Luis Robert approaches third week of being day-to-day

For anybody attempting to make progress on any sort of daily or weekly discipline, it’s a good idea to keep a log in order to establish baselines, track progress and add an element of accountability.

If the White Sox were doing one for Luis Robert, they’d probably see an activity pattern that would make them wonder why they’re even trying.

Aug. 25: Went 0-for-5 with two double plays in an 11-inning loss to Baltimore. His wrist problems resurfaced late in the game, when he had difficulty holding onto the bat on his follow-through to such an extent that even the guy whose brand is glorifying pitchers at the expense of hitters regretted where his instincts led him.

Aug. 26: Did not play

Aug. 27: Did not play

Aug. 28: Pinch-ran for Eloy Jiménez after a one-out walk in the ninth inning, but next two batters struck out.

Aug. 29: Off day

Aug. 30: Did not play

Aug. 31: Defensive replacement in the ninth inning.

Sept. 1: Did not play

Sept. 2: Did not play (paternity leave)

Sept. 3: Did not play (paternity leave)

Sept. 4: Did not play

Sept. 5: Started and went 0-for-4.

Sept. 6: Started, but struck out in both plate appearances before being replaced in the bottom of the fifth.

The White Sox said that Robert departed the game with a bruised left hand, and he’ll be day-to-day. Both parts of that injury description fail to enlighten. Robert’s been day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day-to-day this point, and I also doubt the impact of Logan Gilbert’s fastball has much to do with his status. It didn’t help, but Robert’s wrist injury makes stopping a swing difficult even on pitches down the middle.

Speaking of which, Robert didn’t think about offering at any of Gilbert’s three plate-splitting fastballs over the remainder of his two plate appearances, including a strike three to end that first battle. In fact, Gilbert probably could’ve set him down on three pitches the following at-bat, but he and Cal Raleigh looked like they braced for the rope-a-dope, so they called for a slider that Robert swung over with one hand. Danny Mendick, making a guest appearance in the booth during the inning, said it all with just one guttural syllable.

Miguel Cairo said after the game that it’s undecided whether Robert will play today, so there’s one area where there’s no real improvement over Tony La Russa. If Robert’s around because he can man center field and pinch-run, that basically makes him redundant with Adam Engel and Leury García, and I’d rather see either of those guys at the plate.

The Sox could put Robert’s roster spot to far better use by calling up Carlos Pérez, who could at least make it easy for Cairo to pinch-run for a catcher without fear of a crisis later in the game.

If they wanted a chance of improving the everyday lineup, it’s late enough in the season to consider Oscar Colás.

I have been wary of promoting Colás from Birmingham because we just saw how Lenyn Sosa struggled after a two-level jump, and while I appreciated the bold thinking behind the roster patch, there’s a chance that exercising the option before he was ready for the majors complicates matters a couple years down the line. Colás could very well experience the same rough adjustment period, so I preferred seeing the Sox diffuse the risk by making sure his first option was exercised in 2023.

Now that only four weeks remain on the calendar, the Sox could carry Colás on the 28-man roster the rest of the way no matter how he fares at the plate. He’s hitting .317/.377/.587 at Birmingham, so maybe he’ll be able to tread water with ease, but should he start his MLB career 0-for-15 with 11 strikeouts, he’s still a multi-level upgrade over Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets in the corners, and you’d rather see him at the plate when crossing fingers for a homer off a righty, because that job falls to García when Sheets isn’t available.

That scenario is far from ideal. The Sox would prefer to call up Colás next May. He’d have a fresh season for logging meaningful Triple-A experience, the stakes would be far lower, and the runway would be far longer. (There would also be likely service-time benefits, but let’s pretend the White Sox had a real Plan A for right field next year, which would push baseball reasons to the forefront.)

With the Sox in third place, these are desperate times, but since the Sox know Robert only has one hand and they still have to bat him seventh, Colás might not be such a desperate measure. The combination of pressures, both from hype and the standings, would require the National Weather Service to issue a severe bubble-bursting warning, but regardless of Colás, the Sox are already a bad weekend of baseball away from sucking all the air out of the room.

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To quote Tony Kornheiser when teams say a guy is day-to-day “Aren’t we all”

Right Size Wrong Shape

I thought that was Charley Steiner.


I have no interest in seeing Colas this year, but I would love to see Mark Payton get some real ABs in the majors.


Ugh…2 Sep. This is what I get for scrolling without checking time stamps

As Cirensica

I rather we have Payton than a one hand Robert. The management of injured players this year for the White Sox has been atrocious. Robert clearly is not ready, and he does not appear to be ready anytime soon as his speed of healing his wrist appears to be Tatis-esque.


“Yeah, but he said he’s fine. So it’s cool”-Sox management.

As Cirensica

That, sadly, might be literally what happened. White Sox trainers and medical/conditioning staff play it by ear.


…That we are talking about the cornerstone of the franchise going forward as being too injured to hit, but for some reason not on the IL even though he has been bad on defense this season and hurt himself last time he really ran the bases kind of says it all…


Isn’t Engel better than a 50% Robert?

Right Size Wrong Shape

Yes. I wonder if his own crappy play is adding to the weird Robert decision-making, though.


He’s barely even had a chance at playing at all. He’s got 17 PA since mid August. 4 so far this month. Is he secretly still hobbling too? The dropped ball against Baltimore was weird, and his play in RF has looked strangely tentative the few times he’s been out there in games I’ve seen recently.

Josh Nelson

Fellow White Sox season ticket holders – you should have received your 2022 Postseason Ticket plan via email today.


And, people say the Sox have no depth.

Apparently, they don’t have any outfielders better than a guy that swings with one hand.

Congratulations, Rick Hahn. You’ve tested Jerry Reinsdorf’s loyalty to you and you’ve clearly won.

As Cirensica

Yankees lineup for the first game of the DH against the Twins is kinda bad.

Last edited 2 months ago by As Cirensica
Right Size Wrong Shape

It’s Yankees v. Twins. It’ll be fine.


Yeah. If I were the Yanks, I’d rest the starters, too. I think they could run the Somerset Patriots out there and get a series win vs. the Twins.

As Cirensica

Miranda just hit a homer and the Twins are up 2×0. Yankees better get the killing Twins punch ready


They misspelled IDK at third

Joliet Orange Sox

If I mentioned the third baseman’s name, who did I say is playing third?


I can’t understand the logic of keeping a one-handed batter on the roster. Colas is really a no-brainer move, for the reasons Jim mentioned. And it seems like the only people who wouldn’t make a no-brainer move are ones who actually don’t use their brain. That’s you, Mr. Hahn.


No surprise that Robert is not in today’s lineup.

Last edited 2 months ago by Foulkelore

Vaughn/Sheets in the corners today. ugh. WHY.

As Cirensica

Because we have Eloy. His bat has to play. He can only DH.


Yeah, what As Cirensica said. They either have to play one of Eloy/Vaughn in the outfield or sit one and lose the bat (or sit Abreu). Normally, Eloy would be the better defensive option (he doesn’t get that often), but apparently his leg issues are preventing him from playing the outfield.


Even if Colas struggles offensively, his defense would be much better than the two statues they continue to throw out into the corner outfield spots. Plus that left hander power bat would at least give us some hope that he would run into one.


I get it. I’m just being dramatic.


No, you’re fine. What you call dramatic should be their number one goal of the offseason: have a good offense with Vaughn never even being considered to play the outfield. That’s the mission statement I’d like to see.


Has Hahn been forced to comment about how ridiculous this is? I know it would just be lawyer-speak. But I feel he should at least have to make an effort.

Right Size Wrong Shape

In initially read that as Has-been Hahn


Romy González has looked ‘acceptable’ versus Leury’s ‘terrible’, is he going to challenge Leury for that roster spot in 2023?
(And how bad does that Leury contract look now?)


It doesn’t look worse, because it always has looked as bad as possible. One of the main things they had going in their system last season was the emergence of a bunch of guys who could at least be utility infielders (including Romy). I will never understand the three year contract. I wouldn’t have spent that money on a 1 year deal, but that would have at least been understandable.


Wow, that summary of Robert’s recent playing time is awful. I thought anyone had to be better than Sleepy T.
But I guess this is truly a whole organization problem….
For even his own self preservation, why isn’t Hahn bringing up Colas to help this season? He can’t be a lock to stay around if they miss the playoffs during the time they themselves labeled as their window…


Hahn has all the self preservation he needs. Jerry is his boss.


Plus, if it works, he could sell it as a potential cost savings for next year.
“Don’t worry, Jerry, we don’t have to spend money on Judge. Did you see what Colas did in September?. He’s our right fielder.”


I’m sure Jerry has already told Rick, “Don’t worry Rick, we WON’T spend money on Judge.”

As Cirensica

Not true, the conversation was like this: “Don’t worry Rick, we WON’T spend money on Judge…..but you can tell people that we had a seat at the table and whatnot, you know, let’s keep them hopeful”


Hahn has the safest GM job in baseball. Even if they don’t win another game this season.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The W-S Dash game is being broadcast live on right now.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Not to be mean, but Alsander Womack is really out of shape for a professional middle infielder. He’s a good hitter, but I think he should get in the gym if he wants to start moving up the prospect totem pole.

As Cirensica

Out of shape professional? With the White Sox?!?

I don’t believe you


Ok, Kopech touched 97 mph, averaged about 96 mph on his fastball, and his leg didn’t fall off. Good start!

As Cirensica

Oh crap…a rare West coast early game, and I cannot watch it as Bowling league starts tonight. Good luck White Sox!


Good luck in your bowling league. Casual/fun or competitive?