White Sox acquire Peavy (update)

It’s a done deal. The final tally: Jake Peavy for Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, Dexter Carter and Adam Russell.
Kenny Williams is the master of “Shock and Hm.”  After getting leveled by the surprise of it all, I recover and find that I have no strong feelings either way.
It’s a fair deal. The Padres give up a Cy Young-caliber pitcher for four guys who aren’t great bets to be even half the starter Peavy is. The White Sox can’t use Peavy right away (he’s going to start rehab in the middle of August), and when he’s (hopefully) at full strength in 2010, he’ll be commanding front-line starter money with no cash from San Diego. He’ll enter a three-year, $52 million extension next season with a $22 million option ($4 million buyout) next season.
If you’re hankering to get fired up, here’s the key:

  • Mark Buehrle
  • Jake Peavy
  • John Danks
  • Gavin Floyd

That’s what this deal is all about. The Twins take Orlando Cabrera off Oakland’s hands, which could be a downgrade if he doesn’t shape up. The Tigers shore up their rotation by picking up Jarrod Washburn for a couple of so-so prospects, a solid starter who’s either en route to a career year or back to Earth.
Just when you think the Sox are standing pat, Williams beats the clock by sending two exciting pitching prospects, one decent big-league starter and one Loch Ness Monster for Peavy. After which, he hangs up the phone and does the Sam Cassell Dance:

I’ll have more on the guys the Sox sent packing tomorrow, but I wouldn’t overlook Adam Russell’s involvement in this trade. Three reasons:
No. 1: Russell’s had a nice season in Charlotte.
No. 2: The Padres know how to get through to really tall guys (see: Chris Young).
No. 3: The Padres know how to work with other team’s disappointments (see: Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Mike Adams).
What happens to Russell won’t really matter to the White Sox since he wasn’t in their plans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up having a nice season for the Friars next year.

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Peavy, Perfect Mark, Danks, Floyd, and Jose. That’s one hell of a rotation. I’m officially “Yay” on this trade.


Its a good one for us, I’ll miss Dexter Carter but at least we didnt give up Daniel Hudson.


daddy likes


Even if Peavy only makes four or five starts this year, the [hopeful] starts he makes from 2010-2012/3 should make this deal worth it.


Good to see you back… and it’s good to hear about Peavy… gets him out of the Rockies division and puts together a hell of a 1-4. Nice to see.


Good one, Jim. I knew we weren’t going to lose this one tonight. Interesting point though…I wonder if all the intermittent downtime Peavy has had gave him a new perspective on coming here. Sounds like maybe it did. June wasn’t the right time, August 1 was just perfect. Everything happens for a reason.