FutureSox Podcast ft. Jack McMullen of the Just Baseball Podcast: Spending in Major League Baseball

Mike Rankin and James Fox welcomed on triple-A play-by-play broadcaster and Just Baseball Podcast host Jack McMullen to evaluate the health of Major League Baseball as free agency continues to churn out record-breaking contracts. What is keeping teams like the Chicago White Sox from spending on free agents? How much has the new collective bargaining agreement and rule changes impacted the way organization’s approach the valuation of players? The show spreads to all fields as the offseason continues to unfold.

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Mike Rankin
Mike Rankin
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The claim that the Mets have always been second to the Yankees is not true. They were very popular when they first came into the league and certainly in 1969. When Gooden and Strawberry came up very few people thought about the Yankees and certainly not in ’86