White Sox Wake-Up Call: June 29, 2023

On today’s episode:

  • Gio pitches like the one
  • Seby hits two
  • Mieses makes it three
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The fact that Ohtani and Trout “tripled” is really irrelevant. The balls were well hit. Had Sheets and Benintendi played them well, they probably were still doubles and the runs still score. Nonetheless why are these hits not scored as a double with an error?

Jim Margalus

Miscalculations like Benintendi’s typically aren’t errors, especially if they never got in front of the ball. Sheets’ seems like an error, unless Ohtani was in the process of rounding second by the time Sheets was trying to collect the ball, and determined that he earned that base. He’s fast enough to where maybe that’s possible.

Last edited 11 months ago by Jim Margalus