Rangers 5, White Sox 3: A quiet sweep

After Seby Zavala hit a solo shot in the eighth inning to end a 26-inning scoreless streak on Wednesday, the White Sox got their scoring out of the way early this afternoon, jumping on Max Scherzer for three runs in the first inning in his first start as a Texas Ranger.

Scherzer absorbed that 37-pitch inning to throw a quality start, while the Texas offense chipped away at Touki Touissant until a pair of solo shots in the fourth inning put them ahead for good. The Rangers sealed the sweep, the White Sox have lost four in a row, and who knows how long the slide will carry them.

The Sox were well-positioned to steal the finale when they loaded the bases four batters in on two bloop singles and a walk. Yasmani Grandal drew a walk to drive in one run, and Gavin Sheets improved his opposite-field batting average by shooting a high 0-2 fastball through the left side for two more.

Then the Sox managed to hit three singles without scoring a run in the second — Tim Anderson’s double-play ball erased the first one — and that more or less set the tone for the remainder of the game. The Sox totaled just three other singles and zero walks over the remaining seven innings.

Toussaint once again fulfilled his duties in filling out a rotation after a fire sale, allowing four runs over 5⅓ innings. Some of it was bad luck (Travis Jankowski’s muscled RBI double over third base in the second), some of it was Toussaint’s fault (two walks setting up an Adolis García RBI double in the third), and some of it was the Rangers being good (solo shots by Mitch Garver and Marcus Semien in the fourth).

Toussaint dropped to 1-4 on the season, but he’s getting innings that he wouldn’t get elsewhere. This is the trade-off.

Bullet points:

*Aaron Bummer survived BummerLuck by turning a high chopper off the plate into a 1-3 just in time to keep a runner on third from scoring in the sixth. Yoán Moncada then swooped in and retired Nathaniel Lowe on a slow roller to end the seventh.

*Trayce Thompson went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts while starting for Luis Robert Jr. in center field. I’m still not sure why he’s here.

*The three true outcomes don’t lie.

Record: 43-67 | Box score | Statcast

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the 2023 death march continues. Gotta say though, I’m impressed by the White Sox commitment to: Solo Shot, 1 inning insta and nothing for ya here-offensive approach. Maybe the occasional outburst here and there, but I’ve accepted the three above as the norm for the rest of the season


Our goal for the rest of the season should be to get the #1 pick for next years draft. For some reason I think Hahn would mess that up too


Isn’t it a lottery now? Can’t lose your way to number 1


I mean, the White Sox basically threw away the 17/18/19/20 drafts…during rebuilding years, so I’m not so sure high draft picks mean much. all things considered

Augusto Barojas

If they go .500 the rest of the way (26-26), they would lose 93. 19-33 would get them 100 losses. They are 8 ahead of KC. Catching them isn’t likely, although not completely impossible. But they look like a great bet to finish with the 28th best record, which is bottom 3.

What’s the opposite of a high five?


Shin kick


With the lottery, there’s no guarantee they’d get it. With our luck Cleveland would get it.


This is a misplaced reply to doubled suggesting we go for the #1 pick.

On a related note, Josh how is the top of next year’s draft shaping up? Are there studs that evaluators are drooling over? Of course, the usual caveats apply this far out.


Good question, is there a consensus top 3 yet?


So looking over the early mock draft, there’s some real Sox picks in there.

2B – JJ Wetherholt – Well drafting a 2B at 4 didn’t work so let’s try at 3? He may be a little too tall for the Sox tastes.

1B – Nick Kurtz – Even though he’s never played there, our future RF.

LHP/1B – Jac “Shohei” Caglianone – Ohtani without the command or pricetag. On the plus he is coming off TJS which fits him in well with our org.

And MLBs mock pick for the Sox at 5…
RHP – Brody Brecht – A former two-sport guy who was also a wide receiver at Iowa, Brecht is now focusing only on baseball, which could help him reach his considerable upside. The 6-foot-4 right-hander needs to refine his command, but the stuff is legit, with a fastball that touches triple digits and an upper-80s slider that misses a ton of bats.


wetherholt has played 3rd as well, and there is talk he will get an opportunity at SS this year so I wouldnt label him a 2nd basemen just yet

Id add Chase Burns going from Tennessee to the pitching lab mecca of college baseball Wake Forest as a very possible top 5 pick as well.


I left Burns off because he was the #1 pick and, despite the lottery, KC will find a way to out tank us.


at this time last year dollander was the likely 1 and skenes more like a mid first… a lot changes obviously but we will see

as a unc fan my bias is still aimed at honeycutt, just love how the guy plays, after his freshman year thought he would be a top 3 pick now he is another guy more mid first round due to some contact concerns but the game speed, defense, and power combination is very intriguing


Remember all the Sox fans dunking on the Rangers for their terrible FA signings last year?


To go with the theme of the day, “No your honor, I have no recollection of that. That’s fake news.”

Last edited 9 months ago by FishSox

There’s no hope for the Sox will the current front office and ownership. The current bunch has proven they have no clue regarding what it takes to win.


Even if they knew, winning is too expensive for Jerry.


I remember 18 19 years in a row where the Sox were a 500 team or better. During that period in the fifties and late sixties, they were banjo hits away from winning 2 or 3 pennants, and maybe a world series. Other than losing, and closing their upper decks, to the 3 or 4 thousand who showed up, the other team in the area was barely a distraction. So here we are so many years later and it is really embarrassing and ridiculously terrible. Nothing worse than putting up with badly played baseball. Unwatchable really. One would think putting the money angle of the game aside, somebody within the ownership of this team, would raise the roof on this poor excuse of a baseball team and organization. One would think!

To Err is Herrmann

My guess is the main “win” Reinsdorf & the ownership are looking for is a profitable season. What the team does may matter but is secondary. Otherwise, they could have put pedal to the metal on Harper or Springer or quality additions in 20-21, 21-22 and 22-23 offseasons. The fact that they aimed just for an AL Central title rather than a World Series title suggests either a) ownership likes their profits, or b) no one in the ownership group has any baseball IQ or c) both. The White Sox FO may also be so good at self-deception that ownership group takes Rick Hahn at his word. I’m shocked, shocked to find out that this team is losing! Here are your profits, sir. Oh, thank you.


It appears ownership is afraid of of investing in success, the type where on the field pays dividends to profits. They don’t understand the concept of risk/reward and are only risk averse.


Touki’s stuff looked like it was pretty baffling to hitters, aside from the 2 bombs. Hopefully he figures something out between now and April. Even passable control would make him a viable mlb starter.


Yeah, his stuff has never been the issue, it’s control. Would love it if they can turn him into a 4th/5th starter.