FutureSox Podcast ft. Josh Nelson of Sox Machine: Is it too early to look ahead to the 2024 Chicago White Sox?

Mike Rankin and James Fox welcomed on Sox Machine editor and podcast host Josh Nelson to the show to get his perspective on the underachieving Chicago White Sox. The team faces a harsh reality following an 8-21 April. Josh provided a timeframe for the White Sox to get it right before serious decisions need to be made about the roster. Later, the show discussed 2023 MLB Draft prospects and the possible direction the White Sox can go at pick No. 15.

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How horrifying is it that the sox coaches and instructors were so freaking high on Romy…. like their internal scouting and understanding of players is shockingly bad.

Augusto Barojas

I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think they were necessarily high on Romy, honestly. I think Hahn is full of shit, and has been for 3 years. He may have been laughing inside when he made those gushing comments. Is very possible I think, honestly.


nah, this was over the top, everyone that had contact with him and spent time training him was raving… way way over the top stuff far past posturing or just usual high praise for anyone in the organization,

I genuinely think they have no clue how to scout

Last edited 1 year ago by knoxfire30

I think they were using Romy as an example to the others that “Hey if you put in the time in the off season you’ll get recognized and hyped for it.”.