Luis Robert tweaked muscle during Home Run Derby

White Sox All-Star Luis Robert Jr.
(Photo by Steven Bisig/USA TODAY Sports)

The All-Star Game is about to commence, but Luis Robert Jr. won’t be part of it, because he is part of the 2023 White Sox whether he likes it or not.

That’s not the official reason, but it’s effectively the same reason the White Sox themselves provided in a tweet at 4:15 p.m.:

During the first round of Monday’s Home Run Derby, Luis Robert felt tightness in his right calf. He underwent an MRI in Seattle and is listed as day-to-day. Robert will not play in tonight’s All-Star Game as a precaution and will be evaluated again before the season re-starts Friday in Atlanta.

I laughed out loud — guffawed, even — when I saw this, because with the White Sox 16 games under .500 at the All-Star break, there’s no point in registering pain. Robert’s health was one of a few triumphs, as he played in 89 of 92 games. Considering his own injury history and the team’s inability to field players who are at or close to 100 percent, either Robert would be a beacon of stability and vitality as the roster crumbled around him, or he’d get hurt and leave an abyss to stare into.

To the extent that any hope remains, the best outcome is that this is merely precautionary, similar to the hamstring issue that was a subplot in the strange lack-of-effort episodes at the end of April, but posed no long-term effects. Robert already participated in one showcase, so he didn’t need another.

The worst outcome? That’s already happening, so any injured list stint would merely count as a raindrop in a flood.

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I guffawed also…


Anyone know the last time a team won’t have a representative active on an All-Star roster?

Well deserved.


I so wish that I could just snap my fingers and no longer be a White Sox fan.


I’ve tried chemical therapy to no avail.

Al Kohallik

I picked the wrong to stop sniffing glue…..said in Lloyd Bridges voice


You can’t accuse the 2023 Chicago White Sox of being off-brand


See you in August, Luis.


Well, at least this is happening now, while they aren’t in contention. In other words, better now than in 2029. SMH.

Last edited 2 months ago by brianp88

But Craig Kimbrel is an All Star!

Joliet Orange Sox

I’m going to allow for the optimistic possibility that this isn’t serious and Robert was held out due to an abundance of caution. I can switch to pessimism if information about a serious injury comes out. I think that’s how most fans of baseball teams other than this year’s Sox team would respond. Call me crazy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Joliet Orange Sox

I think that he continued to do the Derby and still put up a decent number for the 2nd round makes me think its just a caution thing.


Yeah, a White Sox player would never play through an injury to make it worse.


You Crazy, Willis.

As Cirensica

Oh…just learning about this. How White Sox. Didn’t watch the game anyways. Since the White Sox are out of it, I decided to stop procrastinating in some home projects I have. I still have my fantasy baseball to go on…which I am not doing so well.


I merely chortled.


Probably rightfully pissed off he didn’t get the start in center with his fellow Cubans in right and left field over a left fielder with inferior stats. I would be and that’s the head canon I’m sticking to.