Sox Machine Live!: Anaheim not a heavenly visit for White Sox

The show starts streaming at 7 pm CT. You can watch on the player below or on our YouTube page.

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I have always been skeptical on Pollock, though at times this year he has been great. My take on him, as someone who recently lived in an NL market, was that he was basically a LF/DH who struggles against offspeed & breaking pitches and has trouble staying healthy, and RHP can neutralize him with pitches down and in.

Also, there was nothing in the recent history of the Dodgers or White Sox that would suggest that the White Sox would win this trade. If the Dodgers position was “all AJ Pollock is worth is last year’s version of Craig Kimbrel” then why would Sox fans think the Dodgers were wrong?


Jim’s “does purgatory have days?” perfectly sums up the Sox season and the COVID era. Thank you.