Steven Wilson found a new slot, just before finding a new team

White Sox pitcher Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson (Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire)

The big issue for the back of the White Sox bullpen is never getting to pitch with the lead, rather than holding leads. But if you’ve been able to glance past a potentially historically awful offense on occasion, Steven Wilson has pitched well since coming over in the late spring Dylan Cease trade that loudly stated the team’s intentions for this season.

One run allowed and seven strikeouts in six innings of work from Wilson is encouraging on its own, but if you’re into the second paragraph and already wondering aloud what his three additional years of team control could fetch at the trade deadline, the key development is that the right-hander appears to have something working that’s more sustainable than what he showed in San Diego.

“Only having one pitch in this league is next to impossible,” Wilson told me Friday. “At the end of last year, people could just write the fastball off, just take it out of the equation. Changeup wasn’t in the equation. So if I could give them a slider in the zone, they were sitting on it. If I didn’t hit my location, it got whacked.”

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Wilson had back to back seasons with 50 innings and ERA’s in the 3’s prior to 2024, no reason to think he is not a decent pitcher. I see him, Brebbia, Kopech, and Crochet as their primary trade pieces. Hopefully Fedde proves to be better than DFA material and can be dealt as well.


Off topic, and I know that picking on Pedro gets repetitive, but his quote about Pillar getting picked off yesterday in this morning’s Trib really ticked me off: “It’s not an ideal situation, but it happened.” That’s what you say about a rainout, an unavoidable act of God, not a veteran not paying attention because the game is effectively over, even though there are still paying fans in the stands. How hard would it have been to say, “Kevin knows he messed up. We talked. It won’t happen again.” Even if it weren’t true, it’s what any halfway competent manager would have said.

As Cirensica

Even if it weren’t true, it’s what any halfway competent manager would have said.

Ahhh… that’s because Pedro is a fullway incompetent manager


When you are talking about trading away guys with 2 and 3 years of control after this one, what exactly is the plan?

You are getting close to the point that if you bring up Montgomery and he plays well, we will all be talking what a great trade asset he is. Five years of control beyond this should definitely bring back something decent in a trade, right?


Continuing the emulate Kansas City theme. The K.C. Athletics, that is, who operated as a major league level farm team for the Yankees.


agree- dumping guys with 2-3 years of control shouldn’t be an automatic. don’t cheapen their value by advertising their availability. we’re going to need guys like him in the future. the sox are acting like the kid who goes to school knowing he’s gonna get beat up for his lunch money.


Agree, as clearly some others do here. I get trying to eventually field a contending team… someday… but games still have to be played in the meantime and basically, flipping someone like Wilson, a very useful ballplayer who can be around for a few years, in hopes that you get back someone who might eventually turn into a Wilson-type seems like a kind of futile roulette wheel exercise.


There’s pretty much zero chance that this team can be anything close to good in 2 or 3 years, barring an ownership change. Their roster is so bad it cannot be overstated. 2/3 of their roster is DFA material, and their minor leagues slightly above average at best. I mean compare this team to when they had Abreu and Tim, with Yoan, Eloy, Cease, Kopech, and Robert among top 10 or 20 prospects in MLB. There is no future here, not while anybody on the roster is under contract at least. And probably not while Jerry owns them.

Jerry is 88. Biology and mother nature are the only hopes to rescue this franchise for the foreseeable future.


If I have to wait for him to die then I want to watch ballplayers not prospects while I’m doing it.


His 0.75 whip is impressive. Sox want to be competitive sooner rather than later, so I don’t see them trading away relievers just for the sake of adding lower to mid-level prospects. If the Sox do trade someone away, it is more likely to be Crochet and Kopech because they are more likely to bring a premium position player prospect back. Those guys have less years of control left too as compared to their up-and-coming pitching prospects.