FutureSox Podcast: Chicago White Sox 2023 trade deadline reaction show

Mike Rankin and James Fox reacted to the plethora of trades the Chicago White Sox completed prior to Major League Baseball’s August 1 deadline. Mike and James offered their thoughts on the state of the farm system following the team’s decision to deal seven players from the 26-man roster.

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Hahn’s post-deadline comments tell me that it has been communicated to him that he’ll be given a different roll within the franchiise and Getz will be the GM.


I just made a similar point on the other podcast thread. One counterpoint I’ll suggest is if they were promoting internally with Getz, they might have let him acquire the guys he wanted. I think there’s a chance this signals they will look outside the organization. I hope so. Of course, I know nothing.

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Augusto Barojas

Everything this org does is half ass, and never with a plan that makes any sense. They have two more years of Cease. Hahn should have been able to get a respectable package for Cease from the O’s. I sure as hell hope the sticking point wasn’t insisting on Holliday. As good as Cease was last year, that was his only outstanding season. He isn’t Chris Sale, nor is he close. He isn’t worth the #1 prospect in baseball, but surely they could have gotten a mix of some of the O’s 8 other top 100 prospects. It’s utterly pointless to hold on to your best trade asset for two throw away seasons. I highly doubt Hahn will be able to get more for Cease in the future.

I mean they got a couple decent prospects, and it’s a miracle they got anything for Lynn/Kelly. But they didn’t get enough to really put their farm system on the map, nor would that be possible without trading Cease. He has to go this winter, I sure hope Hahn and company are thinking that way. This team is going to be complete crap the remainder of Cease’s Sox career.


Can teams exchange players who are not on the 40-man roster? Or is all trading verboten?