Tim Anderson’s return to Chicago comes without remorse

Tim Anderson (James Fegan/Sox Machine)

As someone who once took part in a scrum of media waiting to talk to former Cubs outfielder Matt Szczur about returning to Chicago for the first time, a crush of reporters awaiting an athlete returning to this town is standard fare. But the Marlins media contingent was a little taken aback by the collection of TV cameras and recorders waiting Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field for shortstop Tim Anderson, who used to command these gatherings on the regular.

“It’s exciting to come back and play the Cubs. I guess it feels OK,” Anderson said.

Anderson was still a willing and practiced participant in the media circus. He shook hands and graciously accepted the well-wishes of people who covered him for years, and he talked about having “my smile back” and being in a good place. But with camera lights drawing sweat on his brow and reminded of the days of “As TA goes, the White Sox go,” Anderson didn’t profess to be homesick.

“I’m glad that definitely is gone, because it definitely takes a whole team to win,” Anderson said when reminded of that oft-repeated rationale.

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It wasn’t that long ago that Tim hit the ball into the cornfield. I thought then that the Sox had a chance to win a championship, and that Tim had a chance to be the king of Chicago if they did. It’s sad to think on.

#3 for HOF

It’s sad to think that game against the Yankees was the peak of the rebuild.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

I think about this a decent amount – what was the high point of the rebuild? 2020 was weird all around but them blundering down the stretch made the first playoff appearance in 12 years ring hollow. Although that game 1 start in Oakland by Lucas was sublime.

By September in 2021 it was clear they were flawed and about 20 minutes into ALDS game 1 it was clear they weren’t going to compete.

But the vibes in August in Iowa were immaculate. Big stage, big opponent, big drama, huge victory.

I would love to go see them play in Japan, Korea, Mexico, London, anywhere but it feels appropriate the Sox’ biggest stage for the foreseeable future was a gimmick game in Iowa.


It was pretty great. I always enjoyed watching him play…hope things go well for him in Miami


it was all sox fans’ favorite since the last gd no hitter. it’s insane to even think of

South Side Hit Men

Tony was 1,000 miles away during the Cornfield Comeback Walk-Off Game.

Coincidence, I think not.


as far as him saying “they didn’t want to win”, all i can think of is; “WELL WHAT WERE THE FUCKIN ODDS”


No TWTW, mo problems


Must be a huge relief to no longer be playing for The Russa or Pedro.

Alfornia Jones

Still a long way to go this year, but I wonder if he realizes how close he is to being out of this league. Zero slugging value, same old on-base avg being dependent on BA, I’ll trust them that his defense is better. Maybe its all physical, but few players deteriorate this hard after turning 30. Heyward comes to mind, but at least he had the contract.

Someone should show him a highlight reel of his easy power to RF and the gaps. That guy was an all timer for the White Sox, the current guy is a future 1B coach.