Blue Jays 8, White Sox 0: No offence

In his first trip to the plate after an unprofessional display in the outfield and a demotion in the batting order, Luis Robert Jr. blistered Yusei Kikuchi fastball off the right-field wall at 100.2 mph, only to be tagged out at second after sliding past the oversized bag.

So it goes for the White Sox, who were shut out for the second consecutive game to seal their second consecutive sweep and their seventh consecutive loss. They were outscored 20-2 over the three games, and failed to post a run in 26 of 27 innings, including the most recent 21.

There’s probably something instructive about Michael Kopech’s outing against a deep offense. He had the good fastball velocity and enough action to get eight whiffs on it, but his slider wasn’t potent, allowing the Blue Jays to fight off pitches until Kopech made a mistake.

But Kopech could’ve limited the damage to one run over eight innings, and he still would’ve taken the loss just the same. The White Sox offense tallied only three other singles and one walk over the remaining eight innings while striking out a whopping 17 times. Blue Jays pitching retired the last 11 batters that came to the plate, and 10 by K.

Each of the 10 White Sox who came to the plate struck out at least once, and Robert and Eloy Jiménez led the way with silver sombreros. The Blue Jays had more hits with runners in scoring position (five) than the White Sox had at-bats (four).

Bullet points:

*Right fielder du jour Romy González hit a doink single to raise his line to .129/.129/.129, but he also failed to come up cleanly on two plays where he had a chance to cut down a runner. At least Robert allowed González to call him off.

*’s video package includes zero White Sox highlights.

Record: 7-18 | Box score | Statcast

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At most the White Sox are allowed on average 1-2 playoff victories per decade. Unfortunately they used them all up too early this decade.


The centre cannot hold.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Ontari-O No!


Anyone wake up Jerry yet?


It’d be like waking up Lenin.


17 K’s is remarkable. Are the guys this bad? Or a they really struggling with the new stuff?

As for Robert, yes, he’s lights out defensively but with his struggles at the plate an extended stay in Charlotte is called for. Romy had his shot. There are three outfielders with MLB experience in Charlotte. Bring up Reyes and either Piscotty or Marisnick. Remillard might have earned a callt, too. Kopeck is clearly not a starter, at least right now. Davis Martin, you’re up!

If I were Hahn I’d keep the roster churning until something clicked. And I’d talk to anyone about trade ideas.


If I were Hahn, I would resign in disgrace.


Good one. I walked right into it. +13

Augusto Barojas

An outfield of Reyes, Haseley, Marisnick. That sounds pretty crazy. But it’s so crazy, it just might work.

#3 for HOF

It will work if the goal is to lose 100 pus games this year. I say go for it. There has to be a right handed slugging first base/dh type they can take with a top 3 pick in next years draft.


They are on pace to lose +115 games with the roster they have now. Just because Hahn gave Robert and Eloy big contracts doesn’t mean they are MLB players. Let’s see how they do over a month or more in Charlotte. See if they can recognize and hit AAA sliders. Same with Moncada. Colas and Sosa clearly aren’t ready. The Cardinals sent their hot prospect Walker down today.

I tend to think that they are in fact that bad since pretty much every preseason model was in agreement that this wasn’t a very good team and it’s playing out that way. Maybe not 100 loss bad but certainly not even kinda sorta good.

It’s a little hard to grasp that they are this bad since the flashes of elite talent have been there…but there have also been prolonged periods of clear lack of ability to develop players or adjust approaches or scout opponents…

The Sox simply don’t have the infrastructure to get away with not committing to elite talent. It was true in 2016, it’s true in 2023, and without fundamental change it will be the same in 2030.

Infrastructure is a good word for what the Sox lack. I would add they lack 2023 infrastructure. A close relative of mine says the Sox FO is stuck in 2004 and MLB has moved on in a lot of ways and the Sox didn’t or are playing catch up.

The preseason models had the Sox at .500 plus/minus if they could avoid injuries. And they haven’t.


They kind of have avoided injuries, at least relative to other teams. 2 everyday position players, 0 starters (which is remarkable given what some teams are going through), and 1 reliever (plus a couple who were known to be out before the season) is par for the course or lighter than most other teams.


Temps in Chicago dipping down to the 30s tonight. While no precipitation is in the forecast, I still have a feeling in my elbows that we may wake up to a flurry of roster moves tomorrow.


It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a team go through a stretch as terrible as this. even the deliberately bad teams weren’t this consistently impotent




comment image

 17 hours ago

Well the good news is if the offense isnt going to do anything there isnt much reason to get bent out of shape by the pitching staff! Its the little things.





We might see old friend Zach Burdi against the Rays this weekend.

Last edited 1 year ago by ecivokrak

One time a relative of Zach Burdi worked on my car. He noticed my Sox hoodie and we talked about Zach’s bum luck.


Well at least we are lining up for some really high draft picks. You know, the kind of guys the Sox can develop into big time stars.


Yep, like Nicky 2-strikes.


So Hahn could be “Ricky Rebuilds”? Would say “ Ricky Three-builds” but that assumes there won’t be more.


Longest losing streak: 7 and counting

Longest winning streak: 1

Last edited 1 year ago by BillyKochFanClub

This offense is offensive. How about Jays Machine or Rays Machine Jim? We can have a poll about what Team we could collectively switch to.


Any Sox that aren’t White Machine


I would stop watching sports before I root for a team from Boston

As Cirensica

None taken, Jim.


As fans, the most effective action we can take is to stay home. We need to demonstrate to Reinsdorf that we’re not going to tolerate this level of performance. No parking revenue, no concession revenue, no ticket revenue, and the physical appearance of an empty ballpark.


During the offseason/spring training I thought that they really needed the regular season to start so they could start washing away the stink of the last few years. Turns out I was wrong.


People are overreacting. You heard Lance. The players are adjusting to looking at different coaches. Some are taller, some are fatter, some have fewer teeth. It’s hard to concentrate like that.


Solo Shot Sox and the single inning offense have dried up. How can they possibly compete now?! Nothing is sustainable with the White Sox, just stalled development or injuries or excuse after excuse. But if things keep going, and no I don’t think Hahn or Kenny are going anywhere, be prepared for an awesome 1B/DH type with the top 5 pick they earn in 2024. Could also be talked into a single inning reliever at that spot too. The Sox way.


Yeah, but wait. Kenny says he’s not happy.


I like the Zack Burdi reference. That was ridiculous


Frank Thomas was a 1B/DH type


2005: don’t stop believin
2023: free fallin’


Bullet point worthy

*Andrew Benintendi’s exit velocity averaged almost 94mph.
(Or 9 mph over his season average)

Alfornia Jones

Hopefully this keeps up for another month. Total humiliation of the front office is required to change things. Larussa is gone, Menchino is gone, there’s no one left but Hahn and Kenny.


And? If Jerry give a crap the Sox wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with

Al Kohallik

JR is a real-estate guy …you might wait 20 years for a property to make money …this guys very, very patient


The only way JR would hold RH and KW accountable is if he and his partners get mad about the value received for the amount of money he is paying, especially the extensions paid to Robert, Moncada and Eloy before they proved themselves to be worth it. Hahn’s fingerprints are on those contracts. I think the infamous James Shields and Adam Dunn deals ended KW’s authority as the real GM and moved the GM job to Hahn for real. Why? Because JR paid a lot of money for crap. We’ll see as attendance craters and revenue dries up.

White Sox Wade

The only way any real change happens is if the team actually loses money. Or, more accurately, doesn’t make as much money as Jerry and the board are expecting. Otherwise they will shuffle a few things to put a slightly different lipstick on this pig of a team and expect us to keep spending our hard earned cash to see it. No thanks.


I’m too tired to care.


Reinsdorf needs to meet White Sox fans Friday night in the parking lot. Remember this April 1994 Chicago Tribune article: “Exactly one hour after the Cubs left the bases loaded to lose a record-setting ninth consecutive home game, Trebelhorn kept a vow and strode bravely into the middle of an angry mob of frustrated Cubs fans outside Wrigley Field.”


Bill Veeck always talked with the fans, even during rough times. Hell, he did so after Disco Demolition. Jerry Reinsdorf never felt the need to communicate with fans.

Or their conduits in the media. He famously celebrated the 1983 AL West clincher by calling Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall “the scum of the earth” for criticizing the team. He was always thin-skinned, and I can’t imagine he’d want to know how much more Sox fans loathe him than he ever loathed Walter O’Malley.


I don’t know that fan, but I’d like to buy him a drink. (Both because he speaks the truth and it might help his blood pressure.)


That’s awesome. To be able to maintain that kind of fluidity of thought while maintaining spot on criticisms without redundancy and continuing to be engaging it absolutely remarkable.


I saw the headlines about a sports radio call and kind of rolled my eyes, but too many smart people were sharing it that I finally listened. Wow, that was outstanding and pretty much spot on. Kudos to that caller for maintaining coherency while being as (rightfully) aggravated, as we all are.

White Sox Wade

Best. Call. Ever.


Fellas: It’s about damn time The Cane Guy casts a spell on Reinsdorf, Hahn, Kenny and heck, while we’re at it: Joe POS Kelly.

White Sox Sport GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY

Last edited 1 year ago by ShorewoodWhiteSoxFan

Is this what AI sounds like?


How is it possible that a 26 man roster has like just 2 or 3 guys meeting and 2 or 3 guys barely exceeding expectations and everyone else just tanking… just insane


Low expectations?

White Sox Wade

Poor character…