Deivi García is still a work in progress, but there’s upside in his upshoot

Deivi García (Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire)

Deivi García never looked like a typical pitching prospect coming up. Short and slight with a 5-foot-9-inch listing in the media guide, he never was going to attack the zone with the traditional downward angle of a traditional statuesque right-handed starter.

Which to some people, just made him more appealing.

“In San Francisco, we talked about him numerous times in trade discussions with the Yankees,” said senior advisor to pitching Brian Bannister. “He’s someone I’ve always liked. Unique. He’s got that natural dip to his delivery. You see guys do it, like, a Chris Bassitt. There’s guys who have that dip and it allows for unique approach angles in the zone. I’ve always believed in his fastball.”

“That’s really interesting,” García said, smiling as he learned of Bannister’s long-held interest. “Now I’m right here.”

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The stuff is absolutely electric. I’ve been stunned by the movement at times. If he can learn to command it consistently, he’s a gem.


Yep. Even when he was getting rocked, he always looked amazing for a couple of hitters, just not consistently. I have hopes for him. He’s also just fun to watch.

As Cirensica

I am an skeptical. Mostly because Deivi needs better command and control of his arsenal. He can be erratic, and when he tries to find the zone, he gets clobbered. His BB% is still very high. If he controls that, he will be a great asset.


He’s way too inconsistent to be closer right now, but if he harnesses his command, he’s a beast. He might never get there.


Really enjoyed this, James.


After this last outing, I believe he’s the best closer candidate on the roster… Even though that opportunity may only arise a couple of dozen times this year.


This is the kind of guy a rebuilding team should be rostering as much as possible. The stuff is there to be a legit late inning option for a contender. Development projects, we have time for that. If it doesn’t work, oh well. Have a few development projects work out and we got a stew goin


I don’t know, when he was bad he was DFA bad. I’m going to need to see a lot more from him first.


His stuff really zooms. Could be a really nice relief piece with a little work. Def the type of dude we should be spending bullpen spots on. 97+ from a frame as small as his is pretty incredible.


He was a smart pick-up. Still has a ways to go to show he can be consistent, but he could not be on a better team to try to improve his command in the higher leverage opportunities.


In other pitching news, for those with mlb tv subs, today is Drew Thorpe day. Give us a all a chance to watch some good baseball as the Barons are on at 7 est/6 central


i thought it was Gil Thorp Day..




Sorry about that. I blame the app but still my fault.

However, Drew Thorpe simply has no faults. 7 scoreless innings on 85 pitches, 6 baserunners, lowered the era to 0.50. Incredible again


yea he wont be long in Birmingham.