2022-2023 White Sox International Signing Preview

July 2nd was always an important date on the baseball calendar. January 15th is the new black as an important cog in Major League Baseball’s annual calendar. The previous international period ended on December 15th and the new period will begin this coming January.

The majority of players expected to sign during this period have had agreements procured from clubs for some time now. The upcoming period will provide another opportunity for the Chicago White Sox to add talent to an improving farm system with the international market playing a significant role in that growth.

Similarly to previous years, Marco Paddy and the White Sox went big game hunting, landing Cuban outfielder Oscar Colás among many other promising young players. Colás is a 24-year-old slugger who is expected to make his big league debut in 2023. He didn’t disappoint in the start to his stateside career. The left-handed hitter wasn’t known for defense but he played quality defense in center field in the minors. He projects to be above average in a corner.

After receiving a bonus of $2.7 million, Colás went to Winston-Salem and debuted with the Dash. He battled hand and wrist injuries while hitting .311/.369/.475 with a 129 wRC+. In Double-A with the Barons, Colás slashed .306/.364/.563 with a 139 wRC+. In seven games with the Knights in Triple the slugger hit .387/.424/.645 during a small sample. He hit 23 homers in his first professional season and he should be in Chicago in 2023.

The rest of last year’s signing class looks promising as well and scouts who watched instructional league action came away impressed with some of the tools. 17-year-old Dominican outfielder Erick Hernández signed for $1 million and he really struggled in 2022. He fought some injuries all year however, specifically a knee injury that Baseball America’s Bill Mitchell told us about on the FutureSox podcast. He’s still highly regarded and he’ll make his stateside debut this summer.

Another player who struggled offensively was Venezuelan shortstop Guillermo Rodriguez. He was lauded as a great defender after signing for $400,000 but he could end up repeating in the Dominican Summer League. Three players who have been very impressive since joining the organization are Loidel Chapellí, Ryan Burrowes and Arnold Prado.

Prado is a 6-3, 195 pound outfielder from Venezuela who impressed league scouts during instructional league action. In 29 games during the DSL season, the outfielder hit .345/.457/.460 with a 15% walk rate while posting a 155 wRC+ in 29 games. Burrowes is an 18-year-old Panamanian who has cracked top 30 lists at MLB Pipeline, Fangraphs and Baseball America. The 6-2, 170 pounder posted a 120 wRC+ in the DSL last year posting high exit velocity readings.

As an addition to last year’s class, the White Sox added Cuban Loidel Chapellí to their haul last May. He played in the Dominican Summer League after inking for $500,000 and while it wasn’t the appropriate level, he made a fairly successful transition to second base. The recently turned 21-year-old hit .344/.448/.636 with eight homers while posting a wRC+ of 181. As noted by James Fegan of The Athletic in a recent article, the organization loves Chapellí’s hitting ability and they believe he could be big league ready by age 23.

How the System Works

The White Sox are designated as a large market club due to revenues and market size. During the upcoming international signing period, they’ll be afforded the right to spend $5,284,000 in the marketplace, similarly to the other large market revenue generators in their tier. Major League Baseball will once again allow teams to trade unused bonus pool space beginning on January 15th. Players must be 16-years-old to sign.

Small market clubs who received a Competitive Balance B pick selection in last July’s draft will be able to spend a total of $6,366,900 on players during the next international signing period. Small market clubs who received a Competitive Balance A pick will be able to spend $5,825,500 on international bonuses. Large market organizations will be able to spend $5,284,000.

Multiple teams will forfeit international bonus pool space during the next signing period as well. The Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox will be able to spend $4,644,00. The teams each forfeited $500,000.00 for signing Noah Syndergaard, Nick Castellanos and Trevor Story last off-season. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers will each have $4,144,000 to spend. The Dodgers were over the luxury tax number and also signed Freddie Freeman. Texas signed Marcus Semien and Corey Seager

2022-2023 International Bonus Pools

$6,366,900: Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays

$5,825,500: Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Guardians, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres

$5,284,000: Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, New York Mets, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals

$4,644,000: Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies

$4,144,000: Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers

Head of the Class

Ben Badler of Baseball America and Jesse Sanchez of MLB Pipeline generally lead the stateside coverage of the international market. The big board at Fangraphs put together by Eric Longenhagen is a valuable resource as well. At Baseball America, reports have been assembled and a big board has been created. Sanchez profiled his version of the top 50 prospects in the class as well with their rumored destinations.

16-year-old Venezuelan catcher Ethan Salas might be the top player in the class and the San Diego Padres are expected to sign him for a bonus in excess of $3.5 million. The switch-hitting backstop shows premium defensive skills with a 60-grade hit tool to boot. Once again, the international market is loaded with shortstops at the top of the signing class.

Felnin Celestin is a teenage Dominican switch-hitter with an advanced swing and plus raw power. He’s been described as the total package and is headed to the Seattle Mariners. The Phillies are signing Dominican shortstop Starlyn Caba for $3 million and he’s considered to be an athletic defender. The Chicago Cubs will land Dominican Derniche Valdez who is a quick-twitch athlete with a whole field offensive approach. Sebastian Walcott is the highest ranked player from the Bahamas and the shortstop will receive $3 million from the Texas Rangers.

Venezuelan catcher Alfredo Duno is known for his tools, physicality and raw power and he’s expected to land with the Cincinnati Reds. The New York Yankees are signing Cuban center fielder Brandon Mayea and he’s their next high dollar international signing. Enmanuel Bonilla is a Dominican outfielder who is expected to receive $4 million from the Toronto Blue Jays.

The White Sox are linked to the top Dominican pitcher in the upcoming international class. They also tried to sign the top Cuban pitcher on the market as well but have apparently failed in that attempt according to all indications. 20-year-old right hander Luis Danys Morales is an projectable, athletic hurler with a big fastball that has committed to sign with the Oakland Athletics. The 6-3, 175 pounder is seen as the top pitcher in the class.

Jesse Sanchez ranks Korean righty Jun Seok Shim as the #10 overall prospect in the upcoming class as well. The 6-4, 215 pounder has shown a huge fastball that gets up to 100 mph with the makings of a plus 12-6 curveball as well. Shim could be a premium pitching prospect and Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs expects the 18-year-old to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Central Intelligence

The rest of the clubs in the American League Central are expected to be fairly active in the upcoming international period and some members of the top 50 list at MLB Pipeline will be headed to the division. The Minnesota Twins are linked to Cuban center fielder Ariel Castro. He’s one of the top players in the class. They’re also expected to land Dominican catcher Hendry Chivilli. It looks like a quiet period for the Kansas City Royals with them being linked to right hander Marwys Jorge out of the Dominican so far.

The Cleveland Guardians are adding another defensively sound teenage infielder with the chance for a plus hit tool. Dominican shortstop Welbyn Francisca will sign with Cleveland. THey’re also expected to land Dominican center fielder Yerlin Luis. The Detroit Tigers will ink Venezuelan catcher Enrique Jimenez as their top target. They have two others from the list as well in Maikol Orozco and Cristian Perez.

Chicago White Sox Outlook

In a similar fashion to last July’s amateur draft, it seems that there was a focus on pitching at the top of the upcoming class for the White Sox. With just over $5.2 million to spend, the club made a realistic run at Luis Danys Morales once he was cleared to sign but the offer in the $2.5 million range wasn’t enough to keep the hurler from signing with the Athletics. Information on potential targets has been tough to come by and Marco Paddy and crew typically keep agreements under wraps.

The biggest prize of the upcoming class for the Pale Hose so far however is expected to be Dominican right hander Luis Reyes. The 17-year-old is listed as the #41 overall prospect on the list at MLB Pipeline but he’s the top pitcher in the class from the Dominican Republic. On the website, his profile lists him at 5-10, 130 pounds but the blurb notes that he’s grown in excess of 6-3. Born in Samana, Dominican Republic, the righty has spent time pitching in the United States as a member of the Miami Miracles.

Jesse Sanchez wrote that Reyes is “projectable with a loose arm, plus fastball and other pitches on the way”. Muscle has been added and more power and athleticism should be coming but the teenager has already touched 94 mph. The White Sox love his mound demeanor, presence and plus makeup. He’s poised and competitive and has plenty of experience in United States tournaments and on the showcase circuit which is a bit uncommon.

In his scouting profile at Perfect Game USA, Reyes is lauded for his “fast and loose arm” coming from a high 3/4 slot. The publication also notes that he shows plus extension out front on his release with a 92 mph fastball. They surmise that he could develop mid 90’s heat with the fastball. He has also shown a slurvy breaking ball that has flashed tight spin with a developing changeup.

Footage Courtesy of Miami Miracles

There are more video looks via the Miami Miracles Facebook page but the projection is evident in tiny snippets. The White Sox have dabbled more into the pitching side of the international market lately with 20-year-old Cristian Mena leading the charge essentially. The bonus amount for Luis Reyes is expected to be in the range of $700,000.00 leaving the club with plenty of money to spend.

It’s not a surprise but the White Sox are also adding another Cuban teenager to their system. Baseball Reporter Francys Romero noted that the signing is for $300,000.00 and that falls in line with past signings like Bryan Ramos out of Cuba. The 17-year-old plays the outfield and bats and throws right handed. Romero tweeted that he’s known for his plate discipline. Rafael Álvarez batted .366/.505/.662 with the Cuban National Team U15 club in 2020. He hit three homers with six doubles, three triples and knocked in 24.

The son of a legend is in the fold as well as the White Sox are in agreement with Dominican infielder Juan Uribe Jr. for the upcoming period. There isn’t much known about Uribe’s scouting profile but he’s been at the facility in Boca Chica and his instagram is steeped in black and white already. He will likely play in the Dominican Summer League in 2023.

The White Sox are in agreement with three more teenagers for the upcoming class as well. Outfielder Abraham Nunez Jr. visited the official facility which is evident by footage from his instagram account as well. FutureSox has also learned that the club is in agreement with shortstop D’Angelo Tejada and catcher Angelo Hernandez for undisclosed bonus amounts.

It’s a six player class as of now and the White Sox have more money to spend on prospects throughout the period. Luis Reyes likely commands the most significant bonus of this group. Álvarez and Uribe Jr. have been reported at a total of $500,000.00. More signings will be coming and we’ll have you covered up until the January 15 signing date and beyond.

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Juan Uribe, Jr. has an 80-grade name. Easily worth the $200,000 gamble.


Wasn’t it just yesterday that Abraham Nunez Sr. came up with the Pirates? Checking B-R, he’s three years older than Uribe.

Jim Margalus

Clearly Paddy is employing the “Scouting by Remembering Some Guys” strategy.

Bonus Baby

Tatis Sr., Guerrero Sr. … might not be a bad strategy.

Jim Margalus

Accept no imitations, like Elijah Tatis and Josue Guerrero.


Thanks for explaining that there was a plan to sign Morales for 2.5. I thought the talent the White Sox were linked to was pretty slim. Not to take anything away from Luis Reyes, but he’s ranked 41st. After a few years of Roberts, Cepedes and Colas fans were spoiled.

I’ll be curious to see how they spend the $2 million plus. I would recommend taking lottery tickets on a bunch of catchers. The cupboard is pretty bare for Catchers.

Thanks for all the prospect coverage.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dennis

I’ll take a bet right now that they trade $2 million plus in pool space to the Texas Rangers (alongside Diekman and Kelly, for whom the Rangers will pay the buy-outs on their club optoins) for cash considerations.

Whether they trade both at the same time, or $1 million each for each guy (like they did with Nate Jones and Welington Castillo) is still a mystery to me.


1,000,000% this.
And then pocket any such savings.


The class is flush with C and SS prospects so naturally the Sox will invest in pitchers instead, and not even particularly good ones. Our scouting is like a national treasure, it’s probably best if it was locked up and buried.

The $2M will go where it always goes, in JRs pocket.


Why give Marco Paddy the benefit of the doubt? The two players who’ve been MLB contributors that he has found in this last decade are 1) Jose Abreu and 2) Luis Robert, who, yes, are very good players, but the White Sox spent over $50M on each of them and they weren’t exactly hidden treasures, the entire league knew about them and how talented they are.

Yes, they have some promising prospects signed internationally, but also some high profile busts (Adolfo, looking like Cespedes). And the promising prospects they have signed are only promising in a relative sense. This is still a bottom-5 farm system in the league. I’d say at least 20 other orgs have identified more than 2 good international players in the last decade. So what might be a ‘relative strength’ in the White Sox organization is still in the bottom-third of the league.


Fernando Tatis Jr says hello


Ok, sure. Was just thinking about the White Sox roster, so good point.

But the bigger point is that looking at the rest of the league, international scouting is not something that the White Sox are good at, even if they are better scouting internationally than drafting.

Based on Fangraphs top prospects list (from mid-season 2022 update), there are about 150 prospects graded higher than Colas, many of them international signees. Guys like Colas, Jose Rodriguez, Lenyn Sosa could be something, likely low-end role players, but every org has guys like this, usually better players, and usually more of them. The White Sox aren’t tied to any of the top-45 from the Fangraphs list of top prospects from the 2023 IFA class.


I wonder what they’ll do with so much bonus money not yet spent. But historically they’ve spent it on Cuban guys, who of course are often not necessarily available right at Jan. 15. My understanding is that it’s not necessarily difficulty with defection– Cuba has made it much easier for ballplayers to leave in various ways in recent years– but the time is now more about having bureaucratic issues sorted on the American legal side.

It’s a pity they couldn’t get Morales, but their unique Cuban focus on international signings seems to work pretty well, though as Longenhagen says, they sacrifice some control over quality of prospect. Sometimes, like with Robert, that works out wonderfully; sometimes it means overpaying for a Yolbert Sanchez or Yoelqui Cespedes type.

I’m definitely curious about what Chapelli will do this coming year, because like most Cuban dudes, he was restricted to destroying the DSL when 3-5 years older for his first year for tax reasons, which is not really impressive bc of such a large age and experience gap. Of course, a fast-moving LHH 2B could be a very useful player to this club. Longenhagen reports plus speed and hit tools, but has power concerns due to Chapelli’s size, reported at 5’8″, which is probably generous.

Last edited 2 months ago by a-t

Chapelli was in White Sox fall instructs. So he will hopefully be ready for his affiliate assignment this spring.


I cant believe he hit the ball so hard it flagged the video.

comment image

Right Size Wrong Shape

Perhaps the video shows him proving anatomically that he is in fact descended from Juan Uribe.


Hey now.


coke can jr


The orioles signed 27. I just wonder about this.