First Pitch: White Sox vs. Mariners

(Sox Machine photo)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago, with Mike Huff alongside Jason Benetti as Steve Stone takes a sick day.


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Chatter about Jerry considering a sale over at the Daily Herald. We probably wouldn’t get that lucky


Saw that but even with what should be a welcome announcement he has to stick it to the fans. Really think they’ll move the team so his old ass can see a year or two of a team in another smaller market? Especially if he keeps the Bulls feel like the mutiny would carry over a bit. Hope he just sells to a competent owner who maximizes the potential of the city and area.

What would we think though if they built a new stadium in Naperville? I’d think it would be pretty lame but would be open to it if it means higher attendance and popularity.


He can’t move the team out of this market. He would literally get less television revenue in a smaller market. He knows the pitchforks are out for him, so I think he leaks things like that to spook people. It’s like a little kid threatening to take his ball home if he can’t get his way.

There certainly could be a case made to move the team somewhere else in the metro area of Chicago.


Let him move the team. He and his group of 90 something lackeys can enjoy Nashville.
MLB will expand into Chicago and I’ll welcome them with open arms.


I don’t think that is guaranteed. Lots of markets looking for teams and probably willing to give handouts. And I don’t know what happens with Cubs territorial rights if the Sox moved.


Then I gladly root for the Chicago team that doesn’t have disdain for their fans.


This season reminds me of 1969. Cubs doing well, White Sox doing poorly. Poor attendance, talk of selling and moving the team. This story is originating from Crain’s Chicago Business. Talk of relocating from Guaranteed Rate Field to other Chicago area location or possible move to Nashville.


bases loaded and nobody out, I love starting games that way


And then some #wildpitchoffense, its a 2023 Sox kinda day already


Since it looks like a long night, I took a quick look on how the guys the Sox traded and got back at the deadline are doing. The results: Lynn has an ERA under 1.50. Graveman and Lopez have ERAs below 2.00. Middleton’s ERA is a tad over 1.00. Kelly hasn’t given up a run. Burger has a slash lane with Miami of 359/423/531. Only Giolito has been worse for his new team with an ERA over 9.00. On the return side, Ky Bush is performing like Giolito with the Angels. Eder’s ERA is over 15.00. Nastrini’s ERA is a tad under 5.00 though his last outing was solid. Quero’s been great with an OPS of 848. All the sample sizes are obviously small, and I wish all the ex Sox well. But I was looking for comfort and didn’t find a lot of it in the early returns.

Augusto Barojas

People who don’t believe in curses or bad juju might change their opinion of that if they followed the Sox closely, for long enough.

Augusto Barojas

I think it has recently become pretty apparent why Toussaint has never thrown more than 50 innings in a season.


Lmao, I checked to see if they played today. I saw the score and said what is the bottom. Turn it on, Mariners homer. Lmfao. I absolutely hate this team right now with a passion. I guess the attendance isn’t zero from pre-purchased tickets and Mariners fans.


Inside Reinsdorf’s Owner’s Box Tonight: “That’s it! That’s it! Damn it! I want that Phillies’ pitcher Aaron Nola on my White Sox next year!”
REAL GM Kenny W: “Yes sir, boss. Lots of incentives?”
Jerry the Moron: “Yeah. Let’s offer him 5 years, but make the first two at league minimum, but we’ll give him an extra $200,000 if he strikes out 200 batters and another $300,000 if he wins 15 or more.”
GM Kenny W: “Should I find out who’s his best friend and sign him to a contract too?”


New depths erryday


Ugh. Reminds me of Stephen Brault, a crafty lefthanded for the Pirates. In 2020 he had his only complete game, 9 innings, 3 hits, 115 pitches, I believe. Every pitch a fastball. The whole game the other teams batters just knew he had to throw a curve THIS time. Nothing but fastballs.

You’re right, new depths for our 26 punching bags.