Tigers 7, White Sox 2: .500 and falling

I chose to spend tonight teaching curling instead of watching the White Sox take on more water, so here’s a bullet-point recap after catching up:

*For those invested in a respectable end to Davis Martin’s wonderful breakout season, there wasn’t a letdown here. He gave up a two-run homer to Harold Castro in the first inning — shortly after a broken bat prevented the White Sox from turning two quickly enough on Javier Báez — but Martin shrugged it off for a quality start.

*Just like Friday’s game, the White Sox were able to erase the initial deficit, as Eloy Jiménez pulled a Drew Hutchison sinker out to left, and Gavin Sheets punished a hanging curveball to right for back-to-back blasts. They both now have 15 homers, within two of Andrew Vaughn’s lead.

*Just like Friday’s game, the Sox didn’t have a second burst. Martin was saddled with the loss because Castro got Martin again, muscling a decently located fastball inside the left-field line for a go-ahead single with two outs in the fifth.

*Jake Diekman continued to indicate that the $3.5 million owed to him in 2023 was a huge mistake by Rick Hahn. Despite opening his evening against the bottom of the order, he failed to retire any of the five batters he faced, even though three were lefties. He also gave up a three-run shot to Báez, who put his ear to the crowd in salute to the fans who have booed him all season for reasons that still don’t make sense to me.

*Sheets notched an outfield assist for playing a Báez double off the right-field wall cleanly, even though he was standing in the middle of the warning track. Báez looked like he assumed that Sheets was too close to corral it, and he was cut down by plenty via a relay from Josh Harrison.

*The Sox were outhit 14-5, although they did manage to outwalk Detroit 3-2, if that counts for anything (it doesn’t).

*Mark Payton drew two of those walks in his first start for the White Sox. He went 0-for-2 with a strikeout in his other trips.

*Cleveland’s magic number is 1.

Record: 77-77 | Box score | Statcast


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Trooper Galactus

I’m officially rooting for this team to bottom out to close the season, because they deserve to be as embarrassed as possible at the end.

White Sox Wade

I have to agree, and a Bulls style total housecleaning is in order.


I’d say they were phoning it in, but that may be offensive to those that are PII.

To Err is Herrmann

The Diekman trade alone proves Hahn is a total idiot.


They gave up McGuire for him. That’s pretty much what you would get for a backup catcher whos barley major league level, the problem was how much he ended up having to play.

Really getting mad about Diekman is a little misguided when the teams pitching performance is irrelevant if they dont score at all. That makes it 0-5 in the quality starts to wins now.


To be fair to McGuire, he has a .935 OPS in 83 at bats with Boston. He’s put up 1 bWAR in 30 games played. In 53 games played with Chicago, he put up 0.0 bWAR.

It goes to show that immutable laws of physics (and his own incompetence) prevent Rick Hahn from having nice things.

To Err is Herrmann

McGuire for Diekman straight up because we needed a left-handed reliever is not idiotic, but taking on $3.5 million for a mediocre guy who walks a lot of batters is idiotic,.Hahn may have been hamstrung by Jerry in some ways, but even within whatever constraints he had (stuck with TLR & TLR’s roster demands — Garcia, Kelly — and Jerry’s aversion to good FAs), Hahn’s track record is full of dud deals like this.

Last edited 1 year ago by To Err is Herrmann

To be fair, Hahn also threw in a prospect


“Prospect” might be a stretch. We hope it’s a stretch.


Urge to dour… rising


Cleveland figured it out. You don’t rebuild, you partially tear down. Maybe the KW model works after all?

I kid. Competent rebuild examples are all over the place. The Sox just stop short every time. Perverts.


Part of it is stopping short, but part of it is just drafting poorly. If they drafted better, they may have accumulated the depth necessary to navigate the injuries and surprising fall-offs from their supposed top players.

Alas, they continued to draft horrendously during their “rebuild” years.

Hahn’s plan for right field was basically Pollock playing well until he got hurt and then promoting Cespedes. Go figure, none of those things happened.


Hahn was the golden boy when he was hired. The so-called smart Chicago media members and the stathead fans have only recently turned on him, but he has been awful from day one.

His tenure has been marked by terrible trades, drafts, contracts, clubhouses, and players. I used to think he should never be a GM again, but with this track record he should be out of baseball altogether. I think Sox fans owe Kenny an apology for believing he was preventing Hahn from achieving greatness.