Podcast: Crosstown sweep at Wrigley

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Intro: White Sox sweep the Cubs at Wrigley Field

4:00: Ball go far. Team go far. 

7:35: Eloy Jimenez Sunday performance a possible springboard?

12:00: White Sox pitching performance vs. Cubs

16:15: ESPN’s broadcast production of Sunday’s game

20:58: Luis Robert returns!

29:02: Lawsuit against Omar Vizquel, Birmingham Barons, and the White Sox

43:04: Series preview against the Minnesota Twins

49:52: P.O. Sox

David La Mantia

Is this weekends pitching rotation the one we should see in the playoffs? I.e. Lynn Rodon Cease then Giolito

Brett R. Bobysud

Assuming he is named the fourth starter for the playoffs, how confident are you in Dylan Cease pitching a successful performance in a potential Game 4 of a playoff series?

Michael Kenny Jr

If the ALDS started tomorrow, who would you line up the bullpen? I assume it’s safe to pencil in Hendriks, Kimbrel, Kopech, Bummer, Tepera, and Crochet. Who else? And what would you do with Dallas Keuchel?

Kevin Shannon

Hi guys, Zavala has played more than Collins the last two weeks, if not for longer. What do you think the conversation between Collins and the coaching staff has been? Through the all star break Collins was getting pumped up by Sox media and coaches and now is taking a back seat to a guy many thought should have been kicked off the 40 man last year.

68:12: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon supporters only)

Andrew Segall

What do you think the future outlook is for Sox catchers? Is Carlos Perez a viable successor to Grandal?

Two Dog

Friday the Cubs were obviously trying to steal on every pitch and the Sox never tried to pitchout. With Liam’s great control, why not waste a pitch to give the Cubs something to think about? Seems like around baseball pitchouts are getter rarer, why is that?

Brendan conway

It looks like Eloy might be back at left (mostly) full time. Assuming Vaughn is in right, who is your pick to get most of the at-bats at DH in the playoffs and what does the outfield look like in the 8th inning with a one run lead?

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Infield Grass

On the playoff starting rotation I’ve wondered if you start Kuechel for his playoff experience and to handle the initial pressure and then bring in Cease for the second time through the lineup. The other way I could see it is keeping Kuechel for the Orlando Hernandez break glass in case of emergency role because the one thing he does that few of the Sox pitchers do is get ground balls, which is especially valuable with runners already on base.


Analysis on Andrew Vaughn’s swing change that started around the time he really started to hit. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-adjustment-that-stopped-andrew-vaughns-whiffs/