Introducing the new Sox Machine Store

If the Sox Machine Store were an actual brick-and-mortar business, the front door would say “WE’VE MOVED.”

The Sox Machine Store is now powered by FourthWall, and can be found at

This solves our biggest problems, which revolve around inventory. We ordered conservatively because product surpluses costs space and money, but if they sold faster than anticipated, we’d have a hard time coming up with a second minimum order of 25, 50, 72 or whatever. Those minimums also prevented us from creating items that we might’ve liked personally, but weren’t convinced would sell a certain amount, or from being able to consider community requests or tweaks.

FourthWall takes care of inventory and shipping for us on apparel and other products that may surface. Plus, if we come up with an idea that we have to source elsewhere — like the pennants or scarves — we’ll still be able to sell it through the storefront, with me doing the mailing. Both are available right now, along with the remaining handful of BOYS BABIPPIN t-shirts.

Really, the most significant hang-up is that I won’t be able to include hand-written thank-you notes with every purchase, but there’s an adequate replacement for that, as customers will discover.

So what’s new?

The Dan Johnson Mug

It’s not technically new, but it’s back by popular-back-in-the-day demand, and now available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. sizes.

Sox Machine hoodies

The Sox Machine zip-up hoodies we sold out of (twice) were a hit. These ones are made of the same material and are available in four colors: Gray with a black Sox Machine logo, and dark hoodies with the white logo available in black, navy and charcoal.

Sox Machine beanie

We sold out of black knit caps the last time around, so here’s a gray one bearing the Sox Machine banner.

If you support Sox Machine on Patreon at the 10 WAR or 5 WAR tiers, check your email or Patreon app for fresh promo codes for your discounts. And if you have any requests for products down the line, let me know. I’ll finally be able to say something besides, “I wish I could, but…”.

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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Oh man. I be shopping if you be shipping (international)

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Do you guys take Batman points?


Love that gray hoodie. Possible to get it in XXXL?