The 'I' in team: White Sox eras by players

Continuing his project of dividing franchise histories into player-based “eras,” friend of the blog Rob Neyer tackled the White Sox with some help from your friendly local White Sox blogger.
The only real rule is that he’s sticking to players on the field, as involving owners or managers could make several decades a boring conversation.
Here’s the conclusion he came to:

Ed Walsh, Chicago’s finest … hitter? (Library of Congress)

I’d divvy up the ’50s a little differently, giving the first half of the decade to Minnie Minoso and then the second half and into the early ’60s with Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio. Fox was definitely the better player, but I think Aparicio is more strongly associated with the Go-Go Sox, since he led the league in steals seven straight years and was inducted into the Hall of Fame long before Fox.
Then again, the Sox have struggled for continuity for so long (look at the ’70s) that some might want to take advantage of any opportunity to assign an entire decade to one player. My list differs in a handful of other places, but they’re mere matters of opinion. Really, I’m just happy Johnny Dickshot made the final cut.


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splitting hairs, probably, but i might replace joe jackson with eddie collins.


Dickshot by name, Dickshot by reputation.


“Too soon.”
— Gordon Beckham


I would probably nominate Buehrle ahead of Konerko for the latest era and could be swayed into Baines over Fisk.


I come here in loving disagreement.
2001-2003 should absolutely be the MAGGLIO ORDONEZ ERA, since he was like, really, really, really good during that period (light years ahead of Konerko, really), and it’s important to make a distinction between the Before World Series Sox and the World Series Champion (and beyond!) White Sox. But really, Maggs was the face of the franchise for a minute, and mysterious Austrian knee surgeries aside, he was pretty amazing for a time.
I have no problem with choosing Paulie to be the player representing this decade, but it’d be nearsighted not to point out that Buehrle has 41.2 WAR for the White Sox and Konerko has acquired 27.6 WAR. Plus Buehrle has slid on the tarp way more times.


Mike Squires? I love Spanky, but I would have to pick Chet Lemon for ’78-’80.


I think I have a new favorite player name of all time. I was almost in tears laughing so hard.