Podcast: White Sox Have Problems Needing Fixin’

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Record Date: 4/25/2022

Coming off the heels of another series sweep loss, this time to Minnesota, the Chicago White Sox 6-2 start now has them at 6-9 suffering their longest losing streak since 2019.


Intro: Is this a bad streak? Or is something broken with the White Sox?

5:24: White Sox hitters issues facing RHP

18:35: Super Bullpen not super

24:09: Silver lining to the mess

25:24: Tony La Russa’s decision making

36:55: The problem that could linger all season

43:58: Johnny Cueto report

48:12: Kansas City Royals series preview

56:19: P.O. Sox

Rob Leadaman

Is it time for White Sox fans to crack open each other’s skulls and feast on the goo inside?

Terrence Smith 

What’s your angst level with Liam Hendriks and Aaron Bummer now?


Last season, the White Sox were able to weather the storm of injuries with hot streaks from Mercedes, Goodwin, and so on. Is there anything that can be done in 2022 to do the same outside of just simply getting healthy and playing better?

Hugh Harlin

Tony La Russa suddenly announces his retirement tomorrow. White Sox ownership and management admit they are at a loss, and are leaving the designation of TLR’s successor to the good people at Soxmachine. So, who’s it going to be?

70:12: Bonus P.O. Sox Questions (Patreon Exclusive)


Which Reinsdorf-owned team was more incompetent this week?

Benny Kozminski 

What is the reaction to TLR when they announce the starting lineups in Chicago? I only go to games in Cleveland and I always boo him but that’s it haha

Tim Brown

When I inevitably stop drinking from White Sox driven anxiety, what’s the best hangover cure? As there is a day off tomorrow, consider this an urgent request.

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

The lack of Rodon is acute given the Sox’ early struggles but I would say I’m not quite lamenting his absence yet since if he were to have been resigned it would have been with the idea of him reliably pitching meaningful innings in September and October, something he never really showed in Chicago.

I didn’t hate the decision either. It only becomes irritating when you see how they spent the money they “saved” by not bringing him back.


You mean like 10M on Harrison and Garcia, 3 on Velasquez, and 8 on Kelly who has not even pitched yet? Maybe 1 really good player is worth more than 4 bad ones. I’m sure Kelly will be ok eventually, but the point remains.

I don’t lament Rodon specifically because of his health and likelihood of being either injured or fatigued in October. But they sure spent an awful lot on basically mediocre if not outright crappy players.


And on top of it I’m also still convinced Romy Gonzalez is a better offensive 2B option than Harrison or Leury. But I guess the Sox would prefer to Josh Fields him into submission down at AAA.


Romy had a nice first stop at Charlotte but isn’t showing that this season with K’s more than a third of the time.


Did you see my Josh Fields comment?

To Err is Herrmann

World Series Win……DOH!


Hearing Tony’s reason for pitching to Buxton makes me think he has lost his ability to make proper decisions as a manager. When the wild pitch happened, I immediately thought, “Good, now they can walk Buxton.” Then when the count got to 3-1 and thought now for sure they’ll just put him on. I completely expected him to win the game for them if Hendriks threw a strike. For Tony to think that Arraez was a bigger threat at that time than Buxton is insane. No manager worth anything would have pitched to Buxton there. He has really lost it. I’m afraid these unexplainable decisions will continue through the season. Batting Leury 2nd/3rd and pitching to Buxton all happened within 5 days. How much more damage can he inflict on the Sox?