Podcast: Mailbag Episode Vol. 1

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Record Date: 3/6/2022

With MLB CBA negotiations dragging, Josh and Jim decided to change things up by emptying out the listener mailbag. Answering questions about:

  • Next home renovation projects
  • MLB relegation
  • The new CHGO media platform
  • Development impact for players playing out of position
  • How many fans MLB will lose over the lockout
  • Guitar Hero or Rock Band


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Well… it sounds like today is *the* day in the CBA negotiations. MLB has finally moved towards the PA on CBT and says 162 game season is possible. It sounds like this comes with strings attached. I’m curious to see what the strings are. But if a deal can be reached today, and a 162 game season salvaged, I think MLB can come out largely unscathed—it’s been incredibly frustrating and petty, but all in all we’ll get our season. And one hell of a free agent frenzy over the next two weeks.

If no deal is reached, what a mess it’ll be. Now, on top of CBA, they’ll have to negotiate service time and ‘22 salaries—which MLB for some odd reason thinks they aren’t on the hook for. It would just be an utter disaster for baseball that’ll surely drag on well into the summer.


Yes, I agree. For the owners to increase their CBT by $8 million is a significant move- but I’m sure there are strings attached. If this falls apart today, then we are looking at another retrenching by both sides, and probably at least a month of baseball lost. I don’t think either side wants that, so maybe some sanity will return to the negotiations today. We can only hope.