Orioles 4, White Sox 3 (11 innings): Baltimore drop

It seemed like Liam Hendriks did the hard part.

With the White Sox leading 3-2 in the ninth inning, Hendriks got Anthony Santander to pop out to Seby Zavala, and he struck out Ryan Mountcastle to bring rookie Kyle Stowers to the plate.

And it seemed like he did his job there, too. On a first-pitch fastball, Stowers hit a high pop foul along the left-field wall. Adam Engel, the defensive replacement for Andrew Vaughn, came in hot and had it tracked.

Until he didn’t.

He overran the ball slightly, causing him to reach behind him in a way that blocked his line of sight. The ball popped out of his glove and onto the track, giving Stowers an extra life.

Still, Hendriks put himself in even better position to end the game when he pumped a fastball past Stowers for strike two. With his third pitch, he either had to 1) keep throwing high heat, since Stowers was late on both pitches, or 2) bury a breaking ball.

Hendriks went with 3) hang a breaking ball, and Stowers sent it out to center for a game-tying homer.

Brandon Hyde called on his closer, Felix Bautista, for both extra innings, and the White Sox never advanced their Manfred Man in either frame. Joe Kelly escaped the bottom of the 10th with some help from Josh Harrison, who made a great play on a chopper down the line to cut down the runner at home, but Jake Diekman faced two batters and gave up two singles to bring the game to a merciful end an inning later.

The first nine innings weren’t that fun, either. For the second time in this series, the White Sox homered in the first inning and paid the price. Much like Ryan Mountcastle’s three-run shot overruled Eloy Jimenez’s two-run homer in the first inning on Tuesday, Andrew Vaughn’s leadoff homer — on the first pitch of the game, no less — was immediately negated by Anthony Santander’s two-run dinger off Lance Lynn.

Unlike Tuesday, they were able to regain the lead.

Was it pretty? Of course not. They scored the tying run in the seventh because Romy Gonzalez scored from second on Terrin Vavra’s ill-advised, unsuccessful double-play attempt in the seventh. He had led off with a single, advanced to second on Elvis Andrus’ nice hit-and-run work, but Josh Harrison followed with a chopper to short. It developed too slowly to end the inning, but Vavra tried anyway, and Mountcastle couldn’t handle the bounce-castle. It trickled into foul territory, and González scampered the final 90 feet without a throw.

The go-ahead run in the eighth was a little smoother. Gavin Sheets smoked a one-out double off Dillon Tate past a leaping Cedric Mullins, then rumbled to third on Luis Robert’s groundout to first. That brought Abreu to the plate, and although Tate fell behind 2-0, he tried toget back into the count with a get-me-over slider, and while Abreu didn’t crush it, it had enough to skip through the hole on the left side for a palpable hit.

Abreu’s hit made up for a rough day in the field. Santander’s homer was a two-run shot because Abreu couldn’t stop a hot smash by Adley Rutschman, although Abreu had made a fine 3-unassisted on speedy Cedric Mullins to start the game. But he also botched a nonchalant over-the-shoulder catch attempt in foul territory for a second error, and while it only cost Lynn a few extra pitches, it made Engel’s drop in left-field foul territory bring some symmetry to the error map.

The pitch to Santander aside, Lynn threw well. He allowed just five baserunners over six innings and struck out eight. He liked his curveball more than usual, and it was good for four outs with two strikes, including three strike threes. Reynaldo López and Jimmy Lambert backed him up with easy 1-2-3 innings, combining to throw a whopping 17 of 20 pitches for strikes over the seventh and eighth.

Aside from the arms, the best thing going was Yoán Moncada’s defense. He made a great charging play on a bunt single attempt, then ranged into left to flag down a pop-up Vaughn couldn’t get to. Because it’s 2022, there was a catch: Moncada tweaked a hamstring while executing the bunt defense, and eventually left the game with tightness.

Bullet points:

*Luis Robert’s 14-game hitting streak crashed to a halt with an 0-for-5 night, including two double plays. At the end, he was having trouble holding onto the bat to such an extent that even the Pitching Ninja apologized for over-celebrating pitching dominance.

*Vaughn went 2-for-4 with a homer and a double from the leadoff spot. Gavin Sheets batted second and went 3-for-5 with a double. The rest of the lineup behind him? 6-for-32, all singles, no walks.

*Vaughn’s homer generated a fact that was more fun before we saw how the game ended.

Record: 63-62 | Box score | Statcast

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I think the Sox are “quiet quitting” but they took it too literally.


“We stinks”


Wickedly famous in the Chicago sports lexicon. I miss personalities like El Toro.

As Cirensica

Carlos Zambrano?




Nail in the coffin.


I’ve been maintaining hope for longer than most. But the recent falling-on-their-faces is too much to overcome at this point in the year when accompanied by the simply ludicrous rate of recent injuries. Only four members of the core dozen or so players aren’t hurt and/or badly underperforming. Nice contributions from marginal guys like Reynaldo, Lambert, and Zavala just are not anywhere near enough to make up for what’s been lost. Stick a fork in ’em, they’re done.

The bad news is that the payroll/roster situation doesn’t allow for very much flexibility in this coming offseason, so it’s unlikely that the mix of players is going to change very much. You could let Abreu walk, but imo that is probably the worst solution to the 1B/DH logjam, losing the best & most durable 1B/DH in exchange for nada.

Changes to fix what went wrong will thus mostly have to be made with the staff. Frank Menechino and his “F the home run let’s hit .300” can F off and go coach a college squad full of annoying David Eckstein wannabes. The flaming trash can of a training staff needs to be fired and replaced en masse. We’re probably stuck with Tony, unfortunately.

The good news is that 1) there’s still a helluva a lot of talent there, so positive regression next year is likely, 2) for once there is actually young talent that should be ready to help by about midseason, and 3) the end of 2023 will allow a LOT of payroll to clear. The farm system’s still shallow, but it’s looking immensely better now than a year ago.


Let’s be clear the payroll can be raised Jerry simply will decide not to do it


the payroll could be raised some, but my point is more that there’s not many serious changes to the roster that could realistically be done. the guys that you might want to trade have been too bad to be tradeable. RF and 2B remain holes, but they’re now holes with actual real prospects looming– Sosa hit his 5th AAA HR tonight, Colas went 2/4 w a triple tonight for instance– so spending big on long-term solutions there doesn’t make nearly as much sense as it did, say, last offseason.


I run away in horror from nearly all user posts across the www, but the responses on this site are often as fun to read as those of the paid content providers (who are awesome). I agree with everything a-t wrote except that “we’re probably stuck with Tony.” I am perhaps too certain that if this season continues to unfold as many of us expect, and they do not make the playoffs, Tony is gone. He will not be fired. He will, however, fall on his sword in one final act of sacrifice that displays his “Respect For The Game.” Tony is an Old-School Baseball Lifer, and the OSBL handbook clearly states that one must love and respect the game enough to know when to walk away. In his press release, he will thank Jerry, Rick, Kenny, and the players who gave it their all (even when they were jogging from base to base and often couldn’t remember how many outs there were). But most of all he will want to thank the fans. He will express his regret that things didn’t work out as everyone hoped and make it clear that the team needs a new manager, a new voice, and that he expects they will win a championship in the near future.

I don’t blame Tony for what’s happened this season. This team/organization has a lot of problems. But if they don’t make the playoffs, he will know what he has to do.


I want to agree with that, and I’m pretty sure you’re right. But Tony is just so arrogant and Jerry is just Jerry, so he may want to give it one more try. But finishing 81-81, which is what they are destined to finish, will probably result in Tony leaving for the good of the organization.


From your fingers to God’s eyes…


Yep this is the script straight out of the handbook. And why will it happen? Because Tony is not having any fun at this, how could he and yes the no playoffs will seal the deal.


They should be able to win on the current payroll if it was well spent


True but we aren’t in that scenario as Jerry chose to keep Hahn in power.


Re-signing Abreu while trading Vaughn would certainly bring back some talent to potentially bridge some gaps/address some issues. I’m sure that’d be unpopular but…


Time to turn attention to the game of, “If I were GM”. That is all we fans can do anyway.

I’ll continue to promote my roadmap of first trading Tim Anderson due to his value both in performance and contract, which includes two extremely affordable years before he hits free agency. Secondly, address the quadruple mess that is Jimenez, Sheets, Vaughn, and Abreu. I posit that Sheets and Abreu should make up the primary rotation of the 1B/DH positions because it’s a lefty/righty combination be that either in platoon, mix-and-match, or together in the batting order. And Sheets could be the eventual 1B replacement when Abreu walks off into the sunset. I might be a little worried offering Abreu a 2-year contract given his power number having fallen this year (.151 ISO is just above league average). However, his K% is career low, his W% is career high, and he is still posting a 3.5 WAR. They don’t need him to walk as much as they need his power back. As noted and agreeing with ChiSoxND12, I have also suggested trading Vaughn due to his value both in performance and contractual control. Vaughn simply is not a fit in their roster construction. He can hit but he cannot play OF – full stop. He can play 1B and DH, but there is a logjam. He bats right-handed. They are stuck with Jimenez in LF and as an occasional third DH option. He’s proven to be unreliable from an availability standpoint, but his immense power potential remains alluring. His contract is locked in through 2024, with club options in ’25 and ’26.

Possibly the middle infield spots can be filled with players on the rise from their minor league system. In closer proximity Jose Rodriguez, Lenyn Sosa, and Romy Gonzalez seem the logical best candidates. But do the Sox go with any one of these untested players in major roles? Rodriguez may project as the only true everyday player of these three, but probably not is 2023. I believe any one of these three receiving performance based playing time will not be worse than Josh Harrison/Leury Garcia at 2B. SS will take a hit offensively, but I believe Anderson is overrated defensively (-7 DRS in 2022 and -16 career). And what do the Sox need most? It is defense! Options to consider are to re-sign Elvis Andrus…José Iglesias’ 2.0 oWAR / 0.3 dWAR as a free agent stopgap? Go with Moncada at 3B is locked in contractually through 2024 with a club option in 2025. (Nice story, but please, Jake Burger is not the answer.) I suppose they role with Moncada again is 2023 in hopes he lands somewhere between 2022 and 2019 offensively. Look at his 162 game average at https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/moncayo01.shtml. Wouldn’t that be nice?!?! Don’t forget being stuck with the abominable Leury Garcia contract through 2024 (Hahn should be fired for this alone). A player all Sox fans have not missed since he went on IL. Has anyone other than RaLussa fired one neuron to “The Legend” since he departed? SS/3B-wise, the arrivals of Colson Montgomery and Bryan Ramos by 2024 are realistic. Maybe one of those fills one of those positions.

RF is another position that could be answered with an internal candidate in Oscar Colas (hits left). But again, this is a risky endeavor as a starter. Colas OK being brought up, but weened in. My preference is to go after Joey Gallo (hits left), a plus-plus defender, who may be finding his magic again in Los Angeles (.257/.381/.629/1.010, 173 OPS+ in 14G, 42PA). And what do the Sox need most? It is defense! OUTFIELD DEFENSE!!! Sign him to a 1-year prove it deal. He could keep RF warm until Colas is ready to take over full time, perhaps in 2024. Gallo can play all three OF positions when Jimenez and Robert each land on the IL, which is inevitable with those two. So, an OF of Jimenez, Robert, Gallo, Colas.

I guess unless Hahn eats his contract, “The Legend” is the super sub! Perhaps time to say thanks but see ya to Adam Engel. Too oft injured and has reached his ceiling. Maybe not if my position player number is lacking a 13th player. Lost count!

Catcher is stuck with Grandal in 2023. I fully expect them to roll into ’23 with Grandal and Zavala as the catching combo. What is waiting in the wings is of greatest importance. Carlos Perez isn’t getting any look-see playing time right now while Grandal mends yet again, so I am not sure how high they really are on his potential. At age 25 he has had a breakout-ish season at Charlotte and deserves an extended look, but RaLussa has yet to put him behind the plate since his promotion. Zavala is striking out at 32%, which is down 7% from last year. But his .279/.348/.393/.741 slash seems perfectly acceptable. Perhaps he continues to ascend. I would seek a reinforcement via trade.

Starting Pitching because, well, because. While talented as a group, realistically Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech are the only true locks. Johnny Cueto turns 37 in February and may have seen enough of the Sox organization to not be interested in coming back. I for one hope he does as he makes a sensible rotation stopgap in 2023. Kopech is ascending but still needs to take a couple more next steps by way of availability and control. Lynn is signed for 2023 with a 2024 club option, so he is in the rotation next year. Giolito is regressing in a troublesome manner and looks like a #5 at this point. He is arbitration eligible one more time in 2023 thus becoming a free agent in 2024. I may be wrong, but I think his agent is Scott Boras. (BTW, Boras does represent Cease, so don’t expect him to ever sign a team friendly deal. Sox fans know all too well Boras and the Sox don’t dance.) I imagine nothing contractual happens in this offseason other than a final year of control contract. If the White Sox are again mired in mediocrity in 2023, Giolito may become a trade deadline piece. Hopefully, his value has improved by then. Therefore, the rotation could stand pat in 2023 as currently constituted, assuming a re-signing of Cueto. No one in their pipeline is on the cusp of stepping in at the major league level. Davis Martin is serviceable as a #6 swingman, but he too needs to show more development. He seems to have a low ceiling as a starter and could be another future pen piece. Reynaldo Lopez has become a bullpen stalwart and his role in high leverage should increase in 2023. Jimmy Lambert is proving too valuable a pens-man to move him back as a starter. They have Garrett Crochet returning from TJ surgery, but what I have read suggests he will not be rotation worthy until 2024. But that’s OK. He could be seen as a replacement for one of the Giolito/Lynn spots. If looking so far ahead as 2024, Sox pitchers currently on their Top-30 list, Norge Vera and Sean Burke are the only seemingly realistic possibilities. Stating the obvious, SP is an essential concern this off season and beyond.

The MLB listing of Top-100 players shows 27 as pitchers…5 are lefties (~18%)…11 are currently playing at AAA…8 at AA…3 at A/A+…2 have reached the majors (though I swear I saw Ryan Pepiot pitching for the Dodgers last Sunday). The Dodgers, Cardinals, and Rangers each have 3 pitchers listed. Here is the list.

4 Grayson Rodriguez RH Baltimore AAA 2022 22 6’5″/220
10 Eury Pérez RH Miami AA 2023 19 6’8″/220
16 Daniel Espino RH Cleveland AA 2023 21 6’2″/225
21 Taj Bradley RH Tampa Bay AAA 2023 21 6’2″/190
22 Kyle Harrison LH  San Francisco AA 2023 21 6’2″/200
25 Andrew Painter RH Philadelphia AA 2025 19 6’7″/215
27 Bobby Miller RH LA Dodgers AAA 2022 23 6’5″/220
34 Ricky Tiedemann LH Toronto AA 2024 20 6’4″/220
37 Brayan Bello RH Boston MLB 2022 23 6’1″/170
41 Jackson Jobe RH Detroit A+ 2025 20 6’2″/190
46 Max Meyer RH Miami MLB 2022 23 6’0″/196
47 Quinn Priester RH Pittsburgh AA 2023 21 6’3″/210
48 Jack Leiter RH Texas AA 2023 22 6’1″/205
56 Gavin Williams RH Cleveland AA 2024 23 6’6″/255
57 Mick Abel RH Philadelphia AA 2024 21 6’5″/190
58 Cade Cavalli RH Washington AAA 2022 24 6’4″/240
62 Owen White RH Texas AA 2023 23 6’3″/199
70 Ken Waldichuk LH Oakland AAA 2022 24 6’4″/220
71 Hunter Brown RH Houston AAA 2022 23 6’2″/212
77 Ryan Pepiot RH LA Dodgers AAA 2022 25 6’3″/215
81 Gavin Stone RH LA Dodgers AAA 2023 23 6’1″/175
83 Gordon Graceffo RH St. Louis AA 2024 22 6’4″/210
85 Matthew Liberatore LH St. Louis AAA 2022 22 6’4″/200
92  DL Hall LH Baltimore AAA 2022 23 6’2″/195
94 Brock Porter RH Texas – 2025 19 6’4″/208
95 Brandon Pfaadt RH Arizona AAA 2023 23 6’4″/220
96 Tink Hence RH St. Louis A 2024 20 6’1″/175

This leads me back to the trading of Anderson and Vaughn. What to seek in return in these two mega trades on a need basis can be debated but existing holes like SS (with Anderson traded), 2B, (3B?), RF, Catcher and always a Starting Pitcher(s) come to mind. Good grief! However, I believe they need to aim at pitching and catching. I like a trade of Anderson to L.A. because the Dodgers will be losing Trea Turner to free agency. As the highest payroll team in baseball, they will not be looking to add payroll and Anderson’s contract and SS position make so much sense. Hopefully, the White Sox can scout the best of their farm pitching stock and land at least a potential #3 rotation piece. The Cardinals (have #54 ranked Masyn Winn as a projected SS, but he won’t be starting in 2023) and the Marlins (an Anderson/Chisolm keystone looks nice) might also be interested in Anderson as he would be an upgrade over their current situations at SS – and both teams have pitching prospects. Subsequently, I also like a Vaughn to Oakland for Shea Langeliers (currently on A’s roster and getting time at DH, plus Oakland is loaded with 3 of their top 5 at catching, not counting Sean Murphy). On Langeliers MLB says, “Thanks largely to his defensive prowess behind the plate, Langeliers was thought to be the second-best catcher in the 2019 class, behind only eventual No. 1 overall pick Adley Rutschman.” He was selected #9 by Atlanta (later traded to Oakland) to Vaughn’s #3 by Chicago. He fits the bill nicely as the guy who steps in late in 2023 when the White Sox DFA Grandal as he continues to fall off a cliff.

As Cirensica

WOW… that was something. You should put it in a Shop Talk


Trading TA this offseason is equivalent to throwing in the towel for 2023, so that’s a non-starter for me.

Trading AV I would consider. Either him or Sheets should be traded for sure. However, I really doubt Oakland would give up Langliers for him; Langliers will have two less full years of service time, and the gulf in defensive value between an excellent defending C and a 1B/DH only player is not something a cheapskate team like Oakland would be willing to do. So for me it depends on the return; whoever comes back would have to be ready or very close to ready to contribute in an impact way. Otherwise it makes a lot more sense to me to package Burger + Sheets together to ship out.


Yes, I acknowledged trading Anderson would be a negative offensively. I am just not a fan of this player in part due to some of his defensive metrics and to me he does not pass the baseball instinct eyeball test. Maybe it is his late start in baseball, and he is still growing. He also possesses qualities I have never found appealing in many players attributed to style points rather than substance and antics that say, “me” and not “team”. Just my humble opinion. I am a Jeter, Trout, Judge fan as examples when it comes to what I find appealing in a player, abilities aside.

I do appreciate your very good point about why the A’s would be reluctant to part ways with Langeliers due to service time. Maybe the Sox would have to sweeten the pot with pitching prospect (the A’s seem to do well with Sox pitching prospects). If reports were accurate the A’s were at least in talks with the White Sox when Montas was in play and Vaughn was a target. Do his Bay area roots play into any of this? It’s a nice sentiment but probably not. Thanks for commenting.


An upvote for all the effort in assembling this, particularly the pitching list.

I agree with the thrust (and many of the specifics) of what you’ve laid out. My main disagreement is in retaining Abreu. I love him, but with a replacement ready to surpass his value for a lot less money, we need to dispense with sentiment and move on. Put Vaughn at 1B and let him be, and you’ll have a middle-of-the-order All-Star.

Mostly, next year is going to hinge on players returning to something more like their best form. Moncada, Robert, Eloy, Giolito, Grandal. These guys all have depressed market values, so trading any of them would be foolish. The better play is get them healthy and focused and see what happens. And do all that with a new manager, coaching staff, and training staff.


I appreciate the up-vote and have my own reservations on Abreu as I cited. However, I am not understanding cutting ties with him with no return when he still offers value, unless finally putting Vaughn in his natural position is the return. And then what of the lefty hitting Sheets, a viable 1B option. Maybe I am answering my own question in that Sheets and Vaughn make up the righty/lefty 1B/DH interchangeable duo. And then they don’t have to di$h out a new contract to Abreu. I guess could see that. Always lurking is the Jerry factor in that I believe he views Abreu in the same sentimental light as others he gives lifetime positions. I will not be surprised by another contract.


The return is minimizing the logjam in favor of the young star. You improve the OF defense (no Vaughn!), maybe improve the the IF defense if the Baltimore series is any indication, and save millions that can go to addressing some other problem (such as where is Jerry’s next million going to come from). Vaughn is the safer bet for both next year and beyond.

I suspect Jose will be back. I’d rather see Jerry promise him a statue and a position in the organization after his playing days are over.


If management actually tries to get creative and reconfigure this team – big IF – there will likely be consternation about some of the moves and whether they are subtracting too much. But consider how well Seattle did in 2001 after losing ARod and his 10.4 WAR and adding 32 yr old Brett Boone. If the current mix isn’t working, bold moves could be in order – and might even be successful. And I don’t think this would even qualify as that bold.

Last edited 1 month ago by metasox

I’ve lost hope in my heart but not my head, weirdly enough.

Here’s what my head is telling me: They have 4 more games against Cleveland. Go 3-1 and you only have to pick up 2 games elsewhere. Cleveland’s schedule isn’t easy. Outside of MIN and the Sox, they play Seattle twice, Baltimore,Tampa Bay, and a hot Texas team. The only Sox challenge outside of MIN and CLE is the sputtering San Diego. Even a bad, .500 team could stumble into several series wins. It’s an outside shot still, but very realistic.

Here’s what my heart is telling me: who cares, this team sucks, they suck to watch, and I’m not even sure I care if they win.

Here’s how that’s playing itself out: I’m following the games, but completely emotionally detached. When Hendriks blew the save, I shrugged my shoulders and went to sleep. I recommend it!


I would feel bad for Abreu. Really wanted to see him get a post-season chance. Cueto deserves it too after being left off last season’s roster but he already has his ring.

El Arvo

Bookend this career with lead off home run stats. Poetic and wishful thinking 😔

To Err is Herrmann

“Mountcastle couldn’t handle the bounce-castle.” Seems like you had that line stored away for a while just waiting for this opportunity.


You could write the Sox off but the truth is their schedule the rest of the way is much easier then Cleveland or Minny.

Seems like half their remaining games are against Detroit and KC.

Last edited 1 month ago by dongutteridge

This homestand would be a chance to go on some kind of run. That is hard to do when scoring is so difficult and every game is basically a toss up.

Would help a lot if Cleveland would fall back toward .500. MN already seems to be doing its part.

Last edited 1 month ago by metasox

I’m writing them off because they’re in a pattern of losing two players a week to injury recently


I’m right there with you, unfortunately. Until this series, I was all but certain the Sox would be in first by Sept. 1st. But, with Robert swinging like he shouldn’t be playing and Moncada posting offensive stats that suggest to me some sort of lingering injury that underlies his frequent trips to the DL added to: no TA; no Grandal; a Giolito who is only beginning to regain form after covid, a Kopeck who seem at less than full strength; etc. etc. etc.–there seems to be little reason to hope that this team will make up the necessary ground even with an “easy”‘ schedule.


Funny, I don’t need a “pattern of losing two players a week to injury recently” in order to write them off.

Because they’ve been in that pattern all season. And, ya know, they’re not a good ballclub


They lost 4 of the last 5 to KC; the schedule, while objectively easier, is not easy for the White Sox.


81-81, here we come!

As Cirensica

Yup…Many of us have been saying this all along. This is a .500 team. To win the division, we need the Guardians to be a .500 team too. I don’t think there is anything else left out there.


I had a loooong discussion about this with somebody on Twitter… the Sox need to get to like 10 over to win this division AND have Cleveland play .500 ball…. when the exact opposite has happened all season. They’re not that far back FOR A GOOD TEAM, which they ain’t.

Dumb, bad, and hurt are no way to make a living.


An optimist remains.


Need to sweep Arizona.

But it will come down to must win games against Cleveland who is playing much better. They are not necessarily the better club but they are better managed and playing better.


No, Cleveland is most definitely the better club


“Better than the Orioles, this team is not”. — Yoda

Shingos Cheeseburgers

There’s absolutely no way that they come home and embarrass themselves in front of a relatively full house against an inferior opponent in a series opener. Nope that’s not something they have a history of doing.


To be fair, and maybe this is the glimmer of hope, they’ve been much better at home as of late. Since the AS Break, they are 3-0-2 in series at home. The two ties were Cleveland and Houston.


Tony’s Boys Don’t Win


So Robert has a problem with his left hand/wrist? Call me crazy, but while it seems stupid to have him bat, it also seems stupid to have him in the field catching balls with that same hand. I do not understand how this team handles the health of the players; it’s maddening because it makes no sense. They sit people preemptively, but play hurt people. Then they refuse to put people on the IL who can’t play, which makes the team play short-handed. Other teams use those IL opportunities to give their minor league players a taste of the majors and get them acclimated, but maybe Rick doesn’t even bother since he knows Tony won’t play them. Idiocy all around.

If they keep Tony next season I’m rooting for my NL team so I can try and keep my mental health intact.

As Cirensica

One thing that infuriates me is that I have never seen a White Sox team giving their players so much rest as this team does. And it ain’t working because it seems everybody is hurting. Liam Hendriks historically needs to pitch often, but La Clown uses him only when there is a save to preserve. Then he comes to pitch after almost a week of inactivity and allows a homer, then the next day, same thing.

This team is so mismanaged that I can’t be bothered anymore. Yesterday I couldn’t even bother to finish the game. I switched to Netflix to watch the John McAffee documentary instead. Read about the loss on a KenWo’s tweet. I guess I have reached the stage of “baseball season is over” before is over. I am actually thinking about my non-baseball activities.

This team is so bad. It is just not fun to watch even when they win.

Last edited 1 month ago by As Cirensica
As Cirensica

One more thing. I just can’t stand TLR. Watching the White Sox, and watching him there…in the dugout. It’s as if La Russa censored fun. I just can’t…


Hendriks may be at a tricky point in his career. While lots of work was good for him historically, at some point his arm can no longer do that. And he already missed time this year. That is a tough one to manage

Last edited 1 month ago by metasox

The way I see it, he’s getting paid to play, so play him. I can understand being a little cautious with a player here and there, but it seems like we’ve been “a little cautious” with our entire team this year and now somehow half the team is hurt and we’re about to lose the division.


This is the best post yet and hits home on the key issues surrounding injuries. Their handling makes no sense. I won’t watch next year if Sleepy Tony is back.


The cherry on top for me is seeing Romy Gonzalez hit since he got called up, because of course he would after we’ve had to endure almost an entire season of Leury and Josh Mendoza.

Last edited 1 month ago by calcetinesblancos

I just don’t understand why they haven’t brought Colas up. Many teams bring players right from AA to the majors, and many enjoy instant success. It’s not like he’s 20 years old- he’s 23 with experience playing in Japan and Cuba. And he would instantly improve their outfield defense, and probably give their offense a little spark. It’s just so annoying to watch them play two first basemen in the outfield most of the 2nd half of the season.


You’d think the team that did that with Frank Thomas would have a clue, but no.


Or Andrew Vaughn who never played a full season in the minors.


Worst loss for me since getting knocked out in ‘hi 83

Alfornia Jones

Baltimore has a history of doing this to the Sox. I won’t disagree, 83 was a lost opportunity. Worst loss all time for me is July 11, 1985 in Baltimore.

Bob James is cruising with a two inning save and records out #2 in the ninth with the Sox up 6-3. Its over. The Sox had recently picked up a reliever Mike Stanton, so you guessed it, LaRussa pulls James (who is one of the best closers in MLB). Stanton gives up 4 hits and a walk, final swing was a 3 run opposite field bomb by Freddie Lynn. I don’t lose sleep over losses anymore, I’m here for the entertainment value so keep it coming. As bad as they play at Camden Yards, Memorial Stadium was a house of horrors.


It’s really not possible for me to get mad at this team anymore. It is really like a comedy show. Their best defender drops an easy pop fly to end the game, then Hendriks blows a fastball past a .130 hitter as expected. So what happens next? Let’s hang a breaking pitch in the middle of the plate. Then 6 batters in extra innings without even moving a baserunner. When something like that happens, I just laugh and move on.

What really needs to happen after the season is Jerry needs to fire every single person in the organization, from Kenny down to the bat boy. Then bring in an executive from the Dodgers or Tampa or any of the many well-run franchises and start over. Hey, if Jerry can fire beloved Chicago legend John Paxson, he can certainly fire Rick and Kenny. That’s my hope for this team.


Executives from those organizations aren’t going to work for Jerry. People aren’t going to risk their career on an owner who consistently meddles in baseball decisions.

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I’m not so sure. The Bulls were able to hire a top executive. And Jerry runs them.


Michael Reinsdorf largely runs the Bulls. Jerry isn’t actively involved in the day to day in the same way he is with the Sox

Michael did the interviewing and hiring for their front office executives.


Then Michael needs to convince his dad that he needs to do that with the Sox too. The Bulls are actually a credible organization for the first time since 1998, except for the regular season when Rose won MVP.

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Bulls deserve less hate than your giving them. The first half of the GarPax era was fine, it just gets marred by the latter half and how laughable it was how long they kept their jobs


We all know Jerry is not going to get rid of Rick and Kenny. But every knowledgeable fan knows that’s what needs to happen to fix this team.


I agree they need to go. There is just no reason to believe that Jerry can identify the next wave of talented front office executives and land one of them. I mean he can’t even hire a manager.


Which is why he needs to let whoever made the Bulls decisions/hirings do it for the Sox too.


Even if you farmed the hiring out they would still report to Jerry which is one of the main problems. Jerry wants to be in the baseball decision making room that is why he employs lackies like Hahn. You would not only have to have somebody do the hiring but have Jerry agree to a different style of operation. I don’t see it happening.


You’re probably right, but you would think he would get sick of seeing his baseball team fail year after year after year.


He doesn’t seem to think like you and me. I mean if we were consistently failing at running a professional sports team we would probably make radical change. Jerry seems to function in his own little world.

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You’re right. And therein lies the problem. And it most likely won’t change in Jerry’s lifetime. What a shame.


The best people may also want ownership stabiity. If you think the team could be sold, you might think twice whether it is a good time to join.


Because deservedly so everyone feels terrible for Engel maybe this will put a shock in them like nothing else could


I’m sick of all the singles. I’m sick of Diekmann. They would have been better off keeping McGuire and putting him in the bullpen. I’m sick of the training staff. I’m sick of the lack of hustle. I’m sick of Dour Tony.

I hope the half-empty ballpark is rocking with chants of “Sell the team!” this weekend.


Except it will be packed tonight with a bunch of Elvises running around.


So it can be snarling-lip, gyrating-hip chants of “Sell the Team!”


That would be worth watching the game to see!!


“Don’t be cruel, Sell the team you fool”

Right Size Wrong Shape

I vote for Elvis Costello Night.