Live announcement: James Fegan joins Sox Machine

As we just announced on Sox Machine Live, James Fegan, the award-winning reporter formerly of The Athletic, is joining Sox Machine as a White Sox beat writer. Join the show in progress below, celebrate in the comments, and consider signing up for our Patreon if you haven’t already.

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Looking forward to it, suspense is on.


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Since didn’t work out…they are merging with and it’s sister site


Obama is buying the Sox and SoxMachine calling it now.

Total emphasis on curling with only small sidebars on White Sox baseball.

As Cirensica

I can live with that. I happen to find curling very entertaining.


Sox+Curling = Curling on thin ice.


SoxMachine is going all digital and will be changing it’s name to

As Cirensica

Whatever it is, I hope we will be able to retain Jim, Josh, Greg and Ted.

Zigging while the rest of the industry zags, and going print-only.


That would be such a Reinsdorf thing to do.

As Cirensica

Moving away from Wordpress? I would celebrate that.

As Cirensica

I have a call exactly at the same time this announcement starts so I will miss it (live)

The video has been restricted by my employer. Must be a racy announcement.


The entire masthead is on, nude.


This would be enough to make me cancel my subscription. Thankfully, the actual announcement makes me want to do the opposite.


Omg, Josh shaved for this.


Very cool. Welcome, James. Pleased to have you here for us.


ngl, I was hoping this was going to be the announcement but I didn’t think there was a chance it would happen.

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Do we get to find out who James’ burner account on SoxMachine was/is?

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Right Size Wrong Shape

I think he commented here a few times as “James”.


They’d never suspect it!


Nice got one if not the best Sox writer in the game. Can’t wait to read him more on here. Press credentials too are a game changer, need some answers to our comment gripes.

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Congrats to James and Sox Machine.


Great, now we have to wait 11 years to read Fegan’s article about Witt joining the sox.


I’m just happy Whit is not joining them.

As Cirensica

I predicted that Getz was not going to sign neither Salvador Perez or Whit Merrifield. Some posters argued I was talking nonsense, that at least, one of those would happen.

Greg Nix

Holy crap, amazing news.

Too bad about the team he’s covering, though… Have you considered building some sort of Dodgers Machine?

dwjm3 covering all things Dodgers with Jim and team.

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Welcome James. This is great news. Now that I know you’ve come aboard, I can justify the added patreon expense by simply re-allocating the money I saved when I cancelled my Athletic subscription after you left there. One stop shopping. Just keep it up with the occasional Laurence Holmes guest appearances on the pod and I’ve got everything I need, (other than a winning club of course).


This is excellent news!!! An in house beat writer that can work with Jim and Josh to hold the organization accountable.

Greg Nix

This phrasing makes me think James was hired as the Sox Machine ombudsman.


Being Sox Machine ombudsman would be one thing, but the White Sox ombudsman would be a job roughly in line with Sisyphus.


We need to regulate the Reinsdorf led Sox like they are a public utility 🙂

As Cirensica

My meeting is over and I am catching up. I see James F is joining and this is the greatest news I have seen on this site since the day Jerry fired Hahn.


Fantastic announcement!


F-ing boss.




Three Js, one ballclub.


Triple J? J walking?

As Cirensica

A suggestion for the grow of the site: Since Jim, James and Josh are visible faces within the White Sox community, make it more visible in the homepage. Perhaps, your names listed with a photo, and clickable for a brief bio. Sox Machine is the brand, but in all honesty, YOU guys are the brand….unless the purpose is to let Sox Machine grow independently of the names of Jim, James, and Josh.


Now if you could just get Nancy Faust for the soundtrack …..


Big welcome to James! I actually jettisoned my Athletic subscription when they dumped you so I’ll gleefully read you here instead.


I just signed up, and suddenly, I’m very excited for 2024.


Congrats James, Jim, and Josh! So excited to have you back in our lives every day, James! Just upgraded my membership.


To plug the VC tier, we knew about this idea/attempt for about 6 months now, and as mentioned in the video, knew it was officially happening about a week ago.

Granted, since become privy to this information, we were all sequestered in a dark room, but still, no regrets.

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So you didn’t have to watch for the white smoke coming out of the chimney…


I like him, therefore, this is good news.