Podcasts: Home Not So Sweet for White Sox and Catching Up with Jim Callis

Two Sox Machine Podcasts for you this fine Monday.

First, Jim Callis of MLB.com joins Josh to discuss MLB Draft Combine, Colson Montgomery becoming a Top 100 prospect, Lenyn Sosa’s MLB promotion, and the latest MLB Draft gossip.

Second, is the regular Sox Machine Podcast.

  • Josh shares his thoughts about attending the games this weekend. Why the White Sox poor play in combination with a diminishing ballpark experience is souring the mood for 2022.
  • Jim joins the show and they rave about Dylan Cease’s outstanding week.
  • The White Sox big offensive problem now is a lack of home runs. What’s a possible cause for the lack of fireworks?
  • Minnesota Twins lose their pitching coach to LSU
  • Angels series preview
  • P.O. Sox questions
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Shingos Cheeseburgers

I pretty much only go to weeknight games at this point since parking and lines for everything (parking, gates, concessions) are unbearable on weekends. This isn’t rocket science as Josh pointed out – other teams seem to have figured out how to handle a crowd of more than 20K people.

Between the game experience being so poor and the franchise clearly incapable or ignorant about solving their issues on and off the field my fandom is at as low a level as I can remember in the last 20 years. Sure some of that is the cynicism that comes with older age but some of that is that nothing about this team has changed for the better in 20 years.

It’s a hacky refrain at this point but the only way I really will become emotionally reinvested in this team is a massive overhaul of the front office or a sale to a new owner. I think we all need to be careful what we wish for with a new owner but the staleness of this franchise is turning to rot and pretty much everyone can smell it at this point.


Isn’t the problem of staffing happening across all of baseball and sports? Or has it gotten much better elsewhere?

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

I haven’t been to any non-GRF MLB games this year but the minor league games I’ve been to seem to be able to accommodate the crowds they have. Yes that’s a different scale of crowd to handle but I also think MiLB teams know if a family comes out to a game and has a terrible time they’re likely never to return. The vibe from the Sox is that they think their fans are little piggies who will always come back to the trough to consume whatever slop they throw out there.


Just chiming in to say that I have attended several AA games this year and the service and fan experience has been fantastic.


Clearly I have no idea if we will hit a homerun with a new owner or not so your point is well taken. I do know Jerry has won a playoff series in one year out of the 40 or so years he has owned the team. This creates an incredibly low bar for the new owner climb over.

Most owners will at least fire a front office executive when they fail as well. We can’t get any of the basic blocking and tackling out of Jerry much less real quality leadership.


What the Sox don’t seem to make clear – and the podcast alluded to this – is whether there is a plan to get their legs back. They seem to want to play through it, but does make someone healthier. Perhaps the team plans rollling IL stints where guys like Abreu and Robert get a couple weeks off as other guys come back.