Twins 10, White Sox 1: A fitting finale

Davis Martin entered today’s game with more defeats than victories (2-4 record; White Sox were 3-5 in his starts), but his season had far more wins than losses. He was an off-the-radar prospect in April, and by September he was a credible fifth starter in an MLB rotation.

But because he pitched for the 2022 White Sox, he could not escape the season unscathed.

Martin got shelled for six runs in the first inning, and he couldn’t close out the second inning before leaving the field with the trainer due to right bicep soreness. His ERA rose from 3.65 to 4.83, and that combination of news and results make his standing next spring a little less trustworthy.

The White Sox were shut down by two unremarkable righties, and, in what might be his final game wearing a White Sox uniform, José Abreu wore a hoodie over it and stayed in the dugout the entire game, so fans really got nothing out of showing up.

Vince Velasquez helped calm the game down with his long-relief adequacy, and Carlos Pérez’s RBI double with one out in the ninth prevented the White Sox from getting shut out, but they couldn’t knock Cole Sands out of the game. He took over for Louie Varland after five innings and carried the season across the finish line for the four-inning save.

Bullet points:

*The White Sox topped 2 million fans in a season for the first time since 2011. The White Sox rewarded those fans with a 37-44 record at home.

*Romy González had a nice game at short, including a great diving stop and throw from one knee.

*Andrew Vaughn went 0-for-4 with a strikeout to finish the season with a .750 OPS.

*Six years after Rick Hahn declared the White Sox were mired in mediocrity, they’ve once again found it impossible escape.

Record: 81-81 | Box score | Statcast

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

An impotent offense with curious lineup choices that lost at home to an inferior opponent while losing a player to injury. Could not have had a more perfect microcosm of the season.

They’re headed in the wrong direction and I have zero hope that they can even identify the issues with the roster let alone fix them.

King Joffrey

10-1 defeat in game 162 is fitting. 2022 White Sox were one order of magnitude worse than their competition.

Last edited 2 months ago by King Joffrey
Shingos Cheeseburgers

How openly they discuss the potential that Ozzie could be the manager next year on the (partially) Sox owned NBC Sports Chicago is so weird.

I don’t think there’s any conspiracy there, they know what’s going to drive viewership and clicks online, but it’s just…weird.


No conspiracy….. I think he would be exactly what this team needs. He would be able to kick them in the ass when needed and would take all of the attention away from their performance. For whatever reason, this team is devoid of leadership and if Abreu (and possibly Hendriks) do not return there aren’t any veteran, outspoken vets on the team. Isn’t the worst idea.

Unfortunately, KW is still (!!) around and will never take him back. And Guillen’s exit from Miami was such a sh** show, he probably won’t get the call.

As Cirensica

I am a huge fan of Ozzie, but I do think he is the wrong guy for the gig. It’s like staying with the past while successful teams are moving forward with modern thinking managers.


My undying devotion to this team is, by far, one of the most unhealthy relationships in my life. Eat Arbys


Those Jay Cuda stats are wild! And looking at Hahn’s overall the Cuda stats are good!
And the Sox end up with 1 final “Screw You” to the fans.

As Cirensica

Without Yermin Mercedes torrid start last year, Hahn’s performance would have looked really bad during this “window”.


Yermin and then the whole “Next man up” crew really pulled last season out of the fire

Hobo Under 35th St. Viaduct

The White Sox, you have made me vastly poorer, unhappier, and unhealthier since pops first introduced me to you as a kid. But we will rendezvous once again next year.

Mired and Tired: 2022 goes in the books


So many disappointments this season that it’s hard to rank them, but don’t sleep on Andrew Vaughn’s .667 second half OPS.


I’m thankful to have been and be a White Sox fan. To betray my age, I was young but very much remember the 1983 season and then 1984 season which felt very much like 2022. The Sox teach you to enjoy any positive fleeting moment. They teach you to let go of that which you cannot control. They are the true zen of baseball.

Also the Sox have played a role in this truly excellent blog existing which I’m very thankful for…the writing is excellent and I’d rather debate baseball with the people on this site than with the finest people in the world (hat tip to Fred Willard).

To Err is Herrmann

Sox fandom also forces one into Stoicism: accept your fate without hope and without appeal.


This was intended to be the launching pad year of the rebuild. Methinks the rocket maker makes duds.


I will say this, the few people who went to the game today seemed to stick around the entire time. It was a beautiful day. There were a couple loud Jose chants throughout the game. I was disappointed to not see him, but we did get to cheer for someone. When the Twins pulled Arraez, he got a round of applause from the crowd for wining the AL Batting Crown.


Hmm i think the website is bugged. I cant see the Rick Hahn is fired post that i assumed happened after this disastrous season?

As Cirensica

Mike Matheny is the first victim of the end of the season. Let’s see who follows.


All year we kept saying that they were the very definition of a .500 team.


On the Score this morning they brought up Cuda’s stats on the Sox record through the years. One of the guys said Cuda went back to 1978 and the Sox have been 1 game over .500 since then. Then one of the guys said he saw a stat going back to the 1930’s and the Sox overall is around .500. I guess this is what we can expect from here on out.