basketball, Notre Dame radio studio work and upstate New York high school football games. He hadn’t yet graduated from law school.

*The only member of the 2010 pitching staff still an active member of the White Sox? Greg Infante.

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Welcome back, Jim. Where u been?  I’ve been checking this site every day for Sox news. Please tell us what happened to Gordo!


I have been a daily lurker at SSS for years as “Carthago delenda est.” I am so pleased to see you, Jim, unshackled from the crippling bonds of SBN. Though I shall still visit SSS, Sox Machine will be my No.1 site to haunt!


I am hoping that we see a regular and recurring presence of the art of Carl Skanberg. I cannot seem to get enough of him. My all-time favorite was his single panel cartoon in which Ozzie is in a bank lobby and someone shouts “Watch out! He has a Linebrink and knows how to use it!” A tiny Linebrink is strapped to Ozzie’s chest. It’s better when you see it. Sigh…


Agreed.  HE IS A GENIUS!


Thanks, Elena. Your compliment convinced me to add a drawing to Jim’s first post. Not sure how regular it’ll be.

I think maybe, “he’s not afraid to use it,” was the line on that cartoon.


I have it scanned somewhere.  Sorry for the misquote.  It was an all-time classic, though.



Jim produces the best White Sox content around. Followed him to SSS. Happy to follow him back here, now.


Say, whatever happened to that Beckham guy, anyway?


Happy to join you back over here. Best writing on the interwebs.


Happy to support the Boss.  I’m in the process of asking my clients to make a change, so I can empathize with the freedom of your own gig.  Well done.


Meaning what, new gig? I, too, have been working on some of my own prospects. I’m done w/current gig in 4-1/2yrs. I cannot wait!


I am very grateful that Jim will continue to write about the White Sox. Very grateful.


Regular Lurker on SSS since 2015.  Did randomly come to Sox Machine before it was down.  Started listening to the podcast in 2016 (You were my first regular listen)!  Glad to come over as a regular lurker!

And oh yeah, at the end of 2010 the Sox were apparently trying to get Mike Stanton for Ozzie Guillen.