Watch Party: White Sox vs. Royals

Tonight’s watch party with our friends Beefloaf and Chorizy from FromThe108 will start at 6:00 PM CT on Playback.

Link to Sox Machine Playback Room:

Below of a highlight from last week’s Watch Party:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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As Cirensica

What a horrible green light by McEwing…just awful. Out by a mile.


Didn’t want to leave it up to the best hitter in the lineup I guess.


I don’t know. With two outs and a weak armed left fielder, I think you try it. Speaking of Robert, would have liked to see him in better position to help runner take inside route instead of watching him run into tag up the line

As Cirensica

The play wasn’t even close. Harrison was out like 3 steps before home plate. You test a weak arm when you can predict a close call, but this?


In hindsight, you don’t send him. But the way we hit, I think you send every opportunity if you are 3rd base coach.

As Cirensica

The sad part is that this is what bad teams do. Are we a bad team now?


The kid pitched really well. Too bad LaGenius had our two best hitters batting (i) sixth and (ii) on the bench.

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