Revisiting Sox Machine’s top 10 White Sox prospects at the halfway point

White Sox prospect Noah Schultz
(Brian Westerholt/Four Seam Images)
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I’m no talent evaluator, but why does it always feel like unless the White Sox are selling off guys for established prospects on other teams who help their “system rankings”, overall they are just bad at developing a stable line of prospects who can help the team? Laziness is really the only thing I can think of. Not saying the people this piss poor franchise “hires” to develop players aren’t hard working, but the approach to get those individuals here seem like a lazy process oriented to familiarity. Or is it bad evaluations on the Front Office of the players they “invest” in? Maybe all of that is true, plus a miles long laundry list of other bad process/decision making. At least Schultz looks half decent, maybe they trade him for Brad Hand or Zach Britton despite not being signed, if the Sox are determined they will find a way to do that.