Sox Machine Live!: White Sox slogging since All-Star Break

Stream date: 8/5/2021

Josh and Jim recap the Kansas City series which featured a White Sox offense that continues to post inconsistent results. As the White Sox are 9-11 since the All-Star Break and averaging only 3.8 runs per game during that stretch, is this recent play a reason to be concerned?

Maybe a trip to Wrigley Field will help the White Sox offense break out as they play the first of the Crosstown Classic series in 2021.

Listen below:

Watch below:

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I still suspect timing is mostly behind Eloy’s early struggles, but could they partially be due to playing DH? He’s 1-19 (last night being his only hit) as DH and 2-4 with a HR in LF. I checked his career numbers, and the split holds:

  • As DH: .111/.158/.296, 15 wRC+ (696 PA)
  • As LF: .285/.329/.539, 129 wRC+ (57 PA)

Of course, it’s a small sample size either way—and his DH numbers could be artificially deflated since most of his PAs came as a rookie and now.

Still, he’s stated a strong preference to play LF and we’ve all heard the anecdotes about how DH isn’t for everyone because it’s difficult to find a rhythm. I’m still expecting him to get back on track, but it’s worth monitoring.

As Cirensica

If Robert and Lamb returns, who is out?
Sheets for Lamb
Foster for Robert?