Podcast: White Sox need a spark after series loss at Detroit

Record Date: 5/28/2023


  • Liam Hendriks returns. Is that enough of a morale boost to get the White Sox rolling?
  • Tim Anderson and Luis Robert Jr. ninth inning failures defensively cost the White Sox
  • The uncertainty of Andrew Vaughn
  • White Sox offensive troubles getting runners on base
  • Series Preview: Los Angeles Angels
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I know everyone sees something different, but when I watch Luis Robert, “gold glove center fielder” is not what I see. What I see is someone who is very athletic but who often does not play with focus and purpose and does not appear to be a leader or good teammate. I agree with Jim’s assessment of him – he is not a superstar. He cannot be counted on to do what is needed to win games. Is he a center fielder and above average offensive player? Sure. But if that’s the best you have then you don’t have much because every team has a center fielder and there are a lot of above average hitters in MLB.


It’s not quite right but he’s got a little TA in him: he sometimes makes exceptional plays, but then makes some boneheaded mistakes on routine plays. I will say in April he made several remarkable plays.


I think this week is the season for the Sox. One of the most heartwarming stories of the year reaches its high point tonight when Hendriks returns. The players need to rally around Liam tonight and play inspired, winning baseball. If this doesn’t get them fired up to have a great week and get some real momentum going then nothing will. If they still look less than mediocre this week, then pull the plug. Welcome back, Liam!!! GO SOX!


Nick Hostetler used his top picks on Zack Collins, Jake Burger, Nick Madrigal, and Andrew Vaughn. He’s still employed by the White Sox.

Rick Hahn traded Fernando Tatis Jr. for the guy who had just given up a homer to 42-year-old Bartolo Colon, and that is certainly the lede that will sum up his career when all is said and done. That’s not now, because for some reason, he’s still GM of the White Sox.

Kenny Williams has undetermined responsibilities since moving upstairs a decade ago, but the White Sox’ ability to identify MLB talent is no better now than it was when he traded for Todd Ritchie. He’s still employed by the White Sox.

The poor performance on the field reflects the poor performance of the men who assembled this roster. There are never consequences as long as Jerry Reinsdorf signs the checks. There will not be a competitive organization until he is gone, replaced with someone who can fairly evaluate these talent evaluators.


I’d give that 100 likes if I could. Well said!


Earlier this month I decided to see what this team would accomplish in June. Would they start to compete or not! Not very happy so far. You can’t lose 3 out of 4 games to Detroit. Can’t do it, but they did. Close games mean nothing. Got to win. Hendricks is back and I wish him all the best. But baseball can be a very brutal game. He’s up against major league hitters now and its been a long time since he has been on a major league mound. Tough. June is my assessment month. Do they fall further behind, catch up or just play bland un-inspiring baseball. The catch is how horrible this division is. 2006 Cardinals won only 83 games! They went on to win the world series. Ridiculously funny game. Wait and see. But not optimistic at all.


Any word yet on who Hendriks is replacing? My guess would be Lambert.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Andrus is recalled too. That’s a little harder to figure out who goes down to make room. On merit it would be Romy but I could see him getting the nod over Frasier because of versatility. There’s also a case that could be made for Burger going down but I think there’d be full fan mutiny with that move.