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This is the 3rd game Vaughn has sat this week plus an off day yesterday. Unless he is hurt, I don’t buy that he needs that much rest to be fresh for the postseason.

These games should not be treated as if it is the last week of September, they count toward how many games they get to play at home in October. They should have their best lineup. That’s Vaughn, not Lamb. The last game vs the Twins they gave away not having their best lineup. That’s enough.


On the radio pregame, La Russa was talking up Lamb as the only player who took good at bats during the 1-0 loss. I know this is a long season for Vaughn. Matchups, a nagging injury… La Russa has his reasons for things. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Crochet in the top of the 6th was as good as I’ve seen him for a while.

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He and Bummer have been encouraging. They need both, can’t rely on an all right handed relievers.

So nice not to see guys who can get people out rather than Foster, Marshall, Heuer. It’s like a whole new bullpen.


Being unable to watch the NY series in New York, the Yankees have a better pen than what I would’ve thought. Some decent arms. Lots of good at bats tonight, just haven’t gotten the big hit (yet).


Lol 50 million for Hendriks

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Right? Let’s stop making excuses for this guy.


The amount of homers he is giving up is scary


And people on here will come up with metrics to defend how wonderful he is. He is good. He is not great. I’d rather hand the 9th inning of playoff game to Kimbrel.


Yup we got a hall of fame type closer on our roster …I’m letting him close not Hendriks


Shame we don’t have any real hitters on the bench to ph Collins, but this could be cool.


That would have been amazing. Oh well.