Sporcle Saturday: Gettin’ on base

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Perusing through the various (anemic) offensive categories from the White Sox this season, their inability to get on base consistently was particularly troubling. Aside from Jose Abreu’s .378, no other White Sox regular recorded an OBP above .358 and that was Eloy Jimenez, who was limited to just 84 games.

In fact, among White Sox batters to qualify for the batting title (here’s where that pesky health issue is yet again a limiter) one needs to time travel back to 2017, to find a player who recorded an OBP of at least .380. And no White Sox has recorded an OBP of .400 or above since 2007. I think it’s safe to say this team could use some improvement in that area (among many others).

At any rate, today’s Sporcle is all about that .380 OBP. Namely, every player to record an OBP of .380 or higher in franchise history. That gives us 135 player seasons: how many can you get? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • Given the large number of entries, I’ve allotted 20 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the year, OBP, and position of the player in question.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • The highest OBP of the players on this list: .487, coming in 1994.
  • The lowest, all-time, belongs to Billy Sullivan, who recorded a paltry .226 in 1909. He also holds the next three-lowest spots on that list.
  • Catcher is represented just twice on this list. Had Yasmani Grandal been able to qualify last season, he would have been the third.

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All data from stathead.com

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125/135 with my misses being the 1943 outfielder, a handful from the early-to-mid 1930s and the rest from the franchise’s first decade.

Ted should publish a book of these quizzes and title it

to cover early Sox hitting and pitching names
Strunk & White


117/135. Missed two from the 40s, and a handful from each of the previous decades. Only 2 names that I should have had. Thanks for the great quiz, Ted!


101/135. Always annoyed when you leave 34 entries on the board, but i thought that was a good score. You guys are awesome. Machine-like


71/153. 1990 and after was fine. 60s-70s questionable. Before that, I knew basically no one besides the HoFers and the Black Sox.


How about that 1924 team?!

Trooper Galactus

Worst record in the AL thanks to the worst pitching staff by a country mile. Being 2nd in OBP and 3rd in runs scored didn’t amount to much.


Anyone who missed Nemo Leibold cannot call themselves a true Sox fan