2023 MLB Postseason Pick’em Challenge

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Make your postseason picks in the form below. Deadline is Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 by 1:30 PM CT. We’ll post updates on this page in how everyone is faring.

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I’m getting a 403 error on the Google Docs link. It seems to know I’m going to make stupid picks, and it’s trying to prevent me from embarrassing myself.


Thanks. You can see my responses and laugh.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I should have read the comments before I made my picks.

As Cirensica

That sucks for Milwaukee.

I pick the Brewers to lose against the DiamondBacks anyway.


I’m not going to fill one of those out due to sheer laziness, however I’m just happy for good baseball. This Sox season really took a toll on everyone, so who ever makes it sans the Twins, I’ll be ready to watch good stuff. But no Twins success, can’t have that.

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We went to a Twins-Brewers game in Minneapolis. Everyone was friendly. The park was nice. They put my wife in a wheelchair and took her to her seat and then met her at the end of the game to escort her out. She was 2 weeks from getting a new hip.

I’m perfectly happy with them winning whatever they can. The Astros on the hand….


It is Birdland’s time

As Cirensica

I have them out in the first round they play


Bird. Land’s. TIME.


The Marlins are historically good at winning it all if they make the postseason.

That’s the most rational way to justify my support for the Kim Ng/Jake Burger juggernaut.

As Cirensica

Done. I got Bluejays beating the Braves in the WS


I have tickets to Game 4 of the Divisional Round in Milwaukee, so hopefully the Brewers make it that far.


I hope there’s a rebate

As Cirensica

No love for the Marlins


Yeah not only did I miss the Woodruff news, I forgot about Brandon Lowe being out too. Oh well.


Rangers and Twins both win, this is why I don’t bet.


I would add Royce Lewis to the list of players better than everybody in the Sox org other than Robert.


If they could keep everyone healthy that lineup could get super scary.


Twins and Rangers both win in 2 games. Ugh.

I’m not liking either Miami or Milwaukee’s chances right now. This could be a short WC round this year.


Twins and Astro’s has to be the most conflicted series of the post season. Can both lose?


if the Twins win it all, this may be the worst sports year of my life. Honestly, I can’t even take pleasure in Rodgers losing in the playoffs per usual as a sick type of win…Mahomes is the forever reminder, the Heat going all the way, hell the Panthers felt crappy for some reason in the Cup…If the twins win it all, just a rough go. Anyways, I’m probably going to avoid that Astros/Twins series at all costs, so Rangers/Orioles and whoever makes it through the NL are cool with me I guess


Only 8 players left that have a chance to have the WS winner. Talk about bracket busters!