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At what point do the sox do something dramatic to shake it up? Do Rick and Kenny want to just “hope” for a turnaround or do they want to go all in for the remainder of this window with a big huge bold move. Personally I think this team absolutely needs to do something big and bold if they want to make it to the WS and my idea is a semi obvious one.

Make a huge offer for Juan Soto. Lefty power bat, face of baseball, megastar, right age right amount of control, not that expensive. The price is gonna be huge, and the competition for his services are going to be basically any team that thinks they are close but…. the nats are going to have to consider trading him sooner then later. Their roster is old and bad, they only have 2 top 100 prospects, they owe some bad money to players who are no longer with them or who are chronically injured.

My opening bid would be something like Eloy, Vaughn, Crochett, Montgomery, their pick of Kelley/Thompson , their pick of Ramos/Rodriguez.

Obviously could juggle this offer around a bit but 2 all star potential bats under 4.5 years control, a power arm who could be a future closer, a ss who should be nearing top 100 prospect status, an upside young arm, and another position player who could be top 200 prospectish

Soto immediately solidifies the middle of the sox order combining with Robert as one of the most dynamic 1-2 punches in the game. He gives the sox 3 bites at the postseason apple before Jerry cries poor and doesnt resign him.

If this is the window, this is the move needed. Sheets and Burger take over a DH platoon and your lineup is something like