First Pitch: White Sox at Twins

(Photo by Runner1928)

TV: YouTube exclusive


(Photo by Runner1928)

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YouTube exclusive? Is this a one-off because of schedule conflicts (NBC Sports Chicago is airing poker)?

Thanks for the link.


I’m not sure if they had the Twins announcers on, but it wasn’t too exciting. I’m watching on YouTube and listening to the radio broadcast. Syncing those two up was a satisfying feeling.


If you click on the settings cog, you can change the audio track to the CWS or MIN radio broadcasts.


I saw the piece about Giolito’s wife being in Vet school. Maybe her student loans will push him toward an early extension…


Gio has already made 8.6 million dollars in his career. Even if they were not paying her tuition in full every year, why would he take a pay cut to afford a couple hundred k in debt?


I think he was joking. I don’t think there is a school in the universe that a guy making 4 million this year is going to have trouble paying student loans for!

Root Cause

Duke University.


And just like that, the offense gets shut down again by a very mediocre starting pitcher, 3 runs in last two games vs Twinkies. Hope they are ready to bring their A game against much better teams starting tomorrow.


Tony fucking La Russa threw away this game. He wasn’t interested in putting up a fight. Anderson, Moncada and Robert on the bench all game. What a joke.


Letting Collins and Leury bat in key situations in the game was really annoying.


It was really poetic to see his buddy García make the last out with all those sitting on their asses eating sunflower seeds


I know these games are meaningless to a point as far as winning the division, but they are not when it comes to playoff seeding. Could argue he blew last nights game with bad bullpen managing as well. I’ve never drank the coolaid about TLR being a genius.

Joliet Orange Sox

If TLR isn’t a genius, how can you explain the fact that this year’s team has a winning percentage only slightly lower than last year’s team despite no longer having Jimmy Cordero, Nomar Mazara, and Edwin Encarnacion among others?


I see your point, but think half a season of Eaton made up for the loss of those 3 by himself, to be fair.