Podcast: White Sox making ground as trade deadline looms

Record Date: 7/31/2022


  • Josh and Jim recap the White Sox series win over Oakland
  • What’s up with the offense at home?
  • Will August Jose Abreu return? 
  • This week in the AL Central
  • Latest MLB Trade Deadline rumors
  • Kansas City Royals preview
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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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The thought of bringing Rodon back via trade feels like General Manager malpractice. The Sox could have kept him for just money, but now giving up prospects to bring him back seems like it should be a fire-able offense…

I like the idea of a Giants outfielder, and if they are selling off “veterans,” my vote is Mike Yastrzemski. LH bat that plays RF and can play some CF. Maybe Yas and Junis or Long for pitching depth, but I assume any deal with anyone at this point will cost you Crochet and/or Colas… Plus, Hawk’s head would explode. So, two birds, one stone…


I think I have had Yaz in 2 or 3 of the last years off season plans and I love him, but he has cratered since June 1st I believe.


June has historically been bad for him. July wasn’t great either, but history shows a pretty solid stretch (especially come Sept/October).

But to your point, we’ve got a lot of “we’re waiting for the back of the baseball card” guys… So maybe not. He can at least play defense… (And even with a bad June/July, he’s still like 2.5 WAR better than Sheets)


Probably… But most things the Sox have done this year have been firsts, and those have been bad firsts. Why not have a first that would prove for some great broadcasts?


Only if they both play bad defense.


I could picture them trading a ton for Rodon, and then Rodon’s arm not lasting the rest of the season. I would not go near Rodon in a trade.


That’d be the most White Sox thing ever, right? Gotta throw on him leaving at the end of the season, as well.


We could have gotten a prospect simply by making a qualifying offer, so giving prospects up in order to get him back would make my head explode


I had the same thought, on Rodon. Surely the logic for not offering him the QO was simply this: he would break down near the end of the season and/or wouldn’t be available in the playoffs. To acquire him now is the worst approach possible.


I don’t hate Gallo as much as Jim. I don’t think adding him should be plan A, but I also don’t think it’s a bad idea.

Don’t think of him as a replacement for Pollock, as the trade suggests. Think of him as a drop in Gavin Sheets replacement on the active roster. Both are having similarly bad seasons at the plate. But Gallo trades strikeouts and average for walks, power, and the ability to competently man an outfield corner (with some experience in center too). Plus the upside is similar to the Braves’ Joc, Rosario, Soler moves from last year.

If they can’t make an impact addition (which I think is evident), I’d rather them take the approach of making as many low-cost additions as possible, see what sticks, and let your hall of fame baseball person figure out how to make it work.


If TLR had too many pieces to play chess with, his head might explode. OK, go for it.


Sounds like a strategy for 2023 and beyond.


Yep, that’s what I think, too. I’d rather them find someone real to play RF. But, in lieu of that, I’d rather they add him than no one. And I don’t think he’ll come free—but I also don’t think he’ll cost much.


Well the Yankees and Astros made moves. Mancini to Astros, Montas to Yankees. Sox will be right on their doorstep with the middling reliever they might add in the next 24 hours.