Podcast: Hello, Pedro Grifol

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Record Date: 11/1/2022

Guest: Max Rieper, Royals Review


  • The Chicago White Sox have hired Pedro Grifol to be their next manager
  • Max Rieper of Royals Review shares his insight on how Grifol worked within the Royals organization and why he didn’t get hired for their managerial opening
  • Josh and Jim try to gauge their excitement with the hire and ponder what other changes could be coming to the coaching staff.
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Well, after a decent nights sleep, thanks to my favorite Greek wine, I will accept the Grifol hiring only because I have to. Was good to listen to Jim and Josh’s podcast and also hear what Max Rieper had to say along with what Rex Hudler had to say yesterday.
This hiring HAS to work out or else we’re looking at yet another rebuild so I’m going to be positive about things the best I can. Now we move on to the off season where Hahn is going to make some miraculous moves and get this team to the World Series!
See? Nothing but positive!


Any thoughts from Ron Kittle on the coaching hire? I know he was incensed that the big meanie sox fanbase didn’t embrace LaRussa. He just couldn’t process why we didn’t embrace the coaching giant that was LaRussa.

Is Jerry going to have him make a bat bench for Grifol?


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“If you have a good analytics department….”

Oops. Oh well.


tbf, we don’t really know what they’re capable of because both Renteria and La Russa went out of their way to ignore them.

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Well we know they are understaffed which had nothing to do with Ricky or Tony. Pedro learned how to win under Ned Yost who was decidedly not analytical.


Not directly, but I imagine that their attitudes validated Jerry’s decision to not invest in it.

It’s going to be interesting to see if there’s actually going to be more collaboration between the staff and analytic team and whatever changes that may bring.


I hope someone can clear up the George Brett talking to LaRussa about Grifol blurb.
Is Tony fully retired or somehow involved with the Sox FO?


If Grifol indeed convinced the Royals under Yost and Matheny to do things like shift, that indicates an ability to communicate with troglodyte bosses. That is a compelling case to work for the Chicago White Sox.

A lot of Royals-associated media seem genuinely happy Grifol got hired. That’s nice to see.


Did the KC sports media say nice things about Nagy when he was hired? Yes, yes they did. Just like they always do with these hires. Meh.


Regarding potential hitting coaches, Grifol had Mike Tosar work with Jorge Solar as a private instructor, and then Tosar joined the Royals.